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ARIYNBF 156 with Jenny Mollen, part 1

Written by Alison | March 3rd, 2013 at 8:59 pm | Comments

Actress and writer Jenny Mollen stopped by this episode of Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend to discuss dogs, dog poo versus human poo, how she met her husband Jason Biggs, obsession, exes, stalking, periods, embarrassing situations of all kinds, her upcoming book, her friendship with Chelsea Handler, parents and so much more. We also did a round of Just Me Or Everyone (click here to see the JMOEs we put on the screen), HGFY and debuted a new segment called Well, Hooray for You!

Download part 2 on Thursday.

Here’s a little video of what to expect:

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  • ParkeyPosey

    This chick is crazy. Who the hell makes a fake FB to stalk your partners ex? That is so psychotic. BTW I never listened to Rosen, now I'm hooked, great interviewer.

  • Jenny Mollen sounds super hot.

  • Nicole

    I love ARIYNBF and listen regularly. I think Alison is a great host, and I love hearing Gary's input. I have listened to every episode and I consider myself a fan. So I was kind of shocked to at this week's guest. I have got to say that this chick disturbed me, and I will not be listening to part 2. 

    To gleefully discuss stalking your husband's ex is disturbing. And no Jenny, not all women are crazy like you, so please don't be so quick to make the rest of us look so bad. Being curious about an ex is normal, because it kind of gives you an idea about who your mate used to date. But to stalk and befriend them, and then write a book? Create a fake profile just to befriend them? That's crazy and psycho.

    And then, to be "glad" and gleeful that you had a miscarriage? Regardless of whether you're ready for children or not (I have none and do not wish to have any myself), as a woman I cannot say I'd be jumping for joy over a miscarriage. It's ok to feel a sense of relief that you won't have to have a child before you're ready. I think that's normal. But to say she was happy? That was crazy and I hope she continues to seek therapy. Makes me wonder how crazy Jason Biggs was to marry her.

    But despite this week's guest, I will continue to be a fan of ARIYNBF and a huge congratulations to Alison on her engagement!

  • CrystalHearts123

    I echo some of these sentiments, I usually love your guests Alison, but this interview is hard to listen to.  Seems like Jenny lacks some sort of empathy chip or any sense of having sensitivity for difficult topics. I think it's okay that she felt relieved after her miscarriage, but to toss the topic around like some sort of watercooler chatter w/o reverence for other woman who have gone through a loss like that just seems weird to me.  I'm totally a feminist, but I also believe in empathy for others, and this chick definitely lacks some!

  • Kate

    "Mildly" stalking your partner's ex means you are a little crazy, but befriending her and then writing a book about it just makes you a horrible person. I'll still listen to hear what Alison has to say for the beginning of part 2, but there's no way I can listen to any more of this incredibly unlikable woman (and yes, I realize I'm getting awfully worked up for a podcast).

    Oh, and belated best wishes to you on your engagement, Alison!

  • award70

    Wow.  This woman is awful.  Please don't have her back on the show.  Alison and Gary you are great.

  • award70

     Now I feel bad that I said that.  It's still true though.


    I smell a "Hey Go Fuck Yourself" coming for you.

  • AaronG

    One of my wife's ex's not only follows me on Twitter, but he favorites my tweets, as well. And make no mistake: it's super creepy. 

  • Jay

    You can see the crazy in Jenny Mollen's eyes. I think I'm in love.

  • playniceeveryone

    Alison, Gary and all who work so hard to bring ARIYNBF to us each week.  Alison, so happy for your engagement mazeltov !!  I wish you both much happiness and many blessings and most of all, that you continue to create the laughter, love and support for each other that you have shared about your relationship with your listeners so far.  Two,  I cannot tell you how high the delighted squeal was when you first posted Oliver's picture - but lets just say I learned what is plexi-glass, safety glass, or just too far away from my computer ... it wasn't Memorex for sure. He is super adorable, even for his breed - a particularly adorable one, when my younger daughter was looking around for what kind of a dog we would get for "her" specifically (we have a pack of rescue mutts which vary from 4 to 6 at any given moment), we were at the dog park and we encountered the KCCS and my daughter nearly melted, she ultimately decided on a puggle (beagle/pug cross) that we found at the Pasadena Humane Society (our first rescue from there, we usually stay with LA City and County shelters because of their high kill rates).  Anyway after our first king charles encounter, we weirdly met two more, one at Starbucks and one at agility class and every single owner said they were the most loving, adorable, well behaved, smart, easy to train dog they'd ever had - I have never encountered stats like that (well, except maybe from Lab owners who all say their dogs are happy, dumb and loyal)...  

    I want to echo the sentiments of one of your itunes comment of the weeks from the Jim Jeffries pods, I wish we heard more of your voice on ACP....but I know better than to wish too hard, I've been a long time listener (going back to the radio days), and I will have to sheepishly admit that I spend more time on his site  listening to you and Dr. Drew than Adam's 'casts these days, I feel like I have heard all the airline service /airport security /traffic /rich peoples taxes/ women are stupid/ the world would be perfect if every boy played football/ my nanny's a pain-in-the-ass/my wife needs to be treated like a toddler /my daughters a bitch/ my son is pussy rants a thousand times.  I know Dr. Drew calls him 'an almost alcoholic', but I wish sometimes, that he could listen to tapes from two years ago vs tapes of the last three months and see he's gotten unnecessarily mean, disrespectful and petty and most of all or most importantly he's losing the 'funny'.  I cringe when I hear him tell you and Bryan to shut up = huh ?  Does he feel his listeners like this ? (I am sure there are men in his listener-ship who DO listen for him to do this kind of thing, but if you want to "keep the pirate ship afloat", you can't alienate 60 percent of the population.  Alison, you're  smart, funny, quick and tough. but work should be an exciting challenge, not a place you can be humiliated in a public forum ... Though I love Teresa Strasser, I loved you from the beginning, it didn't take anytime at all for me adjust.  

    I think you and Gary make a terrific team and I think your slate of guests has been outstanding...though, and perhaps it's odd that I saved the "point" of my comment for last...I loved you in these two installments, but I really, really did not "get" Jenny Mollen.  Maybe it's just that I'm quite a bit older than both of you, but I have never, ever stalked,  cyber or otherwise, my ex's, my boyfriend or husband's ex's, or really had anything  more than casual interest in what might be happening in their lives.  If my sweetie wants to tell me about his ex, I will politely listen (especially if it seems to give some insight into HIM, certainly not because I give a hoot about the chick)... she made sweeping and uncompromising generalizations about what "all women" do or think... Just because she thinks it and she is a woman, it's a basic logic flaw i.e.   all cats are mammals, all dogs are mammals, but all cats are not dogs.  

    Your biggest fan in the 818 - that's a throw down to my Valley neighbors to dispute the biggest fan title.

  • John Randolph

    wow that girl is crazy

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