Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend

Gary and I used GoToMeeting to discuss the live show

Written by Alison | August 6th, 2012 at 10:01 pm | Comments

Please enjoy this video featuring Producer Gary and me using GoToMeeting to discuss important matters. Come for our beauty, stay for our delightfulness.

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  • dapper1

    Hi Alison, You like ducklings so I'll provide some for you that will warm your heart. They are some of the 179 born during the 2012 Brighton Millpond Fertility Tournament here in Michigan. You can read more about them on my blog that includes 2,900 photos (about half of those are ducks and their broods). Here's the story behind this hen who hatched 23 this past summer, the most productive on the pond:

    P.S. I enjoy your podcasts and especially your banter with Gary.

  • dapper1

    Hi Alison, You want ducklings? I've got hundreds of them on my blog in the 2012 Brighton Millpond Fertility Tournament! We had 179 ducklings born this past spring and summer and you can see all of them as they grow week by week. This hen had 23 in two broods and is taking her first brood on a picnic in this shot:

    P.S. I enjoy your podcasts and banter with Gary. 

  • YouGoChavez

    Came this video rather late. Gary looked so lax, he was re-laxed. Did he follow up on the duckling round-up? Did Alison bring ducklings to one of her live shows yet? Are the ducklings ready for the big time yet? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • Hey I have ducklins I should hook you up with some to follow you around on stage!
    Btw AWESOME show!

  • Do you really???

  • OMG I can't believe I missed your reply Alison, danm ewfkbrhbfrnhjnfjkrfbrhbfhbvr sorry just hit myself on the keynoard and that happened lol.
    Anyways I did have some at that time Alison, but now they are older not sure they would follow you around lol. And I totally understand your obsession with ducklings, they are super cute and they walk funny!

  • Christina Davis

    alison, you are so damn cute! like a duckling! and i am super excited to finally see what gary looks like! not what i pictured and i mean that in a good way!!

  • boinkity

    I agree with TS... Alison was born to be in front of the camera... Alison should just walk around with a camera on her all the time

  • TS

    Cute video! (my exclamation points are neither ironic nor sarcastic)

    You should do stuff in front of the camera more often, as an adjunct to the podcast.

  • M_parkansky

    I really really really really hope there will be ducklings now

  • me too !

  • me too !

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