Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend

The ARIYNBF Live from L.A. Podfest episode is finally here!

Written by Alison | November 27th, 2012 at 6:46 pm | Comments

I did a live episode of Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend at the L.A. Podfest with Doug Benson and Greg Proops and it was delightful and possibly drunken and included spontaneous dancing and singing. It’s available as a special premium bonus episode for sale in the iTunes store for $1.99. Please love it, you know, if you want to.

Get it here.

Oh! We are considering making it available for people who don’t use iTunes (currently it’s only available in iTunes) but are trying to get a sense of how many people want this before doing it, as it’s no small pain in the heiney. So if this is you, let us know in the comments.

Special thanks to graphic design extraordinaire Randi Lawson and photographer Tyler Ross.

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  • Doug Shepard

    Please make it available as an MP3 and also throw it on the store. I'm buying an Adam/Drew live show now and wanted to add this one as well, but can't :-(

  • Rich Gregory

    Want it. Want to buy it. Would buy it if was available anywhere but iTunes.

  • Rich Gregory

    I'd be happy to buy it if it was available somewjere other than iTunes.

  • ft79

    You should make this available on Amazon mp3 Alison.

  • Me no slave to eyeToons. Please make available for direct download!

  • I can not has because I respectfully despise the iTunes store. Please let us know when you are able to put it up for us non iTunes users.

  • Me wants but me cant has because  me no use itunes.

  • yep, I wouldn't mind having access to it. I don't really want to be an I-tunes person. I was able to get the Bald Bryan benefit without I-Tunes, at least I wasn't required to sign up to I-Tunes in order to pay for and download it. And your two guests are great, so it should be fun to listen to. I have no problem paying a couple of dollars, if it's necessary.
    Here's something nobody complains about. Eltse instead of else. Try that on for size, whiners.

  • I listen via Zune, please make available!

  • Definitely not an itunes user as well and would love to buy the podcast.

  • Definitely not an iTunes user.  Proud purchaser of all the Carolla live shows from back in the early days when you had to pay for the live ones;  plus ShakesBeer, Laughs for BB and plus the first round of Adam with Dennis Prager.  If you put it elsewhere, I will buy it.

  • Rob Abrazado

    I would definitely be down for a non-iTunes version!

  • Sean Sakimae

    such a great show!! Despite the falling of the ARIYNBF sign...several times, the laughs were almost nonstop... oh, and there was dancing, too.  I sure hope AR does next year's LA Podfest.

  • Chris O.

    Please make it available for non-iTunes users!

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