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ARIYNBF 150 with Harris Wittels, part 2

Written by Alison | January 23rd, 2013 at 8:59 pm | Comments

It’s here!  Part 2 of the Harris Wittels episode plus a fan phone call with a guy who may or may not have used the hall pass given to him by his girlfriend on his 43rd bday. He claims to have slept with over 500 women. We chatted with his girlfriend as well. We still feel weird!

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  • I hope to receive a Fan Phone Call one day and in tribute to Harris Wittels, when my beloved Alison ask me a question, I will reply, "I'm not sure what I can talk about.  I'll tell you off the air."  :-)

  • P1&2 of this were solid. Nice work AR

  • John

    Since I was a jerk on Facebook about the fan phone call segment I'm compelled to report that while the call was weird since you had information going in there wasn't the same feel of slightly snippy interrogation and I liked it.  (I just can't stop using loaded language can I? Wow. Please take everything how I intend it... earnestly).  Maybe in addition to just a phone number a little bio info could be included that way you'd know in advance if a girl wasn't even really a fan of the show (but pleasant none the less) or if there's something interesting (like lying about banging 500 girls or the inability to stop making parenthetical and other grammar/ usage mistakes) you need to get at quickly.

    I just considered rewriting that because it's still a little jerky.

    Oh well. I didn't. But I liked this podcast a lot.  I like that the pre-show segment is is getting longer and developing into it's own separate thing with it's own separate feel.  I'm digging it.

    Also I figured out what's different about Alison and the show and how that differentiates you from other shows I consume.  I'm going to save it for an iTunes comment.  For some reason I can't leave you 5 stars. Every time I try it still shows me trying to leave you 5 stars about Bobcat and the song Firepants actually being really good.  It's like it locked before I could leave that and won't let me clear it.  I'm getting a new comp (which I will try to buy through Amazon) in the near future and I assume reloading iTunes will solve the problem.

    As an aside I felt weird when you mentioned the long email since I... interact often w the show.  I work weird hours, don't need much sleep and am usually sleeping while everyone is out and about and quietly awake while everyone sleeps. Also for some reason I feel a little invested in your success.  It's almost like I feel I'm getting in on the ground floor of something that could be significant.  It's easy to like you two and i selfishly want you to keep it up.

    So there's that...

  • Chris

    Extremely ignorant comment on today's Carolla podcast.  Women may have seen combat in Iraq and Afghanistan (i.e. been in a convoy that hit an IED) but that is not the same as constantly engaging the enemy (i.e. attacking a position while wearing >70lbs of gear).  There are still front lines in "combat," sweetie.

  • JustinCH

    Strong comment, Chris.  Hit all the bases for dickishness.  A. Unrelated to this program.  B. Archly condescending, for no reason.  C. Misuse of "i.e."  D.  Wrong on the quote -- Alison said there had been talk about the lack of front lines in our modern wars, not that there were no front lines.  E. Wrong on substance, in any case -- point to the "front lines" in Afghanistan.

  • sluggh

    I don't know from dickishness, but there was no misuse of "i.e.".

  • JustinCH

    "I.e." (id est) means, "that is."  Or, "in other words."

    The phrase "been in a convoy that hit an IED" is not a proxy for "seen combat in Iraq and Afghanistan."  He meant "e.g." (exempli gratia), brainiac.  Which means, "for example."

  • Thanks, Pookie! (HGFY)

  • stnuntrnd

    When Alison and Gary converse during the ARIYNBF podcast, is he on the other side of the glass?

  • cagcag

    "Enjoy the tang... both kinds".... love it!!

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