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ARIYNBF 149 with Maria Menounos, part 1

Written by Alison | January 13th, 2013 at 8:59 pm | Comments

Maria Menounos stopped by this episode of Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend to discuss her strict Greek upbringing, freezing her eggs, checking email in the middle of the night, reporting hard news versus pop culture, The EveryGirl’s Guide to LifeEXTRA, puppies, her longtime relationship with Keven Undergaro, Afterbuzz TV, being a perfume slut, why Paris Hilton is responsible for those magazines you read in the waiting room, reality TV and her upcoming reality show,  and so much more. We also did a round of Just Me Or Everyone (click here to see the JMOEs we put on screen) and HGFY.

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  • Anthony Mark

    This is now my all time favorite episode of ARIYNBF
    You did a wonderful job and thank you for having the confidence to share your personal story with us
    Great interview as well

  • stnuntrnd

    All shows on Carolla Digital have an embedded episode player.
    Most of the shows also have a download arrow with the words "DOWNLOAD HERE", that allows listening on Windows Media Player.  Note that ARIYNBF does not have this option.
    Please do what you can to also provide "DOWNLOAD HERE"  for ARIYNBF.
    Thank you.

  • stnuntrnd

    OOPS! The download option for Windows Media Player is already provided on ARIYNBF.
    Simply says "Download" instead of an arrow with "Download Here", but works fine. Thanks.

  • amanda joy

    1. omg gary. when you first speak during this episode i can hear the trauma in your voice. i apologize, but i laughed out loud.

    2. please get a drop of maria exclaiming "YES! YES! YES!" when she was talking about reasons for not wanting kids with alison. she sounded just like a muppet and i, again, laughed out loud.

    great show kids!

  • Melissa Aguilar

    Alison, why don't we talk about our periods more?!? When you were talking about your recent menstrual mishap I though for SURE you had recorded my life. Let me be a one upper, I too have had a period longer than I haven't so when I woke up one morning to discover red all over myself and the bed I was like "WTF?" Its not like I didn't know I was heavy that day, but wow it looked like murder scene. I thought about seeing my doctor for this terrible inconvenience but I figured I'd wait until my annual as it hasn't happened since. I just blame the tampons. :) Best friend, know it has happened to all of us! Thanks for a great show.

  • trish


    Think that Alison is mentoring Gary into becoming super human BF/hubby material because he listens to her stories (blood explosion period horrors) and responds with empathy and humor. Definitely crush worthy : )


    Oh My!!!

  • Mike Berencz

    Lol, wow, what an intro!...but having 2 older sisters, its nothing I havent heard before so I wasnt as horrified. And I always thought most women do talk about it but secretly?? Maybe thats just me. Anyway, great podcasting keep it up Alison.

  • TS

    @twitter-12508142:disqus  she talked about a different kind of mangria explosion at the top of the show.

    The whole period thing at the top of the show was interesting, in a novel kind of way, precisely because it's never really talked about. But to answer the two questions you asked Gary at the top of the show:

    1. "On a scale of zero to ten, how horrified are you, right now?"
    A solid seven, but in a fascinated sort of way.  It was a great embarrassing story.

    2. "...if it weren't blood, if it were ducklings, would we all be so disgusted?"
    Yes.  Very much yes, and even more so.

    Anyway, thanks for the episode.  I never knew Maria Menounos had such a legit journalism background.

  • boinkity

     I love Maria's laugh... In my mind, she laughs the way I think bunnies laugh. I felt really really bad for Gary during Alison's menstrual emergency monologue. I listened to it too, but I just feel like Alison uses hyperbole when she talks about her period, so I couldn't take it realistically. As soon as she said "Carrie" I'm thinking to myself, "OK, no way that stuff is in her hair and all over her prom dress."

  • Ummmm... I'll take a pair of those book ends. :oD

  • 33tango

    Where is the exploding mangira incident that was teased in the trailer, or was that a different episode?

  • I just have to let you know that your "period tragedy" is not uncommon. ASfter I turned 30, this particular incident seemed to happen with alarming regularity (occuring at least once EVERY GODDAMN PERIOD!!).
    I got so desperate that I went back on the pill in order to lighten my periods (worked like a charm, BTW!).
    When this incident first started, I asked my older friends if this had ever happened to them, & a couple of them said yes, it happens when you get older. Thanks for the heads-up ladies!!
     The fact that you addressed this embarassing event on your show serves as a great warning our twenty-something sisters that they need to be on the lookout for a Carrie-level bucket of blood incident in their future. Thanks for giving them the heads-up!

  • Thank you for letting me know I'm not alone!

  • Carla_I_S

    This podcast had been improving with every episode, and some (e.g., Dave Attell) are great.  Unfortunately, not this one.  I vaguely remember Maria Menounos from her interview with the Obamas, but had no idea she is such an insufferable, self-aggrandizing automaton.  I barely got through her anecdote about blaming her "green" producer for failing to capture her infertility-induced tears on camera.  But, when she repeated her boyfriend's pronunciation of "fwend" to describe why he wants to have a child, I had to hit the off button.  Alison, you are so much better than this.  During the whole Kardashian conversation, I kept waiting for you to point out that they are vilified (when they are) not for being lazy, but for being talentless.  Anyway, keep up the good work on The Adam Carolla Show and keep your podcast human.  Thanks!

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