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ARIYNBF 147 Happy New Year and Fan Phone Call

Written by Alison | December 30th, 2012 at 8:57 pm | Comments

In a special New Year’s Eve episode-lette, Alison and Gary talk about New Year’s plans and whether you HAVE to do something on New Year’s eve, resolutions, the pros and cons of pursuing happiness as a goal, how to address listeners (as meat or carbs) and whether they should go back and discuss old episodes (hint: Alison wants to but Gary isn’t on board!) Also, we did Fan Phone Call! Yay! Happy New Year, you guys! I love you and can’t wait to spend 2013 with you.

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  • Leeann Ward

    I think it would be super interesting if you gave us a "Director's
    Cut" of some of your interviews! I know Gary didn't really want you do do it, but I think
    it'd be fun.

    Trapp Dog's "Must Be Alison" song was fun!:)

  • boinkity

    Hi Alison and Gary! I just wanted to thank you both for a wonderful year of ARIYNBF. I think there were a lot more awesome shows than average shows. I dont really remember any bad shows (although Andrew WK was pretty much the grossest show EVER). Gary, I continue to appreciate your work, and your comments always seem to be what I am thinking. Thank you! Alison, it has been a while since you have left NYC. I know it was a difficult time for you. All of your old fans of your YouStream show wondered and worried what would happen next. I think it is safe to say that what transpired for you in California was better than we (your fans) could have hoped. I toast you and Gary for a fantastic 2012, and look forward to what you will bring in 2013!!

  • PasadenaFats

    When I heard "board game version of Jeopardy" as the highlight of one's New Year's Eve ... I immediately felt better about myself and my world. Just me or everyone?!? ;) Happy New Year

  • feildofpain

     sexy jews should all were santa hats!! is that just me or every one  ? lol

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