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ARIYNBF 145 with Greg Fitzsimmons

Written by Alison | December 16th, 2012 at 8:58 pm | Comments

Greg Fitzsimmons stopped by this episode of Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend to discuss feet, marriage, how he proposed to his wife, comedy, how to avoid becoming bitter, writing for Chelsea Handler, Bill Maher and Ellen among others, doing it yourself, doing yourself, his podcast Fitzdog Radio, his mother and her helpful suggestions, fatherhood and more. We also did a round of Just Me Or Everyone (click here to see the JMOEs we put on the screen) and HGFY.

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  • JustinCH

    Based on nothing other than his appearances (and guest-hosting) on Ace, I've always thought Fitzsimmons was the douche of douches, and painfully unfunny.

    Unfortunately, I have to revise my opinion now.  I guess it's his transparent insecurity that overwhelms his humor on Ace, where he feels like he has to one-up everyone during a comic riff.  On Alison's podcast, though, he comes off as much more relaxed, clever without having to crack-wise, just ... funny.

    Of course, the douche drips out every once in a while -- won't talk about having a brother? has always been very skinny and strong? -- but I actually laughed out loud many times.  "How'd you meet your wife?"  "Porn." Also, listening in the car to the pencil-in-the-butt story, I found myself literally agape, eyebrows raised, shaking my head.  Must've been like that for miles by the time I realized it.

    Caveat: I'm assuming his bit about being a great lover was just that, a bit.  Had to be.  Nobody can say that crap and mean it, though over the air, it sounded amazingly sincere.  (Gary, can you help us out?  Was he serious?)

    Finally, Casting Couch is definitely not "real."  I mean, they really have intercourse, but, no, Greg, those aren't ingenues tricked into porn on the sly.  Plus, I love Casting Couch.

  • reedyblues

    Alison -

    I'm sending you and Greg this same note:

    In this time of every comic interviewing every other comic on their respective podcasts, you two are simply at the pinnacle of the medium.

    I could not have been more pleased to get a double dose on your respective podcasts this week. The interplay between you is SENSATIONAL. You have an absolutely natural connection where the comedy flows seamlessly and the feel is unique to the category.

    I think you should consider pitching a talk show jointly hosted by you two, and I'm sure I'm not alone in this thought. Goddamnit; that would be great. That's my wish for 2013.

    Have a great holiday season!


  • Fujiwo

    I can't believe I feel compelled to post about this, but I've heard Fitzsimmons talk about (more than once on different podcasts) how he thinks "without a doubt" that the casting-couch porn genre is real and my palm meets my face every time.

    It's not that I'm interested in making fun of him for it, it's just that each time it has been brought up he's always talking with someone who doesn't know better (although, Alison, you rightly expressed some doubt in the interview). 

    The sites are "real" in that the women in them are possibly appearing in their first porn video (hence the "vulnerability" and hesitance Fitzsimmons talked about), but the plot and story are premeditated.  It only takes a Google search.

    Okay, I've vented.  I'll just return to my perverted hole now.  Thanks.   

  • Ann McLaughlin

    Regardless of whether or not the women are actually in on the premise of this type of porn genre, the idea that Fitzsimmons professes to get off on watching young women being humiliated is disturbing. I think this guy is a creep, and I can never listen to him very long before hearing him say something that repulses me. Alison, I wish you could be more critical of your guests when they talk about stuff like this. The other episode that comes to mind is the Andrew WK episode. WTF is wrong with that guy?

  • I had the exact same feeling while listening to this on my way home. I have never posted or commented on a podcast...ever, but I really felt the need to say something here. I'm glad someone called this out.

    Also, if the the part of the conversation about his sex life was a joke, it was fucking brilliant in it's delivery. If he was serious, then he is a joke and that was the most transparent attempt at sexual intimidation I have ever heard. And, comes off even more scummy considering Allison is always so sweet and accommodating with her guests. 

    That being said, I love show Allison, please don't ever change.

  • Alison,

    I am sure it has been said before multiple times on this board, and others -

    PLEASE be more confidant about yourself, your thoughts, opinions, jokes, etc. 

    You are obviously quick on your feet, clever, and able to go head to head with the best comic minds in the business.  However, your general "aw-shucks" attitude with this podcast makes for difficult listening.  Seriously.

    Either way, I can't imagine having to carry on an interview with Fitz, Adam, Proops, et al. and not sounding the same way.

    You continue to get better and better.

  • Tim

    I love Alison, and think she is a great talent. But Fitzsimmons came off as angry and rude, from start to finish. Asking her wildly inappropriate sexual questions, and then refusing to talk about his brother? The guy wrote a book about his family for god sake. This was hard to listen to, but Alison proved why she has one of the better podcasts. She stayed calm and funny, and never seemed shaken by someone obviously intimidated by her who used crude sexual stories to try to gain some sense of power. I like Greg and listen to his podcasts, maybe he was just having a dark day.  

  • meganbd

    Great job again Alison! I generally like Greg and always listen when he is on one of the Ace Broadcasting shows, but I had to stop listening to his podcast because it seems like he is constantly trying to prove that he is smarter than anyone else. I find that a little annoying. But this was, as always, a great podcast!

  • SterlingC

    Loved the interview with Greg Fitsimmons! He is an amazing talent and you obviously created an enviroment that he felt comfortable in. He just "spewed" from start to finish ! I think you two hold the world record for long silent dramatic pause on any broadcast...way to funny.

    Keep up the great work, and thanks for sticking with all of Adams abuse.

  • Todd Mason

    "Insouciant" often has the connotation of someone who doesn't worry what others think of them. Some can want this to be pejorative.

  • Fieldengineer

    Great Guest.
    Please think about asking Greg to be one of your professional mentors.  It sounds like his personality and experience would serve you well with advice given off the air.
    The advice that he was giving to you on your interview seemed genuine.
    Keep up always trying to improve yourself and your projects.
    I took the comments relating to "checking out and 'resentfulness' about my own career situation to heart. 

    Thank you for the forum and please inform Greg that I am about to read his first book "Dear Mrs. Fitzsimmons:..." based on finding him through the Carolla network.


  • ChesterDouglas

     Or, just keep doing what you're doing.

  • amanda joy

    Great show! Mrs. Fitzsimmons is a lucky gal. Greg sounds like a lot of fun ;)

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