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ARIYNBF 144 with Dave Attell, part 2

Written by Alison | December 12th, 2012 at 8:59 pm | Comments

It’s here! Part 2 of the Dave Attell episode! Hooray! If for some reason you haven’t listened to part 1, go here to do that now!

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  • TS

    Good ep.
    Have you ever tried getting Morgan Murphy on the show?  I'm listening to the ep she did of Carolla's podcast last year ( ), she was good.  I feel like you could draw her out a little more.  

    See also:

    She's in the LA area usually, but she's headed on tour in April/May, so maybe she could use plugging her stuff as a motivation to come in.

  • Ben Lee

    Enjoyed this show very much. 
    Dave talking about his dad was touching.  I can tell he is still very emotional.  
    Very similar to what I went through....

    Keep up the good work AR

  • boinkity

    Is it just me, but it seems like Alison and Dave really hit it off. There was a good chemistry. I can understand now why Alison might be intimidated by him, but I think he really enjoyed this interview! I just wanted to add that I will never be able to look Alison in the face now that I know she masturbates.... that admission shocked me!  I blushed... I cried... I wanted a hug.

  • I don't! I just said that so Dave would respect me. Sex is grody!

  • boinkity

     still blushing, still crying, still needing a hug (or therapist)

  • ChesterDouglas


  • Pnnto

    Excellent long form interview. I've heard DA interviewed before and I think it takes that long to get him comfortable.

    Really interesting take on how he feels about the integrity of choosing your path and humility versus celebrity. 

    P.S. When Dave asked whether he should be a straight or gay waiter I thought something might be up!

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