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As “newsgirl” and co-host of the Adam Carolla Show — the world’s most downloaded podcast with a Guinness record to prove it — and host of the Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend podcast, Alison Rosen reaches over two million listeners weekly.

Alison has built a loyal following through her blogs and videos, social media and interactive Ustream show for which she was dubbed, “The future of television,” by former AOL CEO Barry Schuler.

Alison’s roots are in traditional media, having written for Rolling Stone, the NY Post,Vibe, SpinMaxim, the Village VoicePeopleSeventeen and Elle, among others. Alison began her career as a professional journalist early – scoring a contributing writer byline for the Los Angeles Times while still in high school in California. Before moving to New York and helming the “Hot Seat” section of Time Out New York, where she worked from 2005 to 2008, she worked at the OC Weekly in Orange County, Calif. as a music writer and then as features editor (while playing guitar in a punk band).

Alison has also carved a niche for herself as a pretty, comical and slightly devilish TV personality, appearing regularly on New York morning news shows and the late-night gab-fest Red Eye on Fox News Channel. She pops up all over the dial, most recently on E!

Previously, Alison’s weekly segment “Best Bets” ran on New York’s WNBC-TV from 2005
to 2008, where she highlighted and discussed events going on in the city. She has appeared on A&E’s “Biography,” “The Montel Williams Show,” “Hannity & Colmes,” E!’s “Chelsea Lately,” Fox & Friends,” Fox 5’s “Good Day New York,” the CW 11 “Morning News,” the CBS 2 News “This Morning” and hosted numerous “Time Out On Demand” segments. In addition to “Red Eye”, Alison can most recently be seen on E!’s “Super Epic TV Moments” E!’s “True Hollywood Story”, TV Guide Channel and “The Joy Behar Show” on HLN.

In late 2008, she performed stand up at Gotham Comedy Club and won the title “New York’s Funniest Reporter.”

Since January 2011, she has been Adam Carolla’s news girl and cohost and in early 2012, Alison’s launched her own podcast, “Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend,” to which her massive fanbase quickly followed.

Alison currently resides in Los Angeles and always gets lost, even though she has GPS.

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June 27th, 2009 at 9:35 am

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  • John Nassar

    Alison is quality... what a great voice to listen to...

  • Defeyent

    You are doing great Alison.  I look forward to your input and hearing your laugh on the Adam Carolla podcast and I agree with your podcast's title.  You deserve a raise. 

  • Love your podcast! You're the 2nd best part of Adam Carolla's wouldn't be the same without you. Keep it up! :) 

  • SteveMullany

    Dear Alison,
    You recently said on ACS that the negative, or sometimes mean, posts in your online feedback comments kind of bother you (I'm paraphrasing), even though they are a small minority compared to favorable ones.  I can empathize from experience, being evaluated as a college faculty member for 30 years, which included anonymous written comments from my students.  Even though the great majority were favorable, the few snarky/nasty/rude ones bothered me every time they turned up.  Years into it I recognized they were always going to be there because those kinds of people are always there.

    Since anonymity can shield and embolden anyone online I sympathize with you and everyone who accepts feedback that way.  I wonder if anonymous online posting will always be the norm...maybe not.

    You're the classier one on Adam's show (...still raunchy), and you're smart, funny and beautiful too.  Go Alison!

  • Project-9

    Allison, since you're my new best friend I was hoping we could be friends with benefits. By benefits I mean medical and a 401K plan. Dental and vision we also be a nice bonus.

  • Yak

    Complete and utter hotness. Been listening to Adam since Loveline and you now complete him, like a Dr. Drew with fantastical breasts. Witty, sharp and sexy. I hope you stay with the show.

  • DT58HOF

    Love you Alison on the podcast. I've been watching/listening to Adam since the start of the man show and never missed him on the radio or a podcast. I never thought anyone could replace T but you not only replaced her, you blew right past her. You are funny, witty, and sexy aka the complete package. Keep up the great work!!!!

  • mactarkus

    You and Adam are the next Robin and Howard.  Keep it up!

  • Steve

    Just thought I'd take a sec to say that you're doing an amazing job on the podcast. It's probably not easy to try to mix in just the right amount of comedic value as the 'news girl', but you are absolutely kicking ass. Oh, and as an aside, you're also super-duper pretty. Thanks for making a great show even better.

  • Paras

    love you on Red eye

  • MikeCachuela

    my grandpappy used to say:

    Only believe half of what you see, none of what you hear and read, and take the rest worth a grain of salt.

    but I believe everything you say.  ( :^)>


  • Johnnyalbarran2

    Dear Allison , I was sad to hear how upset you became by the fatgirls are easy comment, first of all screw those idiots who would'nt know a beautiful woman if she sat on their face, second you are drop dead gorgeous and your incredibly quick wit is second only to Adams,You compliment the podcast like no other female could and your humorous side is awesome, you are an intelligent and beautiful young woman and don't ever let any man or woman convince you otherwise, you are the shit...aka the best !!!!!! now zip it cunt!!!!!!, Johnny (Snootsdad)

  • JACK

    Your signoff  "ZIP IT C..."  is awesome.  Don't listen to the fairy's.  I laugh my azz off everytime you say it.  LOL.   Keep up the good work.

  • MikeL

    I just picked up the Adam Carolla podcast recently, and have to say, I think you guys do a fantastic job.  I listen to you on my commute to work, and have to try not to drive into other cars from laughing so hard.  The interaction between you all is truly comedically gifted, and you are a perfect fit with each other.  Keep up the great work and I look forward to many years of hilarity!

  • Fuzzuz

    Douche nozzle.

  • hi good thank you New Orleans is hardly a "republican stronghold". A better study would be to

  • Aaron Morton

    Hey Alison,

    Here's a link to a recent CNN article about cancer sniffing dogs, something Adam has been talking about for a while:

    You're great on the show!


  • Joanna Johnson

    Hi Alison, I went to college with you and would love to get back in touch.

  • Hi! Did you used to have a different last name? This is like a fun guessing game!

  • The Caribbean Jew (Cuban B)

    Did you go to Upland HS?

  • Bonephone

    That was the news, I'm Alison Rosen, and I like to party.

  • jim rockford

    Did you say something about Redlands? Are you from there? 

  • Joshuaajones

    Hey Alison, I just finished watching your vlog on youtube, where you were talking about issues you've had with your body image. I thought it was refreshingly honest and courageous, but a bit sad. What I see, is a strikingly beautiful, educated, witty, "catch." But whats even more impressive is that this natural warmth just seems to radiates off you.  I know this might sound a little "stalkerish," but this what I see on youtube and hear on the podcast. You are what most good men are looking for. So in short, I hope you feel better. Just keep being you, because that's enough.

  • jmcintyre62

     Yeah, that's nice. I made similar observations when I discovered her online presence. It never would have occurred to me that there were body image issues.

  • Kugirl

    That is not stalkerish, that's nice

  • flojochico

    yr awesome on carolla podcast, great sport, "zip it c..... ?", how many women could roll with that?

  • led light bulbs

    Nice! I thinks so

  • AK

    I know you've heard this a million times but you are aaaawesome on the Carolla Show. He was talking about how everyone sucks in the beginning, but in all honesty, you've been awesome since DAY ONE (really).

  • Wow, thank you!

  • I'm Alison Rosen, and if this were Facts of Life, I'd be Tootie

  • Mgreco51

    i still miss Theresa she was smart, quick witted and not a kiss ass to adam, i stopped listening to the pod cast during the merry go round of guest new chicks but i have to say i am glad i came back to listening, as alison and adam get more comfortable with each other the show gets better and better.

    good choice ace man!

  • I've been catching up on the Carolla podcasts. Just listened to your story about your two dates with the covert White Supremacist. I think you handled it wrong. You should have had sex with him.

    Here me out: You have sex with him, and really go all out. I mean, rock his world, give him the best sex of his life. And then when he falls asleep, you get out of bed and sneak out the house, but first you write on his bathroom mirror in lipstick "YOU JUST F***ED A JEW!!!!"

    That would shatter his whole self-image. That's the perfect revenge.

  • Wayne

    You get Better And Better.. Day By Day.. Keep up the good work...
    ɐıןɐɹʇsnɐ˙˙˙ɹǝpunuʍop ʎɹʇunoɔ ʞɔnן ǝɥʇ ɯoɹɟ ǝuʎɐʍ

  • Rick

    Alison is not only incredibly funny and quick with comebacks, she is also very beautiful. Love her voice too! A perfect foil for Adam Carolla and company.

  • Ordersdave

    Keep it simple "That was the news, I'm Alison Rosen and don't believe everything you hear."

  • good

  • markatwebs

    You are Adam's Robin Quivers. I actually turned the Stern Show off this morning to listen to the podcast... First time that's happened.

  • VaMoots

    Talk about damning with faint praise! Alison is infinitely more talented and valuable to the Carolla show than Robin is to Stern. I have been a Stern superfan for 15 years, but at this point I listen to Carolla more consistently than Stern, in part because Howard's show has become far too reliant on Robin since Artie was fired - er, I mean, placed on medical leave.

  • Carlie12

    You are great on the podcast!!! always making me laugh. Keep it up :)

  • Dyrtdawg

    Alison...thanks for ability to entertain!

  • My pleasure!

  • Aaron

    "I'm Alison Rosen, and I give head...pause...lines to Adam Carolla"

  • guest57

    add "love to" in between I and give and its golden

  • You are doing an outstanding job!

  • optionsninja

    you are an excellent balance to Adam! keep up the good work!

  • gpbennett

    Here's my suggestion for your news close: "I'm Alison Rosen, and if this were Facts of Life, I'd be Tootie."

  • Gqtaste

    You are a fine piece of ass Alison. If you ever get around to coming to Oklahoma City I'm your man.

  • Bob

    You're a perfect fit on the Ace podcast. I knew Adam would make the right choice. It would be smart to include you on his road show.

  • steam

    you're great on adam's show. you're like a hotter younger funnier less self hating version of t. love you!

  • AmokZamboni

    Kudos also on the Carolla News Girl gig. Great job. Makes me wish I was part of the gang, and especially in your inner circle...

  • The new Adam Carolla News Girl! Seems very nice. Good luck to you!

  • skippy

    You, my dear, are the complete package! marry me?

  • Adam

    Congrats on the Carolla Show!!

  • Brandon

    The Aceman made the right choice. Congratulations.

  • TC

    Congrats on getting the Carolla job.

  • Kissfrommyownrose

    You are pretty, witty, and slightly devilish.


  • vegasato

    Loving you on Carolla!

  • Jamesvok

    I would love to hear you on the Carolla show. You get our vote!

  • Tist724

    Like you the best on the Carolla show. Hope you get the gig.

  • lostmyshape

    I have to agree with most of these posts: you're far and away the sharpest of the recent newswoman hopefuls. For one, you clearly know where Adam wants to take each bit, and you move him along seamlessly. It would be a shame if it went to anyone else. Since T left, the show's core dynamic has been missing. Hope to hear you from here on out. Good luck, Alison; we're pulling for you.

  • Crikey!

    I didn't care who Carolla got until you came along. You're fast on your feet, smart, and have been able to crack up a guy who doesn't often laugh out loud. You also sound like you want it, whereas some ot the others just seem to be treating it like another audition. 1 or 2 don't seem to even be familiar with the show. I hope it's you that gets the gig.

  • Driver 27

    I think you're doing a good job on the Carolla show. Good luck, my vote is for Rosen.

  • Udon

    the NEW "T"
    can we just call you Scarlet hamina,hamina...

  • AssociateVP

    Listening to the Adam Carolla podcast (January). Are you friggin stoned? Speed it up sister and grab some better news stories. NOT listenable. You'll not get the gig I promise.

  • Thanks so much for coming to my web site to leave me this sweet note!

  • tony tizzle

    "Don't be a one-upper like i said before" lol. You are cool in my book ms. rosen

  • Andrew O. Dugas

    Screw that guy. You're kicking ass. You're quick and on your toes. The "yes and" recurrence had me cackling out loud. Unfortunately I was in the office men's room at the time.

  • Aw, thank you! I suffer a little too much from wanting to please all the
    people all the time (and also wanting to pick my friends' noses) so I
    appreciate the vote of confidence!

  • Hal

    You are very funny and intelligent! You are great! Wow! What a great lady! Yeah!

  • Sundaystyle

    I agree with P. Cooper..... I had never heard of you before Carolla's podcast, but now I am a huge fan. Best replacement for Teressa Strasser so far. Hope you are back on the show soon.

  • Peter Cooper

    hey, heard you on adam carolla's podcast, good show. i hope you become a regular there. you came prepared, ace man likes that.

  • Alison Rosen Is My New Best Friend, Yeah!!!!

  • jason jorgensen

    I love Alison on red eye. She is beautiful and smart.

  • goofball666

    I find Alison to be a pretty, witty and slightly devilish.

    Nicely done on the Adam Carolla podcast.

  • you have excellent taste. also: thank you!

  • P Jones

    I would bet that you taste excellent as well, damn that was totally uncalled for

  • mikenotmyrealname

    I can already tell this isn’t going to work out.

    I get that a lot.

  • elenamoscatt

    Hello! Can we interview you on Click On This? It's a new lifestyle/ interview series seen at http// But we could do it via Could be Fun! Thanks! Elena

  • boinkity

    You should have your parents write an 'alt-bio' about you. That would be SWEET!

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