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n555066719_1234645_24101I am a vivacious person with effervescent thoughts and bubbly feelings, which I used to save for my diary and therapist before realizing I could share them with a million strangers, unless of course we’ve met before in which case remember that time we were at that place and then I did that thing? Sorry about that… Also I’m a writer, pop culture analyst/expert, regular TV commentator, host, newsgirl/sidekick on The Adam Carolla Show and your new best friend. Care to be impressed by my credentials? Well then, from 2005—2008 I did Best Bets with Alison Rosen, a segment on WNBC’s Weekend Today in New York show. I’ve appeared on Montel, Chelsea Lately, Hannity & Colmes, Fox & Friends, Geraldo and a bunch more and I’m a regular pundit on Fox News Channel’s Red Eye. I wrote for the Los Angeles Times when I was 18. I’m a former Time Out New York editor. I’m a contributing editor for Page Six Magazine. I blog about entertainment for Yahoo. I’ve written for a zillion publications including Rolling Stone, Maxim, Spin, McSweeney’s, People, Village Voice, New York Press, Nerve, Seventeen, Vibe, Seattle Weekly, Minneapolis City Pages, OC Weekly and Page Six Magazine. I used to play guitar in a punk band. I have naturally black hair. I won NY’s Funniest Reporter competition.

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May 15th, 2009 at 4:07 pm

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  • David Bumgarner

    Hi Alison! I think you are great on Adam's show and I will be following Alison Rosen is your New Best Friend, mostly because I want to tell people you are my best friend! Keep up the great work!

  • Ben Ziomek

    Alison, you're great on Carolla- always thought provoking comments. And you're hot.

  • Come to England!!

  • Patrick

    My credentials are as follows: Fan of Alison. Where will that get me?!?!?!!?

  • William Afferback

       I have to agree with a poster that earlier said that you provide a great counter balance to Adam and the podcast are great.  I just got out of the Navy (Eight years in Submarine Force) and listening to the podcast during a normal workday is just awesome. Your voice along makes all the angels of heaven jealous! Is there a link on your site or address I can send mail to so I can request an autographed picture as well?

  • Jen P

    Hey! I used to listen to Adam every night on Love Line in high school and now every day at work on the podcast. You are an awesome addition to the show! I think you're humor is very smart and love when you bring up random stuff from our generation that Ace may not know about. Like when you guys were talking about the Encyclopedia Britannica guy and you brought up a commercial along the same lines that I never forgot from childhood. A kid pulls out a card from his Wildlife Treasury box and says "A duck billed platypus has feet like a duck, but it's furry!".

    Also could relate when you said your parents are worriers. My mom didn't want to have my wedding rehearsal dinner outside at our house in case someone got bitten by a mosquito and caught the West Nile virus. We ended up having it outside, and by the grace of God, everyone is healthy! Ha ha!

    Anyway, just wanted to to give you a cyber high five for keeping it real!

  • Corey

    I'm watching your stand up as I type! Love you on the Carolla show, keep up the funny! :) and don't let people get you down, your beautiful and talented. Some of the people on the comment section are jerks.

  • Rsmezinko

    You and BB are the only thing keeping the Carolla podcast listenable at times. Reference the podcast with Vanessa the "Orbit" girl. Adam could not let her finish a thought or a sentence without cutting her off with the same old "blah, blah, blah". He is really close to jumping the shark.

  • abexec

    got no choice but to get it ON!

  • Blowme2132

    You're fantastic and I thought Adam made the correct choice right away.  Those other chicks were lame!  And as much a2 I liked Teresa, you kick her ass!  Smart and insightful.  Adam, you and Brian blend perfectly.  

    Zip it cunts!! 

  • Paras

    you are a extremely beautiful womam. and you have a nice voice too. I wish you luck in your career

  • Timothy

    Alison, Im a former rocker also. Im from Indianapolis. I love that you are smart and play guitar, too cool.
      Love your "book"  "What I would expect....." very funny.  Keep up the great work. Timothy

  • Brian Frichette

    You are gorgeous and witty.  Good stuff

  • Everett Christopher

    Just wondering why you weren't doing your typical all-teeth smile in the photo that you're in with the dude that has curly blonde hair on that plane. kinda weird.

  • richie

    Hey alison i really enjoy you on the adam carolla  podcast.  I think you're very witty which is such an attractive feature.  
    i just hope the best for you :)

  • Tony

    Alison , I love your killer smile !! I enjoy you everyday on Carolla's show. I do wish that he stops talking over you and interrupting you incessantly.
    BTW, how tall are you ? Keep wearing those boots....I think they are sexy!!

  • Billy

    Paraphrase of comment by Jrdp:

    "Blah blah blah Adam this blah blah blah Adam that blah blah blah I love Adam blah blah blah I want to have Adam's children blah blah blah Alison sucks blah blah blah you smelly purdy blah blah blah more incoherent bullshit."
    You seriously crack me up though, one of the reasons I started listening to Carolla's podcast again.

  • Snake

    Pitzer is better.

  • Shaju

    Hey Alison
    Just want to say I really enjoy you on the pod cast. You're really funny and a good counter balance to Adam (who is also very funny).  I like the way you gently make fun of him when he gets really worked up about something small.

  • mattysuede

    many short, dry, and poorly typed sentences about to happen. when do you broadcast live on ARIYNBF? when will you be coming to visit Portland, OR (yes, i Twatted this very question earlier today)? i'm a fast fan of yours after becoming a somewhat recent follower/listener of the Carolla podcast. you're inserts, news, and anecdotes make me laugh out loud (not to be confused with LOL). i heart you. 

  • BabyHitler

    Did you know David Foster Wallace at Pomona? I have The Pale King.  What a huge loss. I enjoy your work... or should I say werke.

    Zieg Heil!

  • BabyHitler

    Jesus, that microphone is from the '60s... you at least need one from the '70s, maybe a tall skinny one ala Gene Rayburn from Match Game.

    By the way... if I wasn't 'involved' with Eva Braun, I would TOTALLY ask you to a date in my bunker.


  • Jrdp

    Hello Alison, I hope this finds you well. I was away when Teresa left and you started, and I do not know why. At this point I don't really care. I have been listening since and I do have to say that I found you terribly annoying. You jump in mid-conversation with guests; some of the comments didn't seem that funny either. When Adam is on a roll with a rant, you do cut in and we can hear him pause and try to gather his thoughts or completely veer into another topic (which he does anyway). There is a sense of “know it all” attitude when Adam is explaining something. The news signoff just needs help. In short, it sounded like a teenager took over. After weeks of listening, I had to find the face to match the voice. Mainly I wanted a comments section in Adam's Site to complain or vent. Now that I see the face, you are a pretty stunning woman and I see why Adam and probably many listeners happy. I do have to say that it diffused my complaint. I am still not too happy but I guess it’s a work in progress and the longer you stay with Adam the smoother our experience will be listening.

  • Potatoes

    Jrdp.....You....need to get your meds refilled.

  • TwiceOnSundays

    You are a douchebag and your opinion sucks balls. Except the part about Alison being a pretty stunning woman, there we have found common ground.

    Who the hell opens up a bitch letter with "I hope this finds you well?". Holy shit you suck.

  • Mick Battle

    I just heard you reference Double Trouble on a podcast.

    Marry me.

  • Haha! Not enough people talk about that show.

  • For your sign off with Adam how about "I'm Alison, and that made my no-no place hurt".

  • Medium Russ

    You are seriously the funniest person on ACP, not a dig at Adam either. Keep up the book excerpts; that shit is hilarious.

  • How about a summer date in Minneapolis. We can catch a Twins game. I will teach you baseball. You could teach me Facts of Life { I dont understand why its not on late night tv, but oh well I still got my Married with Children } and every cool detail about Montel no matter how small or irrelevant.

  • I was on an episode of Montel!

  • John

    Hi Alison
    A fan from Australia! I'll be in the states in June, but we can't hook up, my wife and daughter will be with me....
    Sorry but that's how it goes.

    How about ' Im' Alison Rosen, and I've been told I'm big down under'

    Hmm , maybe not everyone will see the Australian pun in that.

  • Rapey McRaperson

    I can't make any lofty promises like these former suitors

  • jake

    Alison you are hilarious and fit along so well with adam! You guys make my drive to work a little easier every day!
    Keep up the great work!

  • Milehighrabbi

    Carolla and guests miss about 40% of your sly one-liners. You are hilarious.

  • Brian_bannerman2001

    You're fucking hot and you are throwing yourself at Doug Benson? WTF? I'm free and slightly better looking than him

  • Doug and I are friends! When did I throw myself at him?

  • Jake

    GET IT ON!

  • JesusReagan

    I was an adam-ite before you got you've sealed the deal.

  • GunnaWanna

    Whoa, whoa, whoa..."/sidekick"? Let's not get carried away there missy. I recently made the ultimate sacrifice; I listened to that terrible Film Vault to satisfy my Alison fix. I was sufficiently satisfied. ::News tag:: "Eat a dick Jessica Man-voice!"

  • Greg G.

    Alison, how about this for a news tag: "I'm Alison Rosen with all the news you need to know." Cuz you're my main source of news and I don't feel the need to search for more throughout the day. Or you can shorten it to: "I'm Alison Rosen with all the news you need."

    You're doing a great job!

  • Inlovewithyou

    Love you

  • Abgwalk

    Which Claremont college did you go to? You were evasive on the podcast.

  • I went to Pomona College.

  • Brian

    Love listening to you on Carolla!!!

  • J_Mase

    I can guarantee at least two rape-free dates

  • elch

    Hey Alison,

    I notice from the Ace show you are unmarried and I'd like to take you out sometime. You probably make more money than me so you should probably pay, also I'd like to gaurentee a rape free first date, but if I get liquored up I can't make any promises.

    Email me :)

  • Gib

    Good Job on Carolla!

  • Udon forgot the yiddish..

  • Kemock1965

    You always seem to be in a good mood, and I have not heard you ever rip anybody in mean ways, mostly you are just so danged funny and you have such a nice smile and spunky demeanor. Keep it up, we need originality, not just plain vanilla reporting.

  • I figured out why your 'single...'

  • PT

    uh ya "you're" not "your". Still feel good about your jab?....

  • Zach

    Hi Alison!

    Have a good one and I love you on TV and New York Post.

  • Jeff

    You were hilarious last night on Red Eye. Oh yeah and gorgeous.

  • tonyspruill

    HI, I was watching redeye friday, and saw you, its nice to see some one that is inteligent and beautiful on television, I am stationed at Fort Hood Texas, I was injured in Iraq In 2008 and was medivaced back to the U.S., after 23 years I will be leaving the Army I love , If possible could you send me a signed picture ???, I would love that, If so could you e-mail me, and I will give you my address here, thank you, you are beautiful,,,, Tony

  • Hi Tony, Thanks so much for your kind comment. Sounds like you've been through some tough stuff. You are brave. What's your email address?

  • Dorian

    Ha, that's pretty funny, I don't know how yet becomes weight. That reminds me of this joke from Mirman, the one where Delta lost his bags. He goes to bagage claims and when he tells the lady his name she replies, your not Barbra such and such. He goes on about how that wasn't anywhere near his name and jokes about having a secret language with the Airlines. I assume it's funnier to watch it than have it explained to you. I agree, Maria was her zany funny self as usual. Her various voices are classic, especially when she impersonates her mom. Nick Kroll or excuse me Fabrice Fabrice is a genius. Only six episodes this first of hopefully many seasons, so cherish them.

    I want to apologize, I didn't mean to call you merizing but mesmerizing. I first watched that Daily with the Mirman interview and was fixated. I think I watched another ten Daily's until I had to get back to work. The Ustream show sounds pretty interesting, I'll try to make it!

  • Dorian

    Hey Alison, you have gained yet another fan today. The funny thing was I kinda stumbled on you by accident. I was watching some Eugene Mirman videos on youtube because last night he killed on the John Oliver New York Comedy Special. So I was watching some of his clips and found your Daily Alison interview with him(VERY FUNNY). I think if you look up Awesomeness on, there's a link to your webpage. But really if I could sum you up in one word it would be Merizing. I've been killing time at work watching your daily's and I can't get enough of them.

    I notice the last comment was a little while ago, so I hope you still check this site.

  • I do, I do check it! And the funny/sad thing is that when I first read it my mind thought it said "Hey Alison, you have gained weight..." so I was especially relieved to see I've gained a fan! Thank you so much! I thought he killed on John Oliver's special too. I was also giggling a lot at Maria Bamford's set. Anyway, welcome! IF you're around Wednesday night's I do a live Ustream show which is fun and interactive. If you click on the CHAT link on the right side of the page you'll see it.

  • Thomas Przybylinski

    a punk band, eh? any DIY releases to share with your adoring masses?

  • joel stein

    Are there any photos of you online wearing a bikini? You have a lovely face, too.

  • Goldgrinch

    I think your a genius....beautiful...funny...witty...ground breaking...lovely...seriously talented....amazing....mesmerizing...cutting-edge...intriguing...simply awesome...and...wait
    ..sorry....I thought this was Alison sorry...wrong site.

  • Jonathan

    You are from Orange County? Love you on Red Eye!

  • I am. Thank you! Are you from OC?

  • Brian

    I'm really glad I found The Daily Rosen instead of The Weekly Rosen's Therapist. I doubt the latter publication is bubbling over with feelings. What does effervescent mean and can I buy it?

  • You are very funny on Red Eye. Keep up the funny business!

  • Alison, you're a Nut. But a good Nut. Keep up the good work.

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