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Written by Alison | January 26th, 2014 at 8:59 pm | Comments

Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld (CollegeHumor,, If I Were You) stop by this episode of Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend to talk about doling out advice on their new podcast If I Were You, how they met, working for College Humor, web videos, relationships, being disconnected from your feelings, their new TBS pilot produced by Ed Helms, relocating to Los Angeles and so much more.  We also did a round of Just Me Or Everyone (click here to see the JMOEs from the episode) and HGFY.

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  • playniceeveryone

    Though I totally and I do mean totally in the "mid-Coke pre-AIDS way that Adam is fond to speaketh of" enjoyed my youth, I hardly ever spend a moment in wistful thought wishing I was once again 28 - 35 (what turned out to be the "zenith" I suppose of my life) ... listening to this pod took me back smiling and sort of wishing that I wasn't old enough to be both of these guys Mom because back in the day they would have both been just the kind of guy I'd find fun. I don't know if I can agree with the lay psycho-analysis of dear Jake - they are truly humorist and either you are or you are not, there is no try (Thanks Yoda .... glad you stopped by the galaxy). You can interpret the fact that they are truly best friends and business partners entering their second decade together that, both must share basic fundamental values and if you listen to Amir and hear respect and affection he seems to have for women and imagine him being THAT close to someone with some sort of pathology is bloody well unlikely. Anyway - this was AMAZING, fun, interesting, touching, a little informative ... what more could you ask from a podcast ...

  • Yomama

    The comments below.. I'm laughing so hard listen to more of their podcast. You will understand that Jake is not being serious at all!:)

  • JoanIsNotTheMaidOfOrleans

    Jake wasn't being serious about what? He was being serious about his personality.

  • badabingo

    Ok, after some thought (and listening to an "If I Were You" podcast by Jake and Amir)....I think perhaps my comment yesterday was a little off. Maybe the HGFY to Amir's mom was truly meant as a joke or had context I didn't catch or wasn't privy to. Plus, mom comments get my hackles up, so I'm biased.

    But I still think Jake has issues with SOME lack of empathy and that gives me heebeejeebees. If his lack of empathy is due to emotional immaturity rather than psychopathology, then he just needs to hang out with Gary, Chris and Matt a lot and learn how to treat the ladies.

  • Sam

    Jake acknoweldges he is a bit immature and doesn't consider consequences all the time. If you watch a serious interview with them, or more of their material, its obvious how intelligent he is, and he's aware this is a public forum. Do you think telling his friends mom to Go fuck themselves is at all serious?? He is a COMEDIAN. The first thing Amir does is interrupt the introduction to talk about "how Alison is their fan" Its all jokes man, clearly.

    Also, whatever 'lack of empathy' you're percieving needn't give you heebie jeebies. For all the people hurting others, destroying the environment, oppressing without a second thought, and some 25 year old who won't call back girls is what reaaallly gives you the heebiejeebies?

  • badabingo

    No, "some 25 year old who won't call back girls" is not what gives me the heebeejeebees. Try again. See above.

  • Danny

    He's just immature. I've listened to everyone episode of their podcast and I can confirm it. He knows it though, so it's something.

  • Nanu_Nanu

    That's their bit. Jake is the master A-hole/D-Bag and he plays it up for laughs. Lots of inside jokes between the two and their families.

  • Bjørn Bjoernsen

    Yeah, I'd cut back on that...

  • thisdude

    haha cut back on what? the entire premise of what has made their show so popular and has given them their whole carreer?

  • badabingo

    I am a little concerned about Jake and here is why:

    Being a no call back / no show after a night of casual sex is par for the course when both participants are in their 20s and meet at a bar / party or whatever. Even the "two dodges and an unanswered text" (while dishonest, mean and immature) isn't super abnormal in those circumstances. However, when presented with the scenario of "how would you feel if someone did that to one of your several sisters" and not believing it would at least minimally irritate you AND "joking" that your best friend's (I assume) mom should go fuck herself for offering one of her culture's staples too many times at dinner when she is treating you like a distinguished guest in her own home is kind of horrifying.

    I'm not the most eloquent writer - I'll leave that to Alison. But holy shit, Jake needs to consider either a) getting a highly qualified psych eval and following treatment recommendations or b) vastly lowering his expectations that he will ever have a successful relationship of any kind ever again in his life (because Amir will be done with him within the next couple of years at this rate). Lack of empathy and remorse is some scary shit.

    So sayeth me, the judgey mcjudgerson.

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