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ARIYNBF 174: The Porcelain Punisher and Your Tweets

Written by Alison | May 15th, 2013 at 9:43 pm | Comments

Gary and Matt

Matt “Porcelain Punisher” Fondiler joins Alison and Gary on this episode for a discussion about his nickname, alternate universe, BEWM and working for Adam. Plus we answered some of your twitter questions.

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  • Christopher Cook

    Gah! The engine talk was driving me nuts. Allison indicated the most common configurations, but cylinder position isn't tied to the quantity at all. They also make horizontally opposed and v type 4 cylinder engines (though the V4 is usually only for motorcycle engines). 6's can also be horizontally opposed (Porsche) and inline (BMW). And so on...

  • Guest

    Matt reminded me of the time I got my hands on an AIDS education pamphlet when I was 9 or 10 and asked my mom what A-N-A-L sex is. Spelled out.

  • badabingo

    Sheila - I agree with a lot of what you said.

    It made me mad when Adam was mean to Gary and it made me even more mad to hear that Gary is mad at himself about making a mistake. DUDE. Everyone, including Gary, needs to get off of Gary's back. Geez! Mistakes are gonna happen, especially in an anticipatory-anxiety rich industry (and especially working for a yeller!). Some ribbing is fun, funny and at times necessary. Being MEAN about it is none of those things.

    Adam probably has a lot of anxiety. Instead of learning / relearning how to manage his anxiety (which I think is manifested as irritation, excessive judgment, etc), he uses it as part of his act. This works.....sometimes. But one can only go so far with this type of thing for material. I think it is starting to eat at his insides more than it used to. I think if he let Alison & Brian talk more (as well as his guests) that would really help the ACP and may calm him down a bit. Cause you know, I don't think he's going to engage in mindfulness or acceptance and commitment therapy or anything. Well, maybe. He's done therapy before. It's tough - he's super smart, funny and talented, but he's also starting to sound like a screeching banshee at times and shooting himself / the show in the foot while he's at it.

    ALSO, we all didn't used to really know the other players as well as we do now because they have podcasts of their own (i.e. Alison, Lynnette, Drew). So that is a factor.

  • meganbd

    Great podcast, as usual. I just wanted to say that I switched from an iPhone to an Android phone a couple of years ago and haven't regretted it at all until now. I'm so sad that I can't get the "bewm" ringtone. I'm with Alison, it makes me laugh every time I hear it.

  • playniceeveryone

    Weird confession. It is becoming harder and harder to listen to the ACP element of this destination on the interwebs. I find myself listening to Alison and Drew and Lynette, but only skimming through Adam to find the news, or if there is a guest I want to see if we will actually get to hear speak. But more often than not, we get Adam's interview of his own views of the guests work/life/thoughts. I have been a long time listener going back to the many broadcast elements of Adam's career. I noticed my increasing discomfort but couldn't pin it to something understandable. But I think I have finally figured it out when listening to today's ACP where he felt it was completely acceptable to humiliate Gary in a public forum. What has separated "old" Adam from "new" Adam is adult management he is accountable to and the ability to drink on the job. While Jack Silver may have been beyond stupid, he was for better or worse the shield to prevent Adam's unfiltered bullying being confused for entertainment. Dr. Drew feels that calling you robots is a way of preventing the abuse from festering in private. But now I see it's just Drew's sympathetic spirit trying to let you know that your work environment isn't normal in any way. I grew up in a family business and often tell people who didn't have the 'pleasure' of meeting my father, I tell them he was like the great Santini without the humor and charm. So perhaps it's more painful for me to hear someone publicly humiliated while their friends sit in terrified silence hoping the attention doesn't wind up on them. I'm sure Adam doesn't really understand why Jimmy and Drew and others find themselves warmly embraced by the mainstream media - in his own mind, there is no difference between them other than he is a bit smarter, more honest or more creative than these partners who keep getting mysterious success.

    I honestly felt a bit sorry for you Alison to sit uncomfortably by while Gary was grilled by Adam over a simple time zone sentence in an email. I thought it was particularly heartless that Adam felt the need to force you support his bizarre critique. How pathetic is the man's need to push people around - it's not like a guest was missed on the show or their time unnecessarily shortened. In what world did Adam think this was even REMOTELY entertaining ? Lastly, since not one single week goes by that he doesn't belabor the point that his parents never came to any of his events during his childhood and a mere 30 years later he is still resentful about it, how could he possibly in the next breath say "Sonny doesn't care if I show up to his performance as a cactus or a rock", I can't be bothered to focus enough on the kid to know what he is doing... but nah - he won't care". While there are millions of shitty parents out there, their kids may or may not know the extent that their parents did or didn't care about the things they were doing, but Adam's kids will never have that luxury. His daughter will have thousands of hours of her Dad saying over and over again what a bitch she is and her brother will have the same amount of his Dad telling the world he is such a pussy. Make an occasional comment and its humor - say it a thousand times a year and your kids will come to their own conclusions ... particularly when it is repeated back to them by playground bully's who don't even have to break a sweat to hit a home run insult. The sad thing here is that Adam is a nice guy. Long time listeners clearly remember how devastated he was when Bryan got his diagnosis - he was just laid out. Despite all the crappy things he says about his father - when it seemed as though he might actually die - it was obvious that Adam's heart was breaking. It is too bad that there is no one able to give him a little inner vision.

  • catsmeow05

    Well I have to say I don't think the whole situation is as bad as it seems. Adam has been getting a little out of control with his Napoleonic Complex at Ace Broadcasting. But deep down in his heart I don't think he has any malice or ill will towards his employees. He should be more aware that joke or not, cruel words do hurt. I don't think he is purposefully trying to hurt anyone. He is just stating the obvious with inflated hyperbole. I always listen carefully to see how he is treating Alison. Lately when Alison chimes in he now backs off and let's her finish her comment. More often than not he will bounce off that comment and use it to further one of his rants or monologues. If he was a truly a mean narcissist he would just ignore her, and keep on talking.
    I'm not even worried about his kids. Just think about all the parents that don't have a public forum, and instead say that stuff to their kids at home. Parents often times can be so condescending towards their kids and not even know it. I think Adam gets all that stress out on the podcast and at home he doesn't speak like that to his kids. And you know what when the grow up and hear these podcasts, the will just laugh it off being from a family of comedy.
    I don't know how someone could stop listening to the podcast. ACP is my favorite podcast, and it is the first podcast I listen to each day.
    If you have any doubt about the core of Adam's heart, listen to why he brought his kids to the Cinco De Mangria, or cry over the death of Phillip the Juggler.
    I have said my peace, I love Ace Broadcasting and the whole team. It ain't perfect but it is far from being Nazi Germany!

    Ok "Zip it cunts!"

  • ChesterDouglas

    Well, you know...Adam's Adam.

    [translation: I stopped listening to his show two years ago and my life is better for it]

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