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ARIYNBF 170: Awful Nachos and Your Tweets

Written by Alison | May 1st, 2013 at 8:59 pm | Comments

Gratuitous unrelated puppy shot

On this episode Alison and Gary talk about being on panels and nacho burps. Then they answer some questions you sent in on twitter.

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  • John

    "Don't ask a woman if she's pregnant unless she's crowning"! HOLY SH#T!!!

    I almost crashed my car. I was drinking a delicious diet ICB root beer and the laugh came out just as the root beer went down. I spit it, more like sprayed it, out all over my dash and window. I live on the NW side of Chicago and luckily I was on a side street. I almost sideswiped a few parked cars and had to come to a complete stop to get it together. Adam and Fitzsimmons almost killed me in my car a few weeks ago too.

    I'm afraid for the sake of public safety I'm going to have not listen to you two while in the car.

    Btw I really needed that laugh too. It literally changed my day.

  • aprile

    Hi Alison, I don't use iTunes so I am commenting on this website. Just want to say that I recently discovered your podcast and it has been the breath of fresh air that I needed! I work as a RN which is stressful and your podcast is a great escape. I especially like the Thursday episodes because I relate to many of your idiosyncracies and you and Gary have a great conversational flow. Keep it up!
    April Dee

  • Megan

    I love all your shows, but I am really enjoying the Alison and Gary only episodes. It's quality BFF time!

  • Thank you so much!

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