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ARIYNBF 142 with Christina Pazsitsky, part 1

Written by Alison | November 25th, 2012 at 10:37 pm | Comments

Christina Pazsitsky, comedian and cohost of the podcast Your Mom’s House (which she records with her husband Tom Segura) stopped by this episode of Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend to talk about growing up in the Valley, the answer to the question “Who’s your daddy?”, appearing on Road Rules, getting into fist fights, parents, body image, gaining weight in your breasts, mom jeans, baby jeans, mommies, falling in love, comedy, Bert Kreischer, male and female energy, Roseanne Barr and so much more. We also did a round of Just Me Or Everyone (click here to see the JMOEs we put on the screen) and HGFY. This is a special two-parts-in-one-week episode so write a big note to yourself to download part 2 on Thursday morning. DO IT! WRITE A NOTE!

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  • ElleLowell

    So funny Christina!!!  When you basically said you wanna hurl when you think about the guys you slept with.  I have that too, especially if you ever run into any of them..... EW!!!

  • ElleLowell

    I remember Christina from Road Rules and she was one of my favorites!!  And now she's HILARIOUS!  Thanks for having insightful fun guests Alison.

  • JustinCH

    Christ, I wish Alison would ask just one of these craven, talent-free flits why they have such a desperate hunger for fame.  Just one time.  Do it.
    Maybe it'd shut 'em up about how Road Rules isn't as "cool" as it used to be.  Holy shit...

  • boinkity

    I didn't really wanna win the iPad anyway... I'm still waiting for ARIYNB rubber duckies

  • Emmanuel Veras

    Cool jeans is on hope she's rockin them high and tight

  • - Jay -

    re: honesty/vulnerability:
    most people think that everyone else 'sees' and experiences the world in pretty much the same way that they do, but that their own fears and insecurities are unique to them only....and the exact opposite is closer to the truth....we all have many of the same fears and vulnerabilities, but we all see/experience the world differently

  • catsmeow05

    Love these 2 parters, just means more rosen

  • William Beaumont

    What, the 142nd episode?! Oh, are you counting the episodes of the uStream show?

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