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ARIYNBF 140 with Paul F. Tompkins, part 2

Written by Alison | November 14th, 2012 at 10:33 pm | Comments

Oh hi! It’s part two of the special two-parts-in-one-week episode of ARIYNBF featuring your and my favorite Paul F. Tompkins! (Those other Paul F. Tompkins don’t even compare.)

And if for some reason you haven’t heard the first installment, do so immediately!

Here this stuff:

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  • TS

    So no one is going to mention that you talked about slapping your own ass?  We're all gonna just let that one go?

  • I'm so confused why bitchy little men find you so irritating. If it's any consolation, those losers were constantly whining about Teresa, too. I also don't agree that your location has anything to do with your political affiliation. Just because all of the loudmouths without valid points are Republican doesn't make them right. I don't think it's possible to be easily brainwashed and have a sense of humor, so possibly they're just jealous.
    And I think Michigan is considered blue-so much for dicknose's theory about coasts.

  • Robert Fenerty

    Unrelated to this show, I think pluralizing the C word was a minor stroke of brilliance.  Softens the word, turns the meaning from self-recrimination to playful attack, etc.  Keep doing that.

  • thanks!

  • Admittedly, I have a hard time listening to the "Go Fuck Yourself" segment.  I hate listening to people take Alison to task for no real reason,... it just upsets me.  Especially when its about her politics.  As if there are no liberals in the midwest.  --Jason from Minnesota (Blue State since 1976, bitches!)

  • Thank you!

  • BrianinDenver

    Hey Allison, love the podcast. I was excited to hear you have another nerdy engineer listener out there (topic sombrero). Hearing the inner monologue of a well spoken women is as new and facinating as any episode of Nova.
    Your advice was great, but as a 31 year old engineer just past his stage in life, I see one glaring omission. Out of a group of 5 friends,that's how 4 of us met our wives. Not everyone on there is crazy, just most of them. We all found sane and smart women with MD's and Phd's, I guess that's what nerdy girls want to be doctors.
    If you're hesitant to online date, just do the math. My city has 2,000+ potential matches. Suppose you were being picky and only would/could attempt to date 5% of those potential matches. You'd still have have 100 girls to attempt to click with. Even if 5% of that pool could end up as dates, you'd still have 5 chances to get a girlfriend which is > 0% chance at having sex with an ex.
    Also, he'll soon realize as engineer our stock skyrocket in our late 20's. I was a 3 in college, but I'm a solid 5 at age 31 with a stable job.

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