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ARIYNBF 136 with Duncan Trussell

Written by Alison | October 14th, 2012 at 8:59 pm | Comments

Duncan Trussell, comedian, actor and host of the Duncan Trussell Family Hour podcast, stopped by this episode of Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend to talk about the universe and the multiverse, Axe body spray, meditation, various strains of pot which Alison thinks he’s making up, communicating in relationships, anger at hotels, relationships in general, his breakup with Nathasha Leggero, Deathsquad, picking up a bad vibe in your urethra and so much more. We also did a round of Just Me Or Everyone (click here to see the JMOEs we put on the screen.)

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  • ElleLowell

    Alison, I did not know that thing about Ax body spray either!   EW
    I think part of the appeal of ducklings is the actual word duckling, duckling, duckling....  the word is just adorable to say!
    And Gary is such a safe driver, I'm so impressed!!

  • You have to hang in there and give him a choice. He doesn't have a voice like a radio guy, but he is smart and brutally honest. They were great together..

  • Acemannw

    After listening to Alison on Ace's podcast and her own I am starting to wonder if maybe her and her boyfriend are trying for a kid. She has made a few comments that have me wondering.

  • Priscilla

    Alison, best podcast ever. You are so funny and smart. You need to be in the Urban Dictionary for that brilliance here. 

    Duncan Trussell wow, never thought a stoner would have so many things important to say I'd re-listen. Wow!

    Alison you are such a smart funny woman. You shine on ACE but on your own show listeners can see you in all your glory. I am blown away on Adam's show all the hilarious lines you can barely squeeze in that you think no one really hears---but no darling we do. You rock!

    Keep up the good work and hopefully this latest move will be your last for a while. Relax when you can and just enjoy rather than over thinking every damned thing.

  • JustinCH

    Duncan Trussell: The elevation of rationalization over reason.

  • Toronto

    Great ep... but your transitions into the "just me or..." bit are always horribly timed. The long form interview shouldn't be interrupted... it doesn't feel natural... and comes off forced... and at times like you are dismissing what the guest is talking about by taking a left turn...  AC does this too... let it ride AR...

  • Vonfaunch71

    Ok this is waaaaaay late but I finally just heard the episode with Kerri Kenney-Silver and heard probably one of the funniest things I've heard Alison do so far. The part where you all are making yourselves burp was hard to hear cause I was wearing headphones and it was like being assaulted cause I heard shit going on in your throats and mouths that made it pretty intimate. But when Alison tried to talk and do it and all it sounded like was her saying "bee-bee-bee-bee" clinched it for me. I guffawed like a huge tard so loud I scared somebody. That was the moment I discovered I truly knew how to love again.

  • Calvin

    I guess I'm the only one who didn't enjoy this episode. I love Alison but this guy is just too into abstract ideas that don't make sense. It was sad to turn it off since I'd be missing Alison's voice at the same time.

  • Tom

    Totally agree.  I love the show, but wanted to throw my iPod against the wall this episode.  Duncan Trussell seems like a nice guy, but his comments on space-time, multiple universes, and religion were nothing but a new-age mishmash of utter nonsense.  It all sounds fancy and beautiful at a distance, but if you know a bit about physics or how the brain functions, you also know that the concepts he spoke about (nodes of the multi-verse that we want to merge with?) just aren't accurate.

  • Sacto Aaron

    Is it just me or does this guy sound a lot like TJ Miller?

  • I honestly didn't think I'd enjoy this episode. Good stuff.

  • Chester

    As far as paranoid schizophrenics are concerned, Duncan Trussell seems to be one of the more engaging and entertaining members of their ranks.

  • TS

    Love this guy.  Had never heard him before, only heard Pete Holmes express his love for him.  On paper, I should be irritated by all of the metaphysical blah blah blah....but I fucking love this guy.

  • Olive Garden

    Doug Benson, Bert Kreischer, and now Duncan Trussell. Love that you're going through the Deathsquad comedians. I hope that you'll have Joey Diaz and Ari Shaffir on soon.

  • Kristen Fiocco

    Hi Hey Hello, it's me! My boyfriend and I listen to the Adam Carolla Show. When you started ARIYNBF I was really excited because I love you on Adam Carolla. I tried to get my boyfriend to listen to your show but he was like, "no, that's a girl's show." (Where does he get that idea?!) Well, we both listen to Duncan's podcast too, so when I told him he was your guest this week he said he'd listen to it! I hope he is a listener for life. I have not listened yet, but I am super excited. Anyway, random story. Thanks Alison!

  • Dutch

    I'm listening to this because my JMOE made the big board. I'm a crazed narcissist. Somebody help me.

  • Approved

  • Tcook1345

    Alison you need to Survive a pot brownie from Joey Diaz, that should be the DeathSquad initiation, also you need to eat at the Olive garden afterwards. 

  • boinkity

    Gotta admit that this episode of ARIYNBF was totally over my head. Then again, the only times I've ever meditated in my life where the few times I overindulged on sushi and sake and suddenly finding myself at a friends house listening to their Blind Melon cd set on replay.

  • Kohnyman

    I've been having the same mixed feelings about video games lately.  I will get totally caught up in it for an entire weekend, then all of the sudden it seems like such an empty existence.   I am starting to wonder what it is all about and then I clean my apartment and it feels better in a small way but also like a hollow victory.  The other stuff you were talking about, the outburst of unregulated raw emotion is another thing I have been trying to get control of more in myself, and I wish more people could recognize it as a problem to be addressed, rather than make the excuse that they were tired, or try to blame the receiving party for causing the reaction.

  • le Connard

    When Mr Trussell was slagging off baby ducklings (I guess the term 'baby duckling' is a bit redundant), I was praying that he was going to feel the sting of the Han Solo edition blaster. Unfortunately that was not to be.

  • Greg

    Powerful Duncan Trussell!

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