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ARIYNBF 135 with Elizabeth Laime

Written by Alison | October 7th, 2012 at 8:59 pm | Comments

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Okay, about this episode:

Elizabeth Laime, comedy writer, poet and host of the Totally Laime podcast, stopped by this episode of Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend to discuss wanting to belong to the Soho House and Club 33, growing up in St. Louis, fancy friends, losing both of her parents when she was 19, her relationship with her sister, saving animals and plastic surgery and people who save animals but get a lot of plastic surgery, periods, managers, shows about podcasts and quite a bit more. We also did a round of Just Me Or Everyone (click here to see the JMOEs we put on the screen) and HGFY.

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  • ElleLowell

    Brain misfire: other people who call yellow "orange" and call orange "yellow."

  • Laughingtokeepfromcrying

    Elisabeth speaks in baby-talk. And nothing important at that.

  • Mikeddottcom

    elizabeth is sweet and cool.

  • As every podcast I thought this one was interesting even though I wouldn't say their chemistry was magical. The one Alison did on Elizabeth's podcast was better as it centered around her more so. This one was still good as her personal story was interesting. Elizabeth sometimes has this valley girl way of talking though that makes me want to rip my eardrums out, but I am sure I have some New Yorkish idiosyncrasies that others would not like too. I have often thought Alison is a perfect host for a television  show, but even if you did get that opportunity the networks usually seem to destroy people's visions anyway. I still hope you get the opportunity to give it a try and show them what you can do. You don't need their approval know you are the best candidate.  

  • dorkbootle

    great stuff 
    dad really resonated  - lost wife to panc. cancer at 43... never been the same. On a lighter note what is it with women and textures: soup, corduroy.... Nose job??? DO NOT DO IT! though from talking to a few older gals you should reserve yourself the right to a boob lift at 50. All (4 out of 4) loved it.  

  • JustinCH

    Amazing how much easier it was to listen to this interview than the Sara Schaefer interview.  What a sweet and decent person.  Sara, on the other hand, inadvertantly revealed all the probable reasons for her failed marriage in the course of that torturous hour of talking with Alison.  Just a miserable ... person.

  • AK

     One isn't any better than the other, just...different. Though Sara's was shockingly revealing. Musta been a great cathartic release.

  • hypnotiza

    Elizabeth's thing with her husband leaving cereal bowls of milk in the sink, omg that bugs the shit out of me too! My wife and kids leave bowls of cereal and milk on the counter and in the sink. I'm like (in my head), "WTF, why can't you just pour the amount of cereal and milk that you can eat?! WHY, WHY  CAN'T YOU!? Aaaaugh!"

  • Chuckcraft

    You two are really wonderful together, so please work together more often.  I'm not sure it was your objective, but you made a 37-year old white guy laugh out loud and shed tears while listening to the same episode.

    Alison, you're a rare and special talent.  It's going to be fun to watch your career unfold. 

  • Angie

    Alison, you're a nose job necessary! Interesting podcast, as usual.

  • Katie

    Thank you Elizabeth for sharing such personal stories of your parents deaths. I became very emotional when you were talking about your father's death as I nearly lost my father to a heart attack. When you were describing how you found out, I related immensely as I found out about my father the same way. 

  • Thiagosds

    "Eleven inch" Gary!  That`ll go a long way for Gary!! ehhehe

  • Bigwhite3000

    Andy you poor sweet bastard I can only hope and pray you grow them back. One day. One day you poor lovable bastard. 

  • Spacecowboy

    This was nice

  • Adna

    I get very disappointed to realize the people writing on the front of a van (truck etc.) didn't write backwards so I could read their information properly in my rearview..

    Gary, The ambulance thing is NOT you. Perhaps it's not everyone, but you're not alone. 

  • boinkity

    There was a time when I just didn't get why pretty women felt the need for some type of plastic surgery. However, now that no man on tv or the movies seem to have any hair on their chest (or ass) I suddenly feel like maybe I too should shave my chest (or ass). However, the recent Southern Comfort tv commercial with the guy on the beach with hair on his manly chest has strengthened my resolve to just be a hairy dude.

  • Guest

    Please tell me you're going to continue to call Gary, "Eleven-inch Gary". Totally makes me giggle. Just me? Everyone? Love it. Love the podcast!

  • Tim

    Great show and, YAY, a new podcast to listen to! Check out Alison on Totally Lame after this, it's pretty great but do NOT eat when they get into the period talk. ;) Elizabeth and Alison are great!

  • stnuntrnd

    On Totally Laime podcast, talked about periods for a long time, but only devoted a minute to Andy's late onset of puberty (17?). The years 13 -17 must have been an experience; maybe Andy
    can guest on ARIYNBF and spend much more time on the topic. 

  • peupeu!

    When I look at your photos on the right hand side of this webpage and see the pretzel goldfish in the coffeecup, my first thought is, "think turds in a toiletbowl". I zoom in and realize they're just pretzel goldfish. This has happened multiple times now. Just me?

  • no fun

    Can't wait to hear this! Elizabeth is hilarious.

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