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ARIYNBF 134 with Sara Schaefer

Written by Alison | September 30th, 2012 at 8:59 pm | Comments

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Sara Schaefer, cohost of the You Had To Be There podcast and the forthcoming MTV late night series The Nikki and Sara Show, stopped by this episode of Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend to talk about heartache that lingers, marriage and divorce, craving affection, being attracted to nice guys, auditions, pitch meetings, the episode of YHTBT after which they decided to pitch their TV show, voiceover work, labia, growing up Southern Baptist, 9/11, meeting and working with cohost Nikki Glaser, working at Jimmy Fallon and Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Justin Timberlake, strangers in her living room and more. We also did a round of Just Me Or Everyone (click here to see the JMOEs we put on the screen).

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  • ElleLowell

    Hey Sara!  Don't worry about "bashing" your ex.  There's always 2 sides to every story, and tho I'll never hear his, he's still a jerk!  Ok, just kidding about that part.

  • Chris

    Sara Schaefer is gorgeous, and funny. She deserves a shot at a TV show.  And a good man that treats her right, and encourages her and believes in her. Alison, you're gorgeous too, and hilarious. Love the podcast, love you both

  • boinkity

    I'm not really sure what I want to say here. I mean, I do know what I want to say, but not exactly how to approach this subject. The main reason is because I don't want to be at all offensive to Sara Schaefer with what I am thinking. I've said before that the best thing about Alison's podcast is that she interviews some of the brightest, funniest, and most articulate women I've ever heard. Sara easily is bright, funny, and well spoken. However, what is bothering me is how do I say that she is about as beautiful as any woman I've ever seen in my life without looking like a complete dolt who is only concerned about that particular aspect of this fantastic woman? I will just say that if I were to suddenly become blind, at least I could remember the sunrise and Sara Schaefer's face. K, gonna shut up now! :D

  • Mike in VT

    I don't mean this to sound offensive.  I know that is a bad way to start a comment.  Is producer Gary;
    Gary half-tard
    Gary full-tard
    or a non-tard Gary.
    I don't mean this to insult Gary, just to get context on Adam's Gary comments.

    More Gary....maybe some virtual Alison from Bald Bryan's board too

  • Jillmills2410

    I listen to a local radio program on my commute to work every morning and the hosts read e-mails from listeners telling them how great they are.  I find it annoying because it feels like they are taking up my commute time self agrandizing when they could be discussing current events or entertainment topics, which is a lot more interesting than listening to them stroke their egos.  But the truth is these guys brag about how great they are all the time.  You, on the other hand, reading complimentary comments from your listeners is sweet.  It doesn't feel like you are trying to pump yourself up.  It sounds like you are showing how important your listeners' opinions are to you. 

  • TS

    Alison!  A few things:

    Firstly, thanks for bringing up your weird, angry friendship with that guy.  I don't know the exact details of your situation (please feel free to share), but I've been going through a similar thing, lately, though on the guy end.  So it's nice to hear the issue discussed, because I think being bitchy to your friends is a female/male issue or a female/female issue, so being a guy, I had a lot of trouble understanding what was going on, and I've spent a lot of time wanting to fix something that she isn't so interested in fixing. 

    It's a long story, and I could have been handling this better, but anyway, thanks for bringing it up.

    Secondly!  Good episode.  I liked the guest.

    Thirdly.  This is a complete tangent, but that is appropriate, because it has to do with Carolla's show.  You, he and the baldest of Bryans were discussing whether or not burps were worse than farts.  Burps are worse, because they still sorta smell like food!  Plus, you're more acquainted with the fart smell from going to the bathroom on a daily basis, as opposed to the stomach acid smell, which is uniquely offensive.

    Anyway, keep fucking that chicken.

  • Alec

    In response to your question about why some people give up fiction and read nonfiction exclusively, perhaps I can offer some insight from my own experience. For a long time I read science fiction and fantasy novels, and almost nothing else. Then I hit the point where I felt they were all the same, so I moved to the classics of literature, which I did not read in school, but felt I should have. After catching up on many of those I felt saturated with fiction. I could not read poorly-written prose. Around this time I started to develop an interest in politics, history, and science. Now much of my reading revolves around these three topics. I do still occasionally read some fiction; I have Anna Karenina on my phone, but I find that if it's not real, I'm not interested. I am currently reading a history of the conquest of Siberia. The struggles of the individuals who explored that vast, desolate land is quite compelling. While I'm sure many other nonfiction readers would have different reasons, there's mine, for what it's worth.

    I enjoy the podcast immensely, and look forward to listening to it every Monday while at work. Thanks for the hours of entertainment.

  • Thom

    Also just saw GARE-BEAR in your go to meeting skit. I imagined a real potato headed doofus with a heart of gold (he's clever and funny, but everyone kept saying he was a giant, so that made me think radio voice doofus). Turns out he's normal looking. Cheers Gary. Keep up the patter. Alison, you're the best. 

  • Thanks!

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