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ARIYNBF 129 with Bert Kreischer

Written by Alison | August 26th, 2012 at 9:05 pm | Comments

Comedian Bert Kreischer stopped by this episode of Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend to discuss social anxiety, relationships, therapists, the Russian mob, his inability to say no, Hurt Bert, Trip Flip, The X Show and various other TV gigs, Joe Rogan, Deathsquad, Olive Garden, pot, marriage, children and an array of other important things. We also did a round of Just Me Or Everyone? (click here to see the JMOEs we put on screen) and sang a little at the end.

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  • Elle

    Alison you crack me up!  I do this: I work in downtown Bellevue (near Seattle) and when I'm walking to lunch, if I see in the near-distance those people with the clipboards who want you to donate to green peace or whatever, I pretend to be on my phone.  It usually works, but 1 time the dude actually started talking to me!  I mean that's dedication to your craft right there!  I ignored him of course.

  • Berl

     GREAT show, Alison.  One of my favorites so far, next to the episode with AJ. 

  • Hellodeedee35

    I'm probably the only one, but I DID NOT like Bert.....I'll just leave it at that.  Please don't think I'm being hateful towards the show....I just don't care for him and I did not enjoy hearing him talk about himself.

    Otherwise, I'm IN LOVE wih ARIYNBF!!!  As well as the Adam Carolla show.  In fact, I have listened to last week's Adam and Jake Steinfeld episode several times already.  The Dumpadilly discussion was hysterical!  And Alison, I seriously fell on the floor laughing at your comment about fearing you would have an "accident" and you "waddled" through your garage with paper towels in your pants!!!!!!  Hysterical!  And the reverse dumpadilly splattered on the toilet at the Irvine???  PRICELESS!  You are TOO funny!!!

  • Sneaky Name-Forgetter

    Name forgetting trick that I ALWAYS use!!

    Make sure you're at an event with someone else (it has to be with someone, if you're alone, you're fucked), then when the person who you probably know walks up and goes, 

    you say, "Hiii!!!! This is my *boyfriend, friend, etc., So and So." 

    Then your friend will put his/her hand out to meet the person and the person ALWAYS (this has never failed for me), "Hi, I'm ****". Then you have the name! ^_^ Good luck!

  • Dutch


    I hope he also stopped by Adam's podcast. I can't get enough of Bert.

  • Sofa King

    Powerful Bert Kreischer! This was a great podcast Alison. DEATHSQUAD is YOUR new best friend.

  • boinkity

    I never heard of Bert Kreischer before. He came across as such a smart, endearing, and hilarious person that I find myself now a fan. I agree with the Twit-terd person below. Bert is in my opinion the best guest on the ARIYNB podcast to date. I think my second favorite are the podcasts with Riki Lindhome and Bobcat Goldthwait is probably #3

  • No One

    I love Alison.  I laughed so hard I almost took a dumpadilly.  

  • Twit-terd

    He was very funny.  Quite possibly the best guest you have had to date.

  • Bees

    Bert was such an entertaining guest and he brought a lot out of you.  I hope to hear him again sometime!



  • Olive Garden

    Great podcast, Allison. I'm a long time Adam Carolla listener, but I'd have to say that this show with Bert was far better than any of the recent ACE podcasts I've heard. You're good with the news, but FAR more engaging with the one on one interviews. Again, great job! And Deathsquad for life!

  • juan

     great podcast. need to have bert on adams podcast also

  • The cog

    Powerful Allison Rosen!

  • Mlongoh

    I recently re-started listening to Adam's podcast (I realize that might not make sense but I listened back when the podcast first started when it was just Adam in his house... then stopped and then started up again this year... but now I'm rambling in my parenthetical explanation, crap... I lost my place... right ok ok, started, stopped and restarted), and I was initially wondering "Who is this Alison person and why does she keep interjecting?"
    And then she delivered the joke "My boyfriend was like We're having anal sex... but you don't have to come." which has a full circle setup earlier in the show... and at that moment I was intrigued.  Then the  comment about not caring for Richard Petty's music (when Michael Madsen was in) sold me completely.  I'm a fan and have just started sampling your podcast.  Thanks for the laughs.

  • legendaryburro


  • david

    The machine makes an appearance.  Alison and I have absolutely nothing in common, yet I look forward to every show half tard produces.  

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