Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend

Part 2 of ARIYNBF 123 with Bobcat Goldthwait

Written by Alison | July 18th, 2012 at 11:15 pm | Comments

Oh look it’s this old photo again

It’s here you guys! The episode of ARIYNBF you’ve all been waiting for. Finally. YESSSS!

At least I assume that’s how you feel.

In this installment, which is part two of the special two-parts-in-one-week episode of Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend, Bobcat and I do segments including and also limited to Just Me Or Everyone and HGFY and we finally discuss THE CRUSH. And more. Do listen.

And if for some reason you haven’t heard Part One, rectify that immediately!

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  • Swilkinson0705

    I thought the show was funny and interesting.  Great job Alison!

  • Elle

    Ok so the Bobcat thing…   it’s like Adam has said, he dated Nikki Cox & she’s super hot, so to other chicks Bobcat becomes more appealing by default.  But I have to admit, 80s/Police Academy Bobcat was very unattractive.  Then in the 90s you saw this svelte, attractive & quiet Bobcat with a haircut, and you (and by you I mean me too) found him attractive.  I’ll say I did feel that way before I found out about him & Nikki, so that kinda throws Adam’s theory out the window. 

  • Elle

    I've mentioned this before, but ALISON! don't listen to the haters.  I agree fonduzzi likely got you the job with Adam, and honestly, before that I don't remember you on the show....  I remember HATING most of the others who auditioned, but you are SUPER FUNNY - no lie!  You definitely sealed the deal for me with fonduzzi & I was quite pleased when you were selected to be Teresa's replacement.  :)
    Did we (and by we I mean you) decide that you're not using "Teresa's replacement" to describe your job?  I recall a discussion of that previously, but if so, sorry!  I was quite pleased when you were chosen as the new News Girl/Adam's sidekick/girl wonder.  
    btw - I had to proof read this to make sure I didn't spell your/you're wrong - it is one of my biggest pet peeves!!!

  • John Nassar

    Nice show Alison, your show has a smooth flow to it... keep up the great work!

  • Jknox00

    It has amazed me how many women (apparently having put thought into this) have positions on what kind of underwear men ought to wear. Almost never is any consideration given to the actual and practical point and purpose. 
    So to put this in perspective we now ask men what bras they think women ought to be wearing. I say the ones called 'Teddies' are definitely the best! Another guy tells me women look best in their version of 'boxers' which is called a 'slip'. Just a silky kind of undershirt that hangs loose. But my buddy says he doesnt' mind 'sports bras' but definitely insists women should wear this kind called 'Pasties'. His brother is the opposite - he says women definitely should wear a kind of silky bra but where there are holes so the nipples stick out. 
               But yeah, definitely the 'teddy' looks way better than those ugly 'shoulder boulder tighties' most women wear today. ugh. ugggglly

  • Kim

    Great chemistry going between you and Bobcat. 
    Totally agree, there is something attractive about

  • For some reason I can't picture you doing a lot of swimming and hanging out in the deepend at that. You are so goofy and cute, just lovely.

  • Caro

    Alison, your show gets leaps and bounds funnier and more engaging every week. I just finished the Bobcat episodes and you know what I'm doing tomorrow? Listening again, Mattafaka! Haters will hate so keep up the "go fuck yourself"s but don't let them steal too much of your time: you've got lots of us hooked and we'd rather you spend your valuable time continuing to make this show the bomb. Rosenate on that. Cheers!

  • Susie

    Alison, you have mentioned several times about using a washcloth.  When my husband and I traveled to Norway for a vacation my husband was upset about the lack of washcloths in the hotel.  So he went to a department store and there were no washcloths in the store.  The clerk said they do not use washcloths in Norway because they believe that washcloth have germs on them.  Therefore it is not just you.  Susie

  • The Rob

    That's it.  I've been putting this off for too long.

    We're forming the Anti-Washcloth League.  Logo/slogan suggestions are welcome.

  • Antonio

    Bobcat sounds like a great guy, incredibly funny too, I can't understand why he is not even more popular than he was at the time of Police Academy.

  • Lor

    I listen to your podcast while I'm working with my headphones on, which makes me look crazy sometimes. I laughed SO LOUD at the part about your underwear on inside out. And Bob saying 'was it your butt saying this has been a weird day'.. omg the other 2 guys in my office think Im crazy now hahahah

  • Victor

    I thought this was a great two part podcast! Gonna check out Bobcat's movie.

  • Mad13

    Wish you would have him back and ask him about the "I want a yacht" song with Dweezil Zappa and did he ever meet Frank ? Dont see that on wikipedia?

  • Sarah Haas

    I understand Bobcat's appeal! It's not just YOU! 

  • Cody

    Inside-out socks are the greatest thing ever. It isn't just that guy.

  • boinkity

    HEY! The picture of Bobcat and Alison is the same for part 2 as it is for part 1... I feel like... someone was being lazy and didn't take a part 2 picture

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