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ARIYNBF 123 with Bobcat Goldthwait, part 1

Written by Alison | July 15th, 2012 at 9:06 pm | Comments

Click here to see the above photo in color. Warning: bright yellow shirt ahead.

On this episode of Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend, comedian/actor/director Bobcat Goldthwait stops by to discuss the violence in his latest film (God Bless America) and whether he really wants to kill Diablo Cody, growing up the youngest of seven kids, being homecoming king, the first thing he recalls laughing at, wanting to be heard, salt potatoes, directing Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel on The Man Show, being the object of Alison’s not-so-secret celebrity crush and more. Plus a round of Just Me Or Everyone (click here to see the JMOEs we put on the screen) and HGFY.

Note: This episode is in two parts. Part 2 will be available on Thursday morning. Please enjoy this special two-episodes-in-one-week experience and then star the motherfucking living shit bejesus out of iTunes.

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  • jahwoo

    I wish he was on twitter so I could let him know I happened to really enjoy his "talking horse movie"..when I was a

  • Penelopethefish

    Best Quote: "Holy Fuck It's Yellow!" My boyfriend and I got a good laugh. We love the motherfuckingshit out of you. I like the yellow, but as a chronic black-wearer myself I always feel uncomfortable when I try a different color as well... For your comment question of the week: My middle name is 'Marie'.
    Your podcast is a light at the end of the tunnel each week, please don't listen to the haters, they're stupid and tasteless!.... and you're smart and full of taste! Okay. Bye!

  • The two love birds.

  • robx46

    Hi podcaster.  I hate iTunes (I give iTunes 1 star), & I use a feed catcher to get all my podcasts.  I wish there were some other way myself & other non iTunes users could give you some nice ratings.  Such as XXX for too much sexy!  Nice part 1, I like this 2 part thing this week cuz my pod does run a bit dry on thursdays, so part 2 will be a nice find.

  • Alison, well done with the Go to Meeting segue (not Segway!) at 34:10 with an awesome Adam-ism thrown in there – “go to meeting! Mmmm Hmmm.” hahaha
    For the question of the week à Our middle names from your friends at the Gavin and Zach Show: Edwards, Thomas, Kristian (like Christian but with a “K” not sure why), and Marie. It seems like there’s lots of people with Marie for a middle name.
    Later, Hosen!

  • Lor

    My FAVORITE episode by far!  Love you and Bob together!!!  

  • Mikeddottcom

    That picture looks like you were caught making out and quickly pulled away ....

  • Uchenna Chilaka

    Hey Alison! I often feel like a tiny spec in the sea of men, which I think comes from being catholic (it's vain to draw attention to yourself, you are insignificant, although unique AND special in God's ultimate plan, yada yada) but I've crawled out of my media-consumption hole to make this post. To state the obvious - your show is awesome, but most importantly, it motivates me by being a real-world example of someone doing something they are good at, and succeeding by hard work and talent. The world is cruel, and so is the internet, but for what it's worth, I enjoy listening to your show.

  • Antonio

    Alison, I hear you everyday here in Brazil at the Adam Carolla podcast. You're incredibly funny and have the most charming laughter in radio. Bobcat's live episode was the funniest this year! I listened to the part of the virgins 10 times probably. I was about to post a request for another podcast show with him, but you are ahead. Thanks a lot!

  • Antonio

     Btw, I have 3 middle names: Celso Polastri Gonçalves. And, yes, that is weird even here in Brazil. In fact, I get to be made fun of by different puzzled passport control officers around the world. Thanks, mom!

  • I wanted to see the yellow shirt, but you posted the picture in black & white. Boo!

  • Kristen Fiocco

    haha I was just thinking the same thing

  • Hi! I put a link to the yellow shirt photo under the B&W photo.

  • Mark

     I'd fuck the yellow right out of your shirt.

  • Dig the yellow.  Wear more color.

  • Calfaro

    Great episode! Cant wait for thursday. You can tell Bobcat enjoyed himself.

    P.S while im a fan of the black, the bright colors are also very flattering on you.

  • Thank you for posting it! It's very neon, which is very in this season. But I can understand if you're not feeling it - I'm personally not really into the bright colors either. If you want to mix up your wardrobe with a little less black, maybe try some deeper jewel tones like a deep sapphire blue or emerald green? (This is coming from someone who always wants to default to black too.)

    ...And this ends today's episode of Jacki's Fashion Talk.

    (Great episode with Bobcat, btw. Can't wait to hear the awkwardness when your crush is discussed in part 2...)

  • boinkity

     Thank you Jacki for the fashion advice. I am just gonna say it now... I am delighted that Alison has decided to try some different colors for her wardrobe. For the past year, I've really been wanting to say to Alison, "Wassup with the everyday black ensemble, Johnny Cash?!?!" Alison used to wear some colors like blue and green, and she really looks great with those colors. As a man, I like women who look great in black. Black can be a sexy color on a woman; especially, a woman with Alison's features (dark hair and eyes and poofy lips). But, not every damn day dammit!!

  • Michael Pemulis

    I like clicking on the link for the above photo: Alison as an NBC news anchor/Alison as a Telemundo news anchor.

  • boinkity

    Can we comment now? Or should we wait till part 2 before we comment? :D

  • Dawn

    Middle name= Alison, Dawn Alison

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