Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend



Written by Alison

May 17th, 2009 at 9:58 pm

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  • Aj

    scooby dooby do bob yeah magic! alison i want to have your baby's...and then eat them!?!

    <3 A.J. tell ace "7:21 21 after 7" fuck the darkeness

  • slushpump

    Love you on Ace's podcast. You are adorable. Will you be my freebie?

  • Jbonfield

    Dood... Just got my new IPad and can't watch your video because it's all Flash based and Steve Jobs just says no to flash. May I suggest youbalso host your surely awesome videos on YouTube concurrent to Vimeo? Love you on the Carolla show congratulations.

  • stranger

    Just watched on my BB Playbook FTW.

  • Greg R.

    Love you on Carolla! Big Fan!

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