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This is the embedded video and chat from my USTREAM show called ALISON ROSEN IS YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND. On Wednesday nights the video will be live. Other times, recent episodes are showing. If you hit the arrows on the bottom of the vid screen (where it says “slideshow”) you can advance to another video. If you encounter any wonkiness with the chat, try going here (same page essentially but on Ustream’s site).

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Written by Alison

January 8th, 2010 at 5:16 pm

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  • Mandy

    Two restaurant-related JMOES:

    1.     When
    I don’t finish my meal at a restaurant, I always ask for a doggie bag, even
    when I have absolutely no intention of ever eating it, just so the waiter doesn’t
    think that I’m wasteful or didn’t like my food. 
    Sometimes I throw the doggie bag out a block or so away from the
    restaurant because I don’t want to carry it around with me, and other times I just
    throw it away when I get home.

    2.     Whenever
    I eat at a Thai restaurant I feel self-conscious about ordering chicken pad
    thai, because I feel like 9 out of 10 people eating at Thai restaurants must
    order it, and I worry that the native Thai waiter is like “seriously, this is
    all these idiots want to eat?”

    And just FYI Alison, you’re not my new best friend,
    but only because you’ve been my best friend for many months now and can’t
    really be considered new.  Love you!

  • Victor E.

    JMOE - When I'm driving in the rain, I feel like a rain drop comes through the windshield and hits me.

  • Andrew

    Alison, hope you really consider going on Ari Shafir's podcast. He is very compelling as an interviewer. Would be a great way for listeners to learn more about you.

  • troy

    just listened to your Bald Brian episode and the texting while driving discussion. Was talking about it to a co-worker (this is going to be an asshole move but i think it might help push you in the right direction) and he said his aunt was killed a few months ago by a person who was texting while driving. you don't want to be that person; its a selfish habit that can easily be given up. You are such a good person that it should be easy for you :)

  • Becky

    I'm coming down from Seattle to see you this weekend! So excited!

  • Paul

    Michael Rosas was the leader of one of the greatest OC bands ever, smile. Their songs got me through some hard times on the mean streets of Irvine. I really want to go to a live show for Alison, but LA scares me.

  • Don't be scared! It will be a fun night.

  • guest screen shot in this news story has ARIYNBF as the podcast being played.
    Go Alison!

  • Just wanted to say that you are Awesome Alison!

  • boinkity

    I'm chatting to myself! Does that make me kinda weird?

  • Ted_Goodlove


  • Uh oh! Lurker! ;)

  • I like publix but love the Fresh Market

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