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Video from when I played in a band on The Daily Alison

Written by Alison | September 6th, 2009 at 5:43 pm | Comments

A bunch of you have been asking to see video from when I played in The Angoras so here you go. A few songs from a show we played at The Garage in Hollywood in 2001. I’m playing the sparkly silver Gretsch. Paula is in the middle and Yami is on bass. Tim was on drums. Paula and Tim still play music in bands. All three of my former band mates have been on my show. I miss them.

You requested photos of the mini band reunion?

Written by Alison | March 2nd, 2008 at 12:47 pm | Comments

Here we are, playing at Yami’s wedding reception on gear we borrowed from the actual wedding band and friendly instrument-owning friends. That’s Tim on drums, Paula (lead vocals) in the middle and Yami in the wedding dress on the right. Tim and Paula still play in bands. After The Angoras (that was our name), Tim moved to Portland to play in the now defunct Epoxies, and Paula moved to Seattle and she plays in The Heels.

This is an un-hot shot of me. But I like the Paula and Yami action. But wait, how could we so effortlessly just pick up and play after so many years? I’m kind of joking, since I don’t know how seamless it really was, but anyway, we practiced earlier that day:

Here’s Yami and me, yesterday morning, on borrowed equipment in our friend’s studio in the back of a part of Costa Mesa, CA referred to as “Analog Alley” because of a couple recording studios there that until recently eschewed digital technology. That was the first time I’ve touched a guitar in years. Later that night I played drums for awhile (when the band formed I was the drummer, which is a long story for another day), but anyway, now I really miss playing, even if my hands are blistered.

Jodey from Supernova on left, Paula and Yami. But wait, now you’re probably wanting to see some pictures from back in the day, right? I know you so well.

Here’s a tour shot. We were playing Old Ironsides in Sacramento. This must have been about 7 or 8 years ago, because Yami was pregnant with her daughter in this shot, and her daughter is now 7, which makes me feel uncomfortably old. Also on this tour people kept asking if I was pregnant, because they heard someone in the band was pregnant, which was good for my self-esteem.”Well, you’re glowing!” they’d say when I reacted violently.

Yami on tour

Paula on tour

Me, playing at the Troubadour. I think we were opening for the Murder City Devils here.

Tim, in a mullet fashioned from my blue hair extensions. (We had some time to kill on tour)