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Not to be a total girl…

Written by Alison | February 6th, 2009 at 10:00 am | Comments

but I just shed a few tears… because I felt overwhelmed! And misunderstood! And get this, not because I’m overwhelmed with work, because I am, but overwhelmed with having to wrap presents.

I mean really.

And speaking of female matters, as someone who possesses ovaries and a television set I felt it my duty to attempt to watch Grey’s Anatomy last night. I say attempt because I had trouble caring. I mean, the scene where they had to apply constant pressure (i.e. hug) the Asperger’s doctor? Give me a break. And then the scene where … OH SPOILER ALERT… I should have said that earlier. Sorry. Anyway the scene where Yang hugs the war doctor even though he’s saying no and freaking out? You really can’t hug the unwilling. I mean, sometimes you can, but more often you can’t. Ducklings though, you can soothe by making a little nest with your hands and holding them tight and they’ll relax and fall asleep. Full grown human beings are harder to fit in your hands, I find.

Also, I have many thoughts about The Real World. Perhaps I will share them. But not now.

Dick Wolf’s oeuvre

Written by Alison | July 22nd, 2008 at 12:50 pm | Comments

When I look back on my life and think that there are so many things I could have been doing in my thirties such as having kids and, um, scrapbooking, I suspect the following post will serve as a piquant example of how I frittered away my time. Now I’m wondering if an example can be piquant. If it were an example of salsa, certainly, however what if it’s an example of time frittering? A spicy, bold example?

But as I was saying: Am I the only one who vastly prefers Law and Order: Special Victim’s Unit to the regular Law and Order or God forbid that Vincent D’Onofrio version which I can’t stomach at all but is always playing on Jet Blue flights. I mean is there a channel that exclusively airs the Vincent D’Onofio Law and Order because I think Jet Blue subscribes to that satellite service. And then there’s Law and Order: Trial by Jury which don’t even get me started on because I haven’t seen it. But basically if it doesn’t involve Olivia shuddering over live victims and befriending children in a way which I know is supposed to strike us as compassionate but often comes off as creepy, and Stabler needing get a hold of yourself, Elliott, I don’t want to watch it. Goddamnit what is the name of that other one? The forensics one? I need to fly cross country so I can find out.

If I were looking for a diamond

Written by Alison | May 25th, 2008 at 11:09 am | Comments

If I were looking for a diamond in a pinch I would first look in the jewelry box and then I would cut open all the stuffed animals around me because I’ve learned from watching TV that it’s not unusual for bad guys to sew fist-sized diamonds into stuffed animals.

Similarly, if I were looking for a briefcase full of men’s undershirts and boxers I would reach for the briefcase that I think has all the money in it, usually located in an airport or near a helicopter, because it doesn’t have money, it has boxers and undershirts. In fact, first I would go to Kmart and then if they didn’t have the undergarmets I was looking for I’d locate the nearest tarmac.

And lastly, if I needed to outrun my past I’d buy a bottle of cheap bleach and dye my hair banana yellow in a gas station bathroom. I’d also cut it with a switch blade. Then I’d change my name and enroll in a nearby high school.