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Written by Alison | March 19th, 2008 at 2:04 pm | Comments

Thanks to Adam from Apple for the following shots. In this first one, we see David Schwimmer at the Q&A at the Apple Store that I moderated last night. We were talking about the movie he directed, Run, Fatboy, Run:

And here’s David Schwimmer talking and me looking like I’m sitting in a wheelchair. I’m not, mind you, but don’t I look like I am?

This next one captures David Schwimmer and me, sharing an intimate moment and really connecting as only interviewer and subject can.

And in this next one, we are tiny. (not to scale)

Here’s the crowd. See if you can spot my sister!

There was this whirly-bird sounding alarm thing that went off and started pretty quietly (but audibly) while David was talking and then it got louder so I said “sorry about my cell phone.” The result? Big laughs. Duh!

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