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A really nice email I received about ARIYNBF

Written by Alison | June 7th, 2010 at 7:05 pm | Comments

I have a file on my computer which I’ve labeled “Fan Mail” because sometimes I receive emails from people which are so nice that I want to be able to quickly find them to re-read them when I’m feeling down or I want to put them on my blog which I never do, even though I always intend to do so. I think I’m really going to start though. Here’s one I received yesterday which I read out loud to my parents and which meant a lot to me.


I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed today’s show. I love your dad. He is always a great addition to the show. I love his sense of humor and the way the two of you interact with one another.

There were a couple touching moments today that really had me thinking how lucky it is that I found your show. It made me realize the great connection you have with your fans.

I don’t think you could do this show if you did not care about people. For the handful of haters today… I don’t know if they know how good we have it,
where we can come and hang out and blow off some steam for a couple of hours each week. I feel sad for them. It’s always a few that try to spoil it for the rest right?

Maybe they don’t have the emotional content to allow themselves to enjoy life’s simple pleasures? So I just want you to know how much joy your show brings to my life each week.

I hope you had a great time with your family and friends on your trip to California.

Have a safe journey back to NY.
I really hate to fly!

Jason Colacchia
Huntington Beach

Also wanted to say I appreciate the time and energy you put in your show.