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She totally believed that I didn’t know who the Wiggles were!

Written by Alison | January 8th, 2008 at 12:11 am | Comments

My friend Wendy and I are so in love with our own musings that we decided to share them! On a blog! No, for truly!

Now, some background: Wendy and I went to college together. We were both English majors. We had a friend who we called the MPG, or Modern Poetry Gestapo, because he got very upset with me one day when I didn’t finish all the reading. While in college Wendy did improv and hated scatological humor. I had a pet rabbit and liked scatological humor. Also, I had a lot of candles. Now Wendy lives on the West Coast with her husband. They both write for TV and perform. I live on the East Coast and make homemade krullers.*

*oh, like there are any other kind of krullers

p.s. I don’t make krullers.