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Isn’t it funny?

Written by Alison | March 23rd, 2008 at 8:09 pm | Comments

How you can think you really know yourself and then one day you’re sitting there and you realize that when it comes to sugar-free Jell-o you really prefer raspberry to cherry? I think it’s a laugh riot!

And that brings me to the following Blash-up. For the uninitiated, a blash-up is a blog mash-up, basically two lists in one. I used to do them all the time, then I stopped for some reason.

BLASH-UP: Things which are jiggly/Reasons for breaking up

Because you’ve fallen out of love
Because he doesn’t like women (and you are a woman)
Silicon implants
Because he’s sleeping with your best friend
Beef Consomme
Because he’s sleeping with Beef Consomme
hair gel
Because you need to “find yourself,” whatever that means
Bad news: he’s your long lost brother! (oh come on, I defy you to stay in that relationship)

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Blash-up: vacation spots/signs your friends are high

Written by Alison | August 11th, 2007 at 10:49 am | Comments

I fear these blash-ups are hardly the level of awesomeness I’d begun to achieve when I did them more frequently on MySpace. So bear with me. I’m refinding my blash-up voice! I can’t remember the the last place I saw it. I’ll stand very still and hope it finds me. While crying and whimpering.

What’s with all the corn nuts?
It’s funny, but not THAT funny
The Poconos
Lake George
Green butter
Are we there yet? Actually, we haven’t left!
You smell like a Christmas tree
The Shore
Wizard of Oz and Pink Floyd again?

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Blash-up: salad dressing ingredients/signs the graft isn’t taking

Written by Alison | August 10th, 2007 at 6:28 pm | Comments

For those unfamiliar with “blash-up” it’s short for “blog mash-up,” a term coined by the lovely Laura Leu when I was casting about for one and a debt is owed as well to my favorite book, For the Love of Cheese from the makers of Might magazine. I don’t even love cheese! But they used to do similar types of lists. Anyway:

Salad dressing ingredients/signs the graft isn’t taking

intense itching
what’s that smell? oh, it’s your hand
what type of blood did you say you had?
can you feel this?
come back in two weeks and bring the hand

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