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ARIYNBF 290: Chris’s Banana Holder, Basic Wooki, Mike Altier

Written by Alison | June 26th, 2014 at 1:20 am | Comments

The Thursday gang  (AlisonChris LaxamanaMatt FondilerGary Smith and Jenna Kim Jones) minus Jenna but with the addition of Mike Altier discusses Alison’s hot date with David Wild to see Matt Nathanson, Olive Garden, Chris’s banana hook, Mike’s positions on hot topics, Wooki, Star Wars and so much more. We also did a round of Just Me Or Everyone (click here to see the JMOEs from this episode).

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  • playniceeveryone

    Missed Jenna of course - but you guys are truly hilarious! Although I am "of an age" that I was in the very long lines around the theater for Star Wars debut in 1977 but I'm a girl so I didn't quite wind up with a burning desire to emulate a fictional dialog or character (well, OK I suppose I have occasionally quoted Yoda but really who hasn't "Do or do not, there is no try" brilliant :-) Hope Jenna will be back this week

  • Brad Zerbel

    Here's a delicious blue food for the gang, blue lobster!
    Sadly they turn red like regular lobsters when you cook them.
    Love the Thursday show!!!

  • John Szczerba

    lobster meat is food. lobster shell isn't.

  • Brad Zerbel

    Fine. Blue Corn.

  • John Szczerba

    ditch the exercise bike and go jogging alison. i had one and would do like 30-45 minutes a day on it for a couple weeks. one day the weather was so nice i went outside and for a jog which i never did ever before and was shocked i was so exhausted after only like 10 minutes of normal jogging. that's when i realized that exercise bike is a waste of time and a piece of garbage. it tricks you into thinking you are working out cuz you can work up a bit of a sweat. you really aren't getting a good workout at all. jogging burns like 3 times as much calories or more depending on how fast you go and if hills are involved. to waste a whole full hour on a stationary bike is not efficient at all. you could jog for half as long and burn more calories. if you really wanted a cardio machine you should have done research instead of just buying a bike. none of them would be as good as jogging, but a rowing machine would be a lot better for you as an overall cardio workout since it involves your arms.

  • Honorarius

    It's not like a machine doesn't have benefits... You never have to worry about it being to hot/cold/rainy, and it doesn't seem as much of a 'waste' if you multitask while you're on it... Catch up on a tv show, read, reply to those work emails that are piling up, all are easier to do on a stationary bike than while jogging...

  • John Szczerba

    well, if you can type an email while you are working out, then are you really working out or just pretending to?

  • Honorarius

    I would say typing an email while on a bike or a treadmill is better for me than just sitting there on my ass... Would you disagree???

  • Kevin Garrett

    Y'all misspelled Wookie. For the record, they come from the planet Kashyyyk.

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