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ARIYNBF 250: Pancake Hands, Peeing On Stage, Woody Allen

Written by Alison | February 5th, 2014 at 8:59 pm | Comments

The Thursday gang (AlisonChris LaxamanaMatt FondilerGary Smith and Jenna Kim Jones) talks about short term carb memory, words Chris can no longer use, Puff the Magic Dragon, Woody Allen and Dylan Farrow, working retail, peeing on stage, pancake hands and so much more.  We also did a round of Just Me Or Everyone (click here to see the JMOEs from this episode).

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  • John Szczerba

    now that i've fully listened to this one, wtf was up with all the child molestation talk?! i listen to this show cuz they all have good chemistry and sound like a cool group of friends hanging out and being funny. you know, light comedy. how about some holocaust discussion while you're at it Alison?

  • Tausi (taumw)

    I don't know if you've read the trial transcripts of the MJ trial, but in actuality the accusations were not taken very seriously those who attended. The accusations were made kids in a family known for ripping off celebrities with a mother who was, at the time, being tried for fraud and theft. The accusations were notably inconsistent, key details of them were proven false and a bunch of fired maids and gardeners were the only ones to support the family in court. The press coverage of the trial, which implied that he got away with molestation, and the actual details vary wildly.
    On accusations of rape/spousal abuse/sexism/racism by (mostly) male artists, this very well may just be a generational thing, but I think that as the personal details of an artist's life are now broadcast publicly it's become more difficult to separate an artist from their art. I'm not worried about Woody Allen. He can't be tried in court, and accusations like Dylan's realistically do not hurt artists' sales or reputations amongst their core fans. I worry about how saying a person's achievements shouldn't be discounted due to a real/perceived fault suggests that the more successful you are, the harder it is to be persecuted for committing a crime.
    Again that may be an age thing. I'm young (and not white) so I've never seen a show/movie featuring well known artists with histories of being terrible people before they became public knowledge. But I will never buy Chris Brown's music or watch Supernatural (have you seen the twitter of the dude who was Dean on Gilmore Girls; it's a goddamn mess) and I stopped watching both Sherlock and Dr. Who. This isn't because of some misguided belief that Steven Moffat/Chris Brown/the guy from GG will be affected by my personal choices. But like, it's important to have personal stances and support content/content creators whose values align with yours. (Or at least whose faults can be acknowledged without outweighing their merits. Like the Ike/Tina reference on Drunk in Love is terrible and it weakens a very blatantly feminist album but personally I don't thing that it ruins it).
    Not everyone has the agency to be a choosy consumer; I think that you should take advantage of that ability.

  • Please don't spoil this for me, but when I hear your intro song, it sounds like this to me:...Alison Rosen, when have the good times never end, Alison Rosen, doin the wavy fancy pants again... I love it. How do you do the wavy fancy pants? What are your fancy pants?

  • badabingo

    Also: Alison I would totally comment about the Woody Allen thing, but I would need 500 pages. So I will just say, I think your measured response is important and well thought out. I will also say, people want and need to support survivors and with SO MANY survivors out there the reaction is going to be super painful no matter what. Hugs!

  • Kristina Lombardi

    as someone from the east coat, we say "garage" as a 2-syllable word, like alison and jenna said it. "ga" (strong g with the "ah" sound)- "rage" (2nd syllable and the same "ah" sound at the end). that's how we say it in MA anyway (us non-boston-accent people). :)

  • badabingo

    Ok, Gary, too much teasing an irritable Laxamana makes. Be nice!

  • John Szczerba

    gary is the only douche in the group. i don't get why allison and jenna have blinders on when it comes to him.

  • badabingo

    I don't think he is a douche. I think a lot of what he says is tongue-in-cheek and that would be more apparent if we could see his body language. I do think that he likes to tease people and if he thinks he is getting to the person that just delights him even more (which, let's face it, for those of us with brothers this makes us hearken back to the time when the brother would not STFU and made us cry, say "uncle", etc). At the same time I think he is super sensitive, intuitive and very aware of what he is doing. Of course, I give him a lot of passes because he treats Alison so well and I love Alison with all of my little heart. I could see why a guy would get irritated with Gary faster than a girl. He is tall dark and handsome after all. HA! ;)

  • John Szczerba

    he looks like a tard and comes across as a snarky douche.

  • badabingo


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