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ARIYNBF 245 Pete Holmes Returns

Written by Alison | January 19th, 2014 at 8:59 pm | Comments

Pete Holmes, who was the first guest ever on Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend returns to talk about getting the news The Pete Holmes Show will be renewed, corporate gigs in Arizona, swearing on TV, rejecting certain jackets, fashion, orange pants, Conan, flirting, old man jobs, “wash my damn towels,” surfing, relationships, STDs, sex, monogamy, You Made It Weird and so much more. We also did a round of Just Me Or Everyone (click here to see the JMOEs from the episode.)

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  • Tom Fox

    you guys stumbled onto some good conversation, good episode. Pete Holmes is up there with Jo Koy in the 'straight guy that sounds gay' department.

  • ChesterDouglas

    Something about Pete Holmes really makes my skin crawl. I generally don't enjoy the content of what he says, nor do I enjoy the manner in which he chooses to express himself. But, I will say this: I found him to be quite a bit less objectionable here than I ordinarily do. And -- for me -- that's saying something.

  • badabingo

    i enjoy pete, he is authentic and fun. i don't know the answer to men and women and all the various relationships and combinations there are, but i enjoyed the conversation

  • ericasullivan

    I loved this episode! I'm a huge fan of You Made It Weird (and ARIYNBF obviously) and it's great to hear Pete on here again -- Pete and Alison have good deep-talk chemistry. And in this episode, he didn't have the self-consciousness he sometimes does on YMIW, when he feels like he's derailing his own show or talking too much. Thanks Alison and Pete!


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