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ARIYNBF 194: The Thursday Gang

Written by Alison | July 24th, 2013 at 8:59 pm | Comments

On this exciting episode, Alison and the Thursday gang (Chris, Matt, Jenna and Gary) answer reader emails, talk about feeling rudderless after college, discuss dating and relationships and whether you should apologize for the way you treated someone years later and do fan phone call.  Plus so much more!

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  • Spindles

    That's what you all look like!?!

  • Gabriel McCall

    Any tips on breaking the ice with the AAA guy? #askingforafriend
    (Love the show, hope I did that right.)

  • Brent Kohler

    You didn't grow up watching Transformers if you are only in your twenties lol

  • Kahoutek

    I have a group of friends that like to sit in the last row at a movie theater so they don't get people behind them talking, or get their chairs kicked. But then I have another friend who is a sound engineer, and her ears are so sensitive that she gets bothered by the echo of the sound bouncing off the back wall, so she refuses to sit in the back row. We really can't win when we all go to a movie together.

  • badabingo

    Mike Lynch is a therapist?! Who knew?

  • Greg Boycott

    I want to say nice things, but I'm afraid Captain Hook will go on a drunken c-word filled rampage and pull the plug (that is, if he can take a break from plugs and advertising long enough to sustain focus) so I'll just say "Hang in there" and that I may or may not be listening.

  • badabingo


  • Greg Boycott

    Let's break it down: I want to say nice things. (I have nice things to say) But I'm afraid Captain Hook (The Boss of a Pirate Ship, this is a thinly veiled reference to Adam Carolla) will go on a drunken c-word filled rampage (C word = Cunt, Drunken refers to Adam's Live Show behavior) and pull the plug (people loved Daves of Thunder, but it got yanked.) That is, if he can take a break from plugs and advertising long enough to sustain focus (Adam is so busy doing ads, live reads, plugs that it's not as likely he'll notice anyone saying good things, but you never know) So I'll just say "Hang in there" and that I may or may not be listening. (Just to play it safe, I will only say neutral things.)
    That clear it up for you any?

  • Leeann Ward

    Ha! Interesting that Greg Boycott was onto something way back in 2013!

  • badabingo

    wow. issues.

  • Greg Boycott

    You sure do! Hopefully you understand now though and we've worked through it.

  • James

    just a momonisim.. I worked with a guy who was a mormon and he was a 26 year old virgin but refered to himself as a "cuddleslut"

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