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ARIYNBF 150 with Harris Wittels, part 1

Written by Alison | January 20th, 2013 at 9:21 pm | Comments

Harris Wittels (creator of Humblebrag; writer for Parks and Recreation, Sarah Silverman Show and more; Phish fan) stopped by this episode of Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend to discuss no longer being a boy wonder, the Emerson mafia, drugs, family, therapy, relationships and so much more. We also did a round of Just Me Or Everyone (click here to see the JMOEs we put on the screen) and HGFY.

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  • I just want to say that I liked the interview. Very introspective on this man and his journey. I like how personal it got, and I'm excited to hear more on part two! However, Harris is a lil bitch. After all the sex he's claimed to have had he's "suicidal" once a girl wants to leave him? Thankfully he has the wherewithal to go counselling, even if it is only sometimes. I hope he get's his shit together. 

    I also want to say that he is pretty funny with the "humble-brag" thing. I also like the story with his family and he. I automatically connected with that. Not with the drugs and emotionally numbing part, but the part about him working all the time and not having time to think about them too often.

  • John

    I think it he meant twitter killed the romance of comedy to him since he realized that a bartender from Chicago was getting out the same jokes he was tweeting even faster than he was during the debates.  (although Patton Oswald schooled all of us with the live debate tweets) I think it killed his idea that his chosen craft was inherently difficult/ required a special esoteric talent and is actually far more pedestrian/ driven by grinding it out than he once imagined.

    I have to say too that I hope he's able to maintain his casual and open drug use.  I could when I was his age.  But if he's an addict like me shits gunna get real for him around 35 when age and the world and the immature boy romeo thing starts catching up with him and colliding with wanting to be an adult.  If it does I really hope he asks for help sooner rather than later.

    This was a really good podcast.  I'm looking forward to pt 2.

  • Abby Elliot! (I think?) who hooked up with friend of the show, Fred Armisen.

  • JustinCH

    Also, nomination for Lowest Moment of Self-involved Hollywoodism On Alison Rosen's Podcast: Harris Wittels, 28, announces that Twitter has "killed comedy."

    Second possibility: Wittels claims to only have the right to talk about 50% of a relationship.

    Christ. Was this his Andy Kaufman act? A huge douche con on the audience?

  • ChesterDouglas

     Anybody who is a fan of the Harris' Foam Corner segment of the Comedy Bang Bang podcast could not possibly believe that he is a self-involved douchebag.  It simply doesn't track.  Perhaps his sense of humor is simply not for everyone.

  • sluggh

    I took the "killed comedy" remark to mean that daily topical comedy, the kind he called "disposable," had already been mined to death on Twitter by the time he took to the stage. A hyperbolic way of putting it, but forgivable. He seems equal parts self-involved and reflective, if that's possible. Looking forward to Part 2.

  • sluggh

    Don't' mean to sound like a nanny, but the recreational use of opiods sounds like a terrible idea. I hope Harris knows what he's doing.

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