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ARIYNBF 146 Happy Holidays and Fan Phone Call

Written by Alison | December 23rd, 2012 at 8:59 pm | Comments

On this special Christmas Eve episodito, Alison shares her thoughts on a variety of holiday topics and then ushers in the return of the Fan Phone Call segment which was a beloved staple of the Ustream show Alison did out of her living room in Brooklyn. We also did one Just Me Or Everyone and one HGFY. Happy Holidays, everyone! Thank you so much for listening! I love you more than you know!

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Producer: Gary Smith

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  • Oh Alison, I've been listening to your show since it started-- Sometimes with such volume that my neighbors hear it and knock on my door to inquire about it.. If you ever find yourself without a boyfriend (unlikely) and if you ever find yourself living in Brooklyn again (also probably unlikely), may I suggest that you contact me? Love you and your show in a hopefully non-creepy way. :)

  • You are lovely, funny and engaging.  I love the show!  

    In 2013 I would love to hear:

    More from: Gary, awesome guests like Jay Mohr, Christina P (mommy jeans), Rhett Reese,  Paul F. get the idea.

    Less from:
    Overly flirty dudes / dudes who just talk about sex or porn (although Dave Atell's episodes were awesome, mostly because HE is awesome and he loves Alison for her brain and her funnys first and her beauty second).

    Happy New Year my little cheese curls!

  • DjWeideman

    I finally got to listen to this episodito (stupid Christmas holiday) today and was considerably cheered by its positivity and the sheer unbridled joy of HGFY. This will make the screaming emptiness of my New Year's weekend that much easier to bear. You are better than a Taco Bell Doritos taco. Which I must say, is pretty darn good.

  • Ben

    Great episode! And you look smoooookin hot in that pic! I mean, you always look hot but in that pic you look extra hot...I'll just stop talking.

  • Todd Mason

    Sadly, blue water can occur in home toilets as well. Albeit white "pucks" are also available for household use which are harder to hopes the scent chases away dogs and cats who seek to drink from those bowls.

    I find the "middle" part of the public restroom seat covers does pretty well at retarding "splashback" (aka the unwelcome bidet effect), so a comparable amount of the role might suffice.

  • boinkity

    This little "episodito" was "mui bueno" and what ever is Italian for "too short" I am also waiting for Alison to call us "my little cheez whiz on crakas"

  • Hey, my little asiago cheese bagel! :)

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