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ARIYNBF 141 with Rhett Reese

Written by Alison | November 18th, 2012 at 9:14 pm | Comments

Rhett Reese (Zombieland, Joe Schmo Show, GI Joe 2) stopped by this episode of Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend to discuss writing and keeping your sanity in Hollywood, phobias, semester at sea, demerol, 3-D movies, Omnimax, Epsilon, Cowboy Ninja Viking, panic attacks and so much more. We also did a round of Just Me Or Everyone (click here to see the JMOEs we put on the screen).

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  • ElleLowell

    Sorry I'm so behind on the podcast Alison!  (even though I know you're ok with that!)  But I did have to say that your shower thing made me really laugh OUT LOUD!!  I also hate taking showers with my bf, but it's only cuz someone has to be wet & cold at least part of the time, and I hate it when it's me!

  • Jay Theyme

    This is going to sound a little pathetic but bear with me - about 10 years ago my life went terribly wrong and I restarted in an old apartment with cardboard box furniture, alone, depressed and struggling. I had 3 channels and one was 'Spike' and I tell you now this is not a joke thing - Joe Schmo was my motivating reward for the week. 
    I have said this for almost a decade but Joe Schmo 1 is easily one of my all-time favourite TV series ever, of any genre and again in 100% sincerity it made me cry laughing, cheer and TWICE made me actually cry. 
    If there is a chance anyone passes this on to Reese - Thank you! Thank you so much! That was everything TV ought to be!
            (and thanks to Alison of course for this - great stuff!) 

    (anyone who has not seen Joe Schmo? You get that whole season, sit down, prepare for the greatest damn 10+ hour reality show marathon ever written, cast, the lovable Matt and I defy you not to laugh and cry and applaud the ending!)

  • Loved the show, as usual.  I think it was good to bring it up...I love that about you!  You will delve into the uncomfortable. 
    A quick comment on the JMOE "Kit Kat" comment.  I think a lot of people nibble the chocolate off the edges and then eat the wafers one at a time. I have always done that.
    One more thing-great job in SF, you were awesome!

  • petebestt

    I know you felt your drinking was out of control,but I would have loved to have known you while you were drinking and have some drinks with you relax and kiss your pretty heart shaped lips!

  • Pnnto

    Really fun podcast. 

    Your overall positivity (like with the Sklarbro Country) is a nice ying to the Carolla (and WTF) yang in my podcast listening. 

    Hope you have more ARIYNBF live shows in the future. 

  • danofsac

    Great pod as usual; you do get to "heart of the matter" in just a few minutes, and you make relatively obscure guests compelling.  With that said maybe you could be "free to speak" about Adam's new website.  What happened to the message boards?  Were the trolls getting to the "man of Teflon", do people who still want to comment go to another site, and did you wear the same black dress with the sheer sleeves for all four shows (maybe you have 2 of the same dress) at Cobb's?  I'm not judging, just asking; it looked like even Adam changed his trousers.  
    As a Sacramento resident who loves "the City", I was super depressed about missing the shows; I was visiting family back east. I was hoping to have you, Bryan, one or all of the Mikes to come across the street from Cobb's and then go left about about a block to Kennedy's Irish Pub/Sports Bar and Indian Cuisine.  They have a huge selection of beers for every palate, and they have air hockey, as well as award winning Indian food.  I didn't add Adam into the equation since he has to go the same old places wherever he travels, so he he can have a reason to dredge up one of his 14 to 17 stories, again. This was the first show I ever missed at Cobbs, the Crest in Sacto, and I have seen Adam live in Portland.
    I am a "life long listener" and even if I get your equivalent of "Creep of the Week" ("Hey, Hey , Hey go eff yourself"), for asking about what you wore at Cobb's I will always be a listener.  I look forward to the day you take your show on the road and I will have the opportunity to see you live!

  • PasadenaFats

    Great show as always. I was squirming for for Rhett durring Alison's "apology" for possibly leading-him-on years back. I don't know if I was gauging the situation correctly, but for about 20 reasons it sounded AWKWARD as hell. Those 5 minutes were super uncomfortable, and weird, but I could totally relate to both sides!

    Authentic, relatable and interesting as always. Keep up the good work.

  • It felt awkward! I wonder if maybe I shouldn't have brought it up.

  • PasadenaFats

    "Maybe" lol

  • Michael Trotta

    Hey, loved the show, was awesome! Was just wondering though, i noticed there's a webcam of some sort behind you in the picture. What's that for? Is Adam planning something with maybe live shows or whatnot? Don't know if you'd know but i figured it couldn't hurt to ask lol. Keep up the great work!

  • JustinCH

    Nice run of non-sexual-deviants on the podcast, finally.

    Anyone else notice a direct correlation -- not saying causal relationship -- to the talent level, too?  That is, an inverse relationship between the number/degree of abnormal sexual encounters of the male guests and the entertainment value of those guests.

    Jim Norton excluded, of course.

  • KatyKim

    I really liked this podcast.  I could really relate to the panic attacks in the early 20s. 

  • Me too! Do you still get them?

  • KatyKim

    Not really.  I can recognize the warning signs before I feel a full blown panic attack coming on.  I try to combat it during the early stages (if there is such a thing).  I have also started exercising a lot which seems to keep my mind from wandering.

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