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ARIYNBF 133 with The Sklar Brothers

Written by Alison | September 23rd, 2012 at 8:55 pm | Comments

Note: Jason (right) apologized for wearing his own shirt.

The Sklar Brothers (Randy and Jason) stopped by this episode of Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend to discuss comedy, high school, college, being twins, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and other reality television, sports, tennis and onebigarmism, Fred Armisen’s sneezes, Jason’s father-in-law’s sneezes, writing jokes with seven year olds, their two podcasts (Sklarbro Country and Sklarbro County), United Stats of America, Liverpudlians and more.

We also did a round of Just Me Or Everyone? (click here to see the JMOEs we put on the screen) and HGFY.

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  • Leeann Ward

    I just listened to this (still going through the archives) and I'm surprised by the somewhat negative response here. I thought it was a good episode with solid funny moments.

  • ElleLowell

    Ok I totally can't dry 1 wet hand if the other 1 is dry.  I just can't get a proper grip on the towel with a dry hand if the towel's also dry.

  • dawnzig

    I didn't think that they sounded pompous at all! She prompts her guests with compelling questions and the ensuing banter is always interesting if not insightful. It's always difficult to distinguish between the Sklars' voices, though (even on their podcast/s). I wonder if some of the haters would have backed off if their voices had different pitches/timbres (just to break up the audio monotony). I think that Garfunkel and Oats talked just as much, but you didn't notice because their voices aren't similar. 

  • I sometimes puke in my mouth a little bit when they do their schtick/routine thing when the jokes are forced and corny. As they loosened up a bit they were funny and I enjoyed it. A good turning point was when Alison sort of confronted them about being twins, they turned off the comedy routine and got more real and therefore better. They are smart and sometimes pretty funny, therefore I liked them as guests. At certain points I lose track of them and I honestly don't know who's saying what as well. Alison has a knack of knowing when to say something and what to say. It really keeps the show going. Sky is the limit for her. 

  • Ben Lee

    so much pompous talking about themselves.  should of been a 10 min interview.  

  • boinkity

    Great show as always Alison and Gary! I have seen the Sklar guys a couple times on their United Stats show and thought it was great. I need to watch them more often. I want to throw some ideas at you for your consideration:

    1. Would it be possible to be given advanced notification of who the guest would be? I just think it would be nice to know a couple days before what to look forward to hearing on your podcast.

    2. Have you forgotten to use YouTube? I looooved your YouTube vids where you talked with the guest after Adams podcast. I'm not sure why he stopped doing that. I looked forward to that everyday. Maybe you can do something similar on your show.

    3. I really loved it when you broke up Bobcat's interview into 2 parts. I think if you really hit it off with one of your guest, and they stay long that would be awesome again. I could see you doing that if you interview the Crying Out Loud girls (why haven't you had them on your podcast yet?)

    4. Maybe it is time to change up your webpage. You are awesome, and your webpage isn't awesome enough anymore for you. New pics, new format, new new new!!! Also, it seems to download kinda slow compared to Adams page.

    5. Finally, Gary needs to talk more. I know he's a demure and introverted fellow, but his two cents always seems to be welcome by me. Maybe, some other people don't like his comments, and that is why he's talking as often as Haley's Comet. Dammit Gary, say something!

  • Malex2200

    This episode was very good, it had the energy that some of the recent interviews have lacked. I hope that the next few podcasts keep up that tempo.

  • Chris

    I hate to correct your grammar correction (actually it was one of the Sklars who did the correcting; maybe you were just going along), but "does" is correct in "Does people's inability to distinguish between there, their, and they're..." The subject of "does" is "inability," not "people."

    I love the show, and your guitar solo ring tone is my incoming text message sound, so I hear you throughout the day.

  • PanHardLeftRight

    Next time these guys are on, pan one brother hard left and the other hard right and leave Alison right in the middle.  That way, it'll feel like two different people talking, I think that would sound cool.  Good show, really bizarre listening to the same voice interupt itself and finish it's own sentences!  LOL

  • Kahoutek

    Regarding the tennis arm thing, I don't know if you've already been sent this link:  It's a great article that actually introduced me to the future Pomona College professor, the late David Foster Wallace.  In it, he follows the fairly anonymous life of the then-ranked #100 tennis player in the world, Michael Joyce.  But he does mention  "with few exceptions, all the players have similar builds -- big muscular legs, shallow chests, skinny necks, and one normal-size arm and one monstrously huge and hypertrophic arm."

  • JustinCH

    Terrific show.

    Alison, I wish you would've asked the Sklars something to the effect of, "Are you two trying to set the record for most failed television projects by legitimately funny people?"  Seems like Randy and Jason come out with something that's flashbang brilliant every three years, and then off the air in a couple of weeks.  And these projects appear on increasingly obscure networks...

  • Sarah

    Love this podcast.  Especially when I am having a bad day, it puts me in a good mood.  The Sklar brother's take on marriage made me laugh. Keep up the good work.

  • Nadjagravid

    wow those guys just wont stop talking.  so full of themselves.  I know they're the guests and all, but I'm really listening to this show to hear alison.  

  • MarFar

    Another great podcast. I just wish these would come a bit more often; once a week isn't cutting it for me.

    On a side note I want to say you look great with the lighter color clothes! You're dark haired, and I guess people think of hair like jeans (goes with anything), but the fact is dark hair works a lot better with lighter colors. Obviously that's not to say someone with black hair can't wear a black top, but there is great color contrast when someone with dark hair goes with the lighter colors.

    P.S. I'm a guy and I'm not gay, though now I think I may have just become gay.

  • ComeOnIrene

    Love the Sklars! And how they complete each other's thoughts!

  • Great episode. The Sklar brothers are hilarious and I'm curious to check out their podcast even though I'm not much a sports fan. A few thoughts on the episode:

    - The Sklar Brothers sound like Kyle Dunnigan. Which is weirdly awesome (I'm a fan of Kyle, he's hilarious) but then I couldn't tell if just one of them sound like Kyle or it's both of them. Twins are mysterious.

    - A crazy thought crossed my mind when they were talking about their family and kids: What if their kids were twins OF EACH OTHER! One Sklar had a kid, the other had a kid, and they were twins! Twins are freakly awesome!

    - When you asked them about if they fight/argue, a thought crossed my buzzing mind: What if when they fought, they were totally in sync (N'sync?)? Like they were fighting a mirror and then they just tire each other out w/o either of them actually getting a shot in.

    Okay that was it. Love your podcast, Alison! Keep up the great work :)

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