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ARIYNBF 132 with Andrew WK

Written by Alison | September 16th, 2012 at 7:59 pm | Comments

Go here to see another photo of Andrew WK and another of Andrew and Alison

Andrew WK stopped by this episode of Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend to discuss life as a musician, motivational speaker and port-o-potty fan. Along the way he and Alison shared way too much and Alison is already wondering if she shouldn’t have dialed it back. In short: don’t eat while listening to this episode. Andrew WK also discussed his fashion choices, battles with depression, thoughts on relationships, love of babies and hopes and dreams for the future. We also did a round of Just Me Or Everyone (click here to see the JMOEs we put on the screen) and reminisced about the time Andrew WK appeared on the Ustream talk show Alison used to do in her living room in Brooklyn.

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  • Oook ook

    FWIW—I'm going through the old episodes, and am listening to this on now.  Allison:  Take Duncan Trussell's advice, and stop worrying about losing listeners.  The people that bail are the ones that you don't want/need.  I find your show to be ever so much more compelling better than Adam's, and it's because you bring your much more authentic self to the game.  Don't worry about grossing out your listeners and having them bail.  If you lose people, they will be replaced by people who really support YOU.  Be unabashed.  Be gross.  Be you.  You will have a better time, as will your listeners, and you show will get better and better!  Keep up the great work!

  • ElleLowell

    I forget a lot what I meant to search for on Google too!  And I don't mind personally loaning out my ear buds, but knowing what goes on in that area, I would not want to borrow anyone else's and therefore don't understand why anyone would ask to borrow mine or anyone's for that matter.  Either that or I have an unusual amount of earwax......
    Either way, AWK did gross me out. 

  • Paul

    He sounds like Fred Armisen's impersonation of Penny Marshall.  

  • JustinCH


    Just like that douchey little Myq comedian, Andrew's transparent limpdick bravado -- party hard! -- is tiresome.  It's an inexpensive, convenient way of masking genuine thoughtfulness.  "I'm okay, you're okay. Poop's okay.  Open relationship's are okay.  Let's rock!"

    It also makes for boring podcast.  Compare to Alison's interview of, e.g., Jim Norton.  There's someone who's done real thinking about real problems and is therefore interesting to hear talk.

  • SJ

    Great Alison.  Did you read Eckhart Tolle yet?  Download his audio books and listen to them in your car or something.   I keep them both on my iphone.  It has gotten rid of all my anxieties, fears that has come to me more and more as I've become more and more successful.  That underlying feeling that things are not right.  Listen to both his books, "the power of now" and "a new earth".   In that order. I promise you will thank me, because I can tell you're just like me. 

  • Hi Alison
    Off topic comment.
    Over the past summer you did a fair amount of reporting on the Sandusky trial, Joe Paterno, etc.  A few times when covering this story you asked Bryan and Adam about the reputation and background of Joe Paterno preceding his fail from grace.  I don't think Bryan and Adam gave you a solid explanation of how highly people thought of him before it fell apart.
    Anyways, I think this story will be around a little longer and I know as a professional news lady you want some context to the stories you report. Here is a link to a speech Paterno made to the board of directors of Penn State after he won his first national championship in 1983.

  • Alison.

    This was like.. the best show ever.

  • Rhino music store

    That dude has Irritable bowel syndrome if he's dumping 10 times a day and on stage...

  • David

    I smell an Emmy for this podcast ...

  • El Jefe

    Just wanted to tell Alison that i downloaded your guitar solo ringtone and set it for my incoming texts.... it cracks me up every time and everyone in my cube farm is wondering why my desk seems to have an alarm! I hope Adam isn't keeping all the money!

  • JasonR

    Normally I love this podcast, but I simply couldn't get through this one.  For someone who is so amazingly disgusting, Andrew was so boring.  

  • Adolfmulzerjr

    Tell Adam to do a Loveline classic Lightning Round!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASEEEE The cow bell andf the time and weather and all is soooooo funny. New fans of Adam that havent heard his gig still dont know the top level of funny he can be!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Never a dull moment on your show, I love it.  I was in the car listening and couldn't decide if I was going to laugh until I cried or pull over and throw up.  That said, I still loved every moment of the show.  I can't imagine not showering every day and smelling like Andrew claimed when he was in the airport.  Ewww!  Still made me laugh though!  Keep up the awesome work Alison.

  • Miss_amarett

     I LOVED IT 

    Interview was bare for all to see and Alison rose to the occasion.  Great Interview Alison.  You didn't fall back and act like a prissy girl.  Took it and ran.

    I'm with Gary on the lint thing.

    Who knew Andrew wk was so fine.

  • Diarrhea Dreams

    LOL @ at the people that think Adam was being serious.  
    "Poop isn't edgy" comments = Andrew won. Great job though, Alison. I am not a regular listener to ARIYNBF, but I am to the Adam Carolla show and I'll be coming back here on Mondays. Party Hard.

  • John

     Andrew won? Ok. If that was some sort of contest I think I'm glad I lost.

    Btw won what?  Did he somehow trick me and he really isn't a perpetual adolescent attention whore?  Well chalk one up for the guy with the unfunny yoga parody, the dated metal jams and the poorly reviewed NY club.  WIN!?!  At what price victory though? Yuck.

    I'd never heard of him before and am not very interested in knowing more. Five minutes of keyboard work and I think I've got it.  He's a younger, less funny, less self aware Danny Bonaduce? Close? What do I know.  But I'm pretty sure Alison can score him a spot on Dr. Drew's rehab show.  Three years sound about right?  Drew seems rather fastidious though so you might need to hose him down first.  I can't imagine him interested in experiencing all the acrid bodily fluids captured in those free Levis.

    Well now that I realize I was duped I'm just going to walk my dog and fall asleep with my beautiful girlfriend to try to get over the shame.  I'm getting up early and going for a long bike ride (Thursday is my Sunday).  You know just middle of the country, fly-over state stuff.   Probably won't shit my pants or drink my own urine. Guess I'm not living a full life... might need to look into that since I'm so gullible.

    I'll try to shit my pants and maybe even begin having diarrhea 8-10 times a day by next week. Really.

  • jenn

    Barely made it through the first half, but glad I did because the philosophical discussion that followed about the absurdity of life and finding joy was meaningful and well worth it.

  • TS

    Surprised by the negativity... 

  • stnuntrnd

    If someone else is also annoyed when speakers or writers use the phrase "pun intended" or bzw. "no pun intended", please feel free to submit it as a JMOE.  Thanks.

  • Steven

    I love the show Alison....but for some reason, after listening to a couple episodes...I can't see to listen on my iPad anymore...hmmmmmm

  • Brett

    Ugg this was the most difficult episode to listen to.  A lot of gross topics.  Alyson and guest could not seem to get out of the bathroom in this discussion.

  • Bcustom561

    Andrew is a far better podcaster than musician.. God his music is terrible.. Love your show Alison. I'm a hardcore Ace Rockolla fan and I think you are just as good as Teresa if not better.

  • John

    Am I the only one who found Andrew to be a little banal and cliche after the first 40 minutes? Sorry poop doesn't seem edgy to me... even if you're paid to talk about it at Yale. Unless he's doing a deep character performance art thing I get the feeling he just a narcissistic guy in white jeans who might be kind of famous in certain specific circles with a substance abuse problem.

    What's funny when you're 23 is just sad when you're 33.

    Alison really is a great and polished interviewer and I still enjoyed the show but I guess I'm too old to find a guy like this interesting.  I knew lots of guys like this in the late 90's.  I might have been one.  Most of us stopped wearing the metaphorical white jeans.

    As we wind our way through all of Alison's old crushes is it wrong to hope more of them are at least as interesting as Bobcat?

  • MaxProtein

    Huh. So an entire hour something show and you never caught on that everything he said was a send up? 

    I am kind of surprise you posted this. Its like Noam Chomsky promoting his Ali G interview.

  • Marty

    Didnt you go on some long ride on a 4 wheel trail in the cayon with some guy you didnt no,late at night?Kinda remember a story like that. Think that was the truck reference on i tune comments....Love your show, the one thing I can look forward to on mondays! Wait maybe that was teressa? Now im up in my head about screwing this up.  Anyway, your great on adam and you are definitly my new best friend on mondays. :)

  • hahaha! i wasn't grossed out unil you mentioned belly lint!! aaahhhhh awesome show Andrew WK is the man

  • Ralph

    You have some disgusting friends. 

  • Shit eating isn't interesting and its not provocative, Andrew.   Want to really catch the audience off guard?   Eat a pie baked with the craps of a dozen cloistered nuns.   Or how about taking on a sumo wrestler six hours after an all-you-can-eat sushi bar?  Right from the spigot.   Amateur.

    On another note, why can't you get any of your FEMALE guests to matter-of-factly discuss their perversions?   Yeah, sure, it's great to hear your stable of male guests casually discuss anal fixations, polyamory, copraphagia, and so forth; but why can't I get that stuff from Riki Lindhome or Chelsea Peretti?  You can't tell me that Hungry Girl never lingered over the zucchini pile at Whole Foods, but somehow you're unable to extract that one.   Cyst talk is nice and all, but our relationship needs to advance.

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