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ARIYNBF 131 with Jamie Lee

Written by Alison | September 9th, 2012 at 9:47 pm | Comments

Go here to see a very bright photo of Jamie and Alison.

Jamie Lee, comedian and writer, stopped by this episode of Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend to talk about being a female stand up, whether or not to ever talk about being a female standup, writing a “sick comedy press release” while working at Comedy Central, growing up in Texas, parents who yell a lot, Dr. Phil, having dated Pete Holmes, writing on Pete Holmes’s new show, what it’s like having dated Pete Holmes and now writing on his new show and her upcoming Conan appearance. We also did a round of Just Me Or Everyone? (Click here to see the JMOEs we put on the screen) and HGFY.

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  • She is so funny and gorgeous, I'm in love.

  • ElleLowell

    Sorry Al, but there are women out there that can just have sex NSA (no strings attached).  Can I call you Al?  :)  
    OMG!  Women somehow over-analyze things to make themselves think it's ok when a guy is CLEARLY not that into her, but you make yourself believe he is.  I had a friend that would say shit to me, like convincing me a guy liked me when I knew he didn't really like me, but I was still bummed about it, so she'd be trying comfort me.  But that just makes it worse, like even if I did believe her, in the end it just made things worse & probly hurt more.  She was a piece of work, lemme tell ya! 
    I totally say bless you & excuse me to cats & dogs.
    I like Cinnabon AND pet names or names of endearment include food names, so that guy seriously needs to go FUCK himself!!!  And good example with the mahalo thing, Al! 
    Funny side note, I've been replying to this as I listen, so when Jamie called you Al, it was actually after I wrote if I could call you that! 

  • Les

    "Fuckwad" is my personal favorite.

  • Good show. Not sure if the shouting in front of kids is worse than the 3 day clam up which i used to see. Nothing like two miserable people married for 60 years with 40 years not speaking.. I agree with the listener on the baby talk introductions, its like women who use baby talk in sex. There  should be a whole program on womens rules for SMS protocol. I've been broken up with twice for failing to SMS appropriately. 

  • Alison~  This was the BEST podcast! It really resonated with me when you both were talking about your parents-my parents did the same thing - When parents fight in front of the kids, it can have long-lasting negative effects-- as I have to deal with now-
    Great podcast--keep them coming!

  • Spindles

     You're creeping up into my top three favorite podcasts:)

  • avid listener

    Cool chick. Great conversation. Thanks Alison/Gary!

  • Gabriel

    really enjoyed this podcast.
    Thank you!

  • TS

    Really great episode.  

    As a guy, it was especially nice to hear the two of you talk about how honest men tend to be, relative to women (no offense).  I feel as though many women spend years and years not being able to trust men, because they project their own feelings onto them- so they end up chasing guys who don't really like them that much, but want to have sex with them, and then not really trusting or believing guys who actually say they like them.  

    When, in reality, both of those kinds of guys probably told them the truth, and any interpretation on the part of the listener was actually distortion.

  • JustinCH

    Alison, did you really never notice the "awso" pronunciation before? Really? Nobody EVER pointed that out? Amazing. I think of it as the defining feature of your (excellent) public voice. Huh.

  • Truly never noticed or was made aware of it until recently.

  • JustinCH

    Well, maybe not "defining." There is also the wit and whirr-whirr-whirr sound...

  • boinkity

     Awso, she sometimes will say her name as "Awison Wosen" ... I think it's kinda cute!

  • Cinnabuns

    Aww, that one felt shorter than normal, I liked this guest, you guys had a good dynamic.  Hope she comes back.  Thanks again Alison!

  • Thanks! It was a little short because she had to get on the road to drive across town (one of LA's most awful commutes). I hope she comes back too!

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