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ARIYNBF 130 with Myq Kaplan

Written by Alison | September 2nd, 2012 at 2:59 pm | Comments

Myq Kaplan, comedian and host of the forthcoming Hang Out With Me podcast, stopped by this episode of Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend to discuss non-monogamy and polyamory, drugs, atheism, comedy, divorce, music and an array of other things. We also did a round of Topic Sombrero, Just Me Or Everyone and an especially magnificent HGFY. (Special thanks to Carl Lybecker for the use of his studio and talents.)

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  • I'm about to sound like a total cunt, but I could not stop saying "I hate this guy" while listening to this podcast. It wasn't because of how he spelled his name or the fact that he's a vegan, he just... irritated me. Especially when he started talking about mushrooms. Every time he opened his mouth it felt like he was saying, "ok, listen to me. I know what I'm talking about" when he really seemed to have no idea what he was talking about, or would just say something totally obvious in a complicated way to sound smart. I can totally see why so many people call him smug, although I wouldn't even use that word to describe him. He just seems annoying and high on himself.

  • Elle

    I totally pretend to have heard something someone said!  I feel bad to say ‘what’ more than twice & that they have to keep repeating themselves.  I have a friend who on the phone I can hardly understand anything she says, but I pretend I do & really have no idea.  Nothing has really come up that I needed to know or remember, so it’s all good!
    Ignore that dude who doesn’t like nicknames.  I love them & it’s cute to be called something someone might like to eat, like desserts!

  • Edna's Edibles

    Horny from all the honesty. Great conversation Myq and Alison.

  • Myq Kaplan

    much appreciated! (if i already answered this comment, apologies for doing so twice!)

  • Jorge

    I didn't enjoy this. Seems ,,Myq'' has figured out a way to live amorally while disregarding consequences. 

  • Myq Kaplan

    Thanks for listening! I didn't enjoy your comment, but am happy to talk about why. My reasons are that I think you have incorrectly assessed the way I live.

    In what way am I not being moral?
    I am being up front and honest with everyone person I interact with, especially my girlfriend whom I love and who loves me and chooses to be with me in full knowledge of my desires (desires which some people have and choose to be less honest about, with others and themselves).How is being truthful with oneself and one's partner not moral?
    OR, since you didn't use the word "immoral," then what is your definition of "amoral"?
    Also, what consequences am I disregarding?
    If there's something I'm not seeing, I am open and happy to being shown.
    (I aim to be aware of the consequences of my actions. For example, my actions have led to you posting this comment, which in turn has led to my response to you, to which I eagerly look forward to an ongoing dialogue if you would like.)

  • Werdwerx

    Thanks for reading my JMOE, Alison! Even though you called me and my dairy-sharing reluctance weird. To answer your question: No, I don't typically drink milk by the glass. All bets are off when cookies are involved though. 140 characters wouldn't let me share that not sharing dairy includes a refusal to share ice-cream, even with my wife and kids. Dairy products just seem like natures Petrie dish.

  • Ramcgarity

    When I see the abreviation of your podcasts name it looks like it stands for aryan boyfriend.

  • Myq Kaplan

    I agree! Fun! (As a concept.)

  • MarFar

    I don't think Bonobo behaviour is a good analogue for human behaviour. Pointing out that they're not monogamous doesn't really amount to much since close to 100% of everything else they do, we don't.  They do a lot of things that we wouldn't think are normal; for instance, those little buggers (heh) love to incest the hell out of each other.

    Perhaps there is merit to your argument that we're not meant to stay with one partner for the rest of our lives, from an evolutionary perspective.  But then you'll have to find examples in nature where a male partner permits other males to mate with his partner. You might find examples here and there, but the overwhelming majority of cases in nature, the male would chase out other males. There are issues of dominance and territory.

    Basically polygamy doesn't really happen in nature.  Not enough at least that you can say it's natural and that there are many examples out there that would support this type of behaviour in humans. If you want to look at animals in nature as indicator of how to behave, then find a partner, have a relationship, mate, then move on to another mate/partner. That's really how it works in most cases with animals. They don't mate for life, but they're not sharing partners like some 70s-era French porno.

  • Myq Kaplan

    I got most of my information about bonobos from the book "Sex at Dawn," so feel free to check that out for why those scientists think that they ARE a good analogue for human behavior (my understanding is they are closer to humans than any other animals, except for chimps which are approximately equally close). And as I understand it, most of the scientists and anthropologists studying this topic agree that for most of human history, humans grouped and mated in ways that very closely resembled the way bonobos do.

    That said, of course just because something happened in the past means it was the best, or that it should happen that way forever into the future.Also, just because something is "natural" doesn't mean it is good necessarily. Animals will sometimes fight and murder each other over a love triangle-type situation, as will humans. Animal behavior needn't be a model for human behavior.My point wasn't about "should" everyone be monogamous, but rather that according to the informed studiers of the subject that I've read about and by, humans WERE non-monogamous for most of the species' existence. I say that as a reaction to people who think that non-monogamy is a deviation from the way things have always been, when it's actually more accurately a description of the way things have mostly been.People today get to decide what kind of relationship or relationships they want. If someone wants lifelong monogamy and finds someone else who wants it, then perfect. If someone wants openness and finds people who want openness, then perfect. There are people succeeding and failing with both methods (though I think the successes in openness are, ironically, less open about it, due to living in a society that presumes monogamy is the best or only healthy way). And I believe the common link in most of the successes is a combination of honesty with oneself about one's own desires, openness of communicativeness with one's partners or potential partners, and probably some luck.
    Thanks for listening and interacting!

  • @logankeepes89

    I havent listened to the podcast yet (I was without cell service or a computer for 10 days so I'm catching up on podcasts as we speak) but after reading Myk's comments it's next in line. Been a fan of his since Last Comic Standing, watching his comedy central specials, etc. "oh look, Brad Pitt's in this book!" hahaha that is one of the funniest lines I've ever heard! Alison, Myk, thanks for your time!

  • Myq Kaplan

    You're welcome! Very happy to have spent my time speaking with Alison, and now with all of you. Your fandom is appreciated, thanks!

  • Amanda

    Big fan of Alison, big fan of Myq. Felt the conversation was honest and compelling! That was some great pod...

    -Your Apple Fritter

  • Myq Kaplan

    Big thanks!

  • Nick

     Myrq thanks for being open about a lifestyle most secretly wish they could lead as it could cut down on all of the cheaters. It's all part of the Savage GGG concept.

    Alison, as Myrq said, you should try mushrooms at least once. Make a podcast out of it and edit out the crazy parts if you feel too exposed. Researchers from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine found that most of the 30 subjects claimed the experience made them "feel a certain kind of connectedness and unity with everything and everyone."

  • Myq Kaplan

    Thanks Nirck! (I have endearingly added an "r" to your name as you have to mine. Let's both keep them! Or nort! Either way.) Sincerely, I appreciate the kind words and wish you (and everyone) the best.

    Also, thanks for that link. From what I have read (about that study and others), it seems true that most science supports the idea that mushrooms are not only harmless, but also potentially therapeutic and helpful for people with depression, anxiety, etc. (Not that trying things on your own necessarily constitutes the kind of controlled experiment that produced these results, but I think there are ways that someone can try mushrooms for the first time in a controlled, measured, safe, and hopefully optimized way.) All that said, they might not be for everyone, but based on my own experience and the positive experiences of many others, I think it's at least worth finding out if you MIGHT be one of the people who react positively as well. (Unless you don't want to, and then you don't have to, because you're your own person. Unless we're all one in which case no one is their own person. We're all everyone's people.)

    A hippie.

  • Karen Swanay

    Fantastic podcast today Alison. This was very good. I wish I could have been there to discuss this with you both. Thanks for being my new best friend. =D

    Btw I am a therapist (new grad) and have thoughts about therapy too.

  • Myq Kaplan

    Thanks for listening! Sorry you weren't there to discuss things with us, but at least we're both here discussing things now. Good luck therapizing!

  • The Rob

    Good thing I just listen for you. 

  • Myq Kaplan

    Great job being positive!

    (Didn't want anyone to feel left out of the commenting.)

  • Erik Michael Oliver

    Hello, new best friend! I'm a fairly new follower, having recently rediscovered Adam after many years, and felt compelled to say that I enjoyed Mr. Kaplan's views on life, based on trust, communication, and choosing what works for you instead of what you feel like you are supposed to believe. Let me just add that I have no problem being one of your little cinnabons, cupcakes, or other pastries of the moment. Keep up the good work, and let us know if you decide to voyage down the mushroom trail.

  • Myq Kaplan

    Thanks for enjoying my views! I enjoy yours!

  • Tangy

    Big fan of Alison who has found Myq Kaplan tolerable on Keith and the Girl from time to time. But here we have Ms. Rosen allowing him to just steamroll over her with his inane theories of how the world works.

    Ah well, looking forward to the next episode...

  •  ...wait what?? I listened to this podcast, and I did not hear Myq say: "This is the way the world works...agree with me, do as I say or YOU ARE WRONG!"

    Further, by labeling Myq's worldview as "inane" you are saying that because he sees life differently than you, he is wrong...and by default, you are correct. You are not Schiedsrichter!

    And just how much respect could you have for Alison by saying she "allowed" herself to be "steamrolled" by Myq? I am not sure that Alison understands polyamory but she does not pretend to...she is simply engaging her guest in conversation. (PSST: that's what hosts are supposed to do.)

    What is Alison supposed to do "Tangy" her guest list and topics through you for approval? Unbelievable. If you don't like a guest or a topic SHUT IT OFF. I see no benefit in your posting here simply to seed self-doubt and bang your shoe on the table...unless your ego is really that damaged. In any event, your discomfort and resultant petulant state are yours...not Alison's to fix.

  • Myq Kaplan

    Thanks Karen! I believe that you have a handle on the way the world works, and that is just my opinion (via the way I believe the way the world works, but everyone is free to have their own opinions)!

    Sincerely glad you enjoyed, and I appreciate your words. I think Alison knows what she is doing as well!

  • Myq Kaplan

    Thanks for tolerating me! Sorry if you find it inane to be honest about what you want with the people you care about. That's all I advocate! (Partially because how the world works is that most people don't do that, and relationships fail as a result of it. I don't know everything, but we all have access to a lot of information, and I was mostly just talking about my own experiences, which I know are not universal. Hope you enjoy all future episodes of this show and your life!)

  • TS

    You know what?  To be fair, I think Pete Holmes probably brings up Kaplan's sex life more than Kaplan does, himself.  So I guess I shouldn't hold that against him.

  • Myq Kaplan

    Thanks for being fair! I appreciate it.

  • boinkity

     I have to be honest, all the sex talk made me horny, and I haven't finished listening to the last half of the podcast yet.... Maybe I get horny too easily

  • Myq Kaplan

    I appreciate your honesty!

  • Chester

    Am I the only person who is a little put off by Myq Kaplan for no other reason than the way that he chooses to spell his first name is patently ridiculous?  Just me or everyone?

  • You are not the only person! Though it is not everyone! It is somewhere in between just you and everyone. And I understand. It is indeed ridiculous. I agree. I'm sorry it puts you off! It puts me off a little as well, but I chose it when I was a ridiculous teenager, and then when I started doing comedy, I kept using it as a ridiculous adult. And now it's easier to google me. So it seems too late to change. But maybe it's not. Someday, who knows. 

    PS Sincerely, I appreciate that that is the only reason you're put off! (That might not be exactly what you said, but I have interpreted it as such.) And thanks for listening, if you did that. I wish you well.

  • Chester

    That is a very well-reasoned and satisfying explanation (much more than one could ordinarily hope to expect to result from posting on an internet message board).  I commend you.

  • Myq Kaplan

    I appreciate your commendation sincerely and greatly!

    I understand the low expectations that one might ordinarily have for the internet, and am glad to exceed them for you.

  • John

     Not to be redundant but kudos to you for interacting with strangers on the internet like a real human being.  There's not a lot of that going around. 

    well done.

  • Myq Kaplan

    Not to be redundant, but thanks, and I really appreciate it!

    (Together, we can take back the internet from jerks maybe!)

  • John

     I love movies where the protagonists make valiant but ultimately unsuccessful stands against insurmountable odds.

    I'm down.

  • Myq Kaplan

    Sweet. I mean, if we're writing a movie it could be a fantasy where everyone on the internet ends up nice. I like fantasy. But your way is good, too. Let's make them both.

  • Just Me

     I was going to write exactly what Chester wrote. But good explanation, Myq. I get it now.

  • Myq Kaplan

    Thanks for getting it! It's not a super important thing, so I feel like people shouldn't get too worked up, but I understand how it comes across and I don't have a problem with people feeling however they want or do naturally. I appreciate your comment!

  • MikeD

    I was planning a long rant about what a self involved a hole you are because of the name.  But after reading that I take all my unwritten comments back.   Hard to be mad after reading that.

    Thanks Mike, yeah I'm gonna spell your name that way.

  • Myq Kaplan

    You are entirely welcome to, and I also thank you. In other words, thanks and you're welcome!

    And that's totally fine. I don't really care how my name is spelled. I mostly just care that people treat each other well.Best,

  • TS

    Preparing to dislike guest; because the type of person who feels the need to bring up that they're into that sort of thing is...meh. 

    However, cautiously optimistic, since both you and Pete Holmes seem to more or less approve of him as a human in general.

  • Myq Kaplan

    I hope optimism won out over cautiousness, and that you enjoyed the conversation!

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