Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend

ARIYNBF 128 with Pete Holmes and Michael Rosas, LIVE from Nerdmelt

Written by Alison | August 19th, 2012 at 7:58 pm | Comments

Comedian Pete Holmes was the guest and Michael Rosas was the musical guest at this special live version of Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend, recorded Aug 9, 2012 at Nerdmelt. Pete and Alison discussed sex, relationships, twizzlers, talk shows, Pete’s upcoming talk show pilot being produced by Conan, sperm, breasts, crotchless panties, ducks, duck hats (thanks to Tony for the starter hat!), feeling like a fraud, Al-anon and an array of other things which Alison is possibly already regretting. Go here to see how excited everyone was before the show!

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Credits? If you insist:

Executive producer: Alison Rosen

Producer: Gary Smith

Music: Trapp Dog Tom Rapp

Logo: Kezilla

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Some photos from the live show? Well, okay:

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  • Seth Lassman

    did I post that twice? CARBURETOR! right meow. k. thanks, bye!

  • Seth Lassman

    Alison & Pete are the PB&J of podcasting.. thats right... youre the Peter, Bjorn & John of podcasting! upbeat... bubbly... swedish.

    but seriously, y'all are great together. you should have sex, no matter how awkward it would be. just guessing..

  • Seth Lassman

    Alison & Pete are the PB&J of podcasting! thats right.. you're the Peter, Bjorn & John of podcasting! upbeat, poppy, bubbly.

    seriously I love y'all together. you should have sex even though it would probably be reaaaally awkward. just guessing.

  • writtenbymurphy

    so thrilled to be chosen as iTunes comment of the week! I was going to tell all my friends and then I listened to the podcast. I will tell all my friends, but I dont' think my mom should hear this podcast. I don't thing that she will handle hearing of "c*m gravy" so well...or at least I don't want to know what she will say about it

  • wilco

    Pete Holmes needs to come out of his shell a bit. He's too shy.

  • JustinCH

    Exhausting to listen to P. Holmes.  And not in a good way.  Literally, exhausted from the anticipation that he might shut the hell up soon ... and he doesn't.  Ever.  Never.

    Which only serves to (a) dilute his ample sense of humor and (b) demonstrate real disrespect to the medium of this podcast.  It's supposed to be a conversation.  Maybe it was different because of the live audience, but my sense is that Holmes would be just as unstoppable in studio.

  • Andreas Falk

    Alison! Great episode. I just want you to know that you have a lot of fans in Sweden who (whom?)  appreciate you, your podcast and your work on the Adam Carolla Show.
    Sincerely/// Andreas

  • Tlartin

    If she is a robot, she is the prettiest Robot I have seen.
    My fiancé did mention that she doesn't have a lot of pictures on the Internet,
    Who cares though. Pretty ridiculous how everyone is more concerned with her looks more than anything else.
    I would still be a fan if she was ugly. Tell us your feelings about constantly
    Being physically objectified on the net.
    A "hey go fuck yourself" sounds in order to these People as a whole.

  • Tamsies

    I concur!

  • John34

    The multiple "sign-offs" were killin me.. Very funny

  • DionRidesBikes

    Alison, in nearly every picture you're in, you are on the right side of the photo, standing and smiling exactly in the same position. I think you're a robot.

  • tjshere

    Best show yet!  I thought it was funny as hell.  Gary wasn't in it enough but I guess I can forgive that since Alison and Holmes are so good together.  Great stuff, keep it up!

  • Mike

    You have a really smile and a quick wit.  You need a hotter look, don't get up in your head, change is good.  The school teacher/hipster look is good for Fox News, just add some hot J.A.P and you'll blow up. Great show, funny and interesting.  A cocktail dress and bunch of drinks, you'll be huge on iTunes.

  • Tamsies

    All us JAPS love to hear how we have a "really smile" and ask guys like you how to look more JAPpy and hotter. ::cringe::

  • Lasvegasplumber

    You totally cropped out the short guy on the last pic. He may be weird looking, but I'm sure he has feelings too.

  • Tamsies

    Thanks, Alison. The show was a lot darker than I expected (maybe next time just let the listener know ahead of time?) but you were great as were Pete and Michael and the ducks.
    Loved it. You all look fantastic!! What a cool dress!

    I honestly don't mind the dark; sometimes I crave it, in fact. But I listened to it as a comedy to put me in a happier mood. It was still great, though!

  • James

    Alison, you put out a good product. You make the cut between all the 'guy talk' I  listen to all day; Adam, Stern, Jim Rome, Maron, Fitzsimmons, K.Smith, etc... and I fit you in too.
    Not that I matter, but if I'm listening, other folks are too, no?  Noooooooh? One question though, what's with the black boots? Do you own any other footwear? You are in SoCal, isn't it warm there? Mix in some flats, maybe some sandals even. Live a little. - JJ in Iowa

  • Sergio Illescas

    Question: What is the name of the first song Michael sang?

  • Ssmith

    yeah I  really liked that one.

  • Mounty

    This "Tony" guy sounds like a prop comic genius!  Of course the crowd didn't agree. It will be funnier in 2060.

  • Glory, from mad dog and glory

    Excellent! I enjoyed this very much. He definitely worked on his Carolla impression a lot; this time around it was spot on and funny as shit.

    "That's why you are my news girl, you're not funny but you're hot! KIMMEL! CARBURATOR!"

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