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ARIYNBF 126 with Greg Proops

Written by Alison | August 5th, 2012 at 10:04 pm | Comments

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Comedian and podcast host Greg Proops stopped by this episode of Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend to discuss shorts and culottes, introducing Doug Benson to pot, The Wizard of Oz, his podcast The Smartest Man in the World, wifely duties, Orange County audiences, email etiquette and so much more. We also did a round of Just Me Or Everyone (click here to see the JMOEs we put on the screen) and HGFY.

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  • Elle

    Correct – the ‘T’ is not to be pronounced in often.  I had an English teacher who also happened to be a priest & he would get angry at people if they pronounced words wrong, and throw stuff at them like rulers or pencils.  Often was one of those words. 
    I agree with you about the concerts, I used to go way more often.  Now there are only a few bands I HAVE to see, my most favorite ones.  Not only cuz I’m old & tired, but I’m also cheap & broke.  Now I have to sit, cannot do GA at all, I get too tired and my feet hurt. 
    I’ve been to shows where people are in my seat, and I boot them post haste!  At the Diamond Head Theatre in Honolulu, the security/ushers are ON TOP OF IT to say the least.  I sat in my proper seat for Jack Johnson’s Kokua Festival in 2010, and whoever was in the 2 seats in front of me were hardly there all night, so their seats were a free for all for random people.  Whenever someone new tried to sit there, security came right over & asked to see their tickets.

  • I think that people have the right to smoke but other people also have the right to the fresh air. The smoke coming from the cigarette has carbon monoxide that is harmful to your body.

  • I liked Proops summary of a good parent. Succinct yet profound....and chewy center.

  • iLLa

    Hello Alison, I'm a regular Carolla fan and I like you so much on that show that I'm giving your podcast a shot. It's pretty damn good if I may say so! It's tough though, I've never felt like more of a straight male from Canada than when listening to this episode. It's crazy, up here our gay men are straighter than your straight men lol.

    Also about the whole spelling/grammar thing. WAAAY too much energy is spent over this topic. It's all communication baby! If you can get the intended message across then that's what counts. I think everyone should chill out a bit on it and focus on the bigger issues. Maybe it's just me but when someone starts complaining about non-issues like these, I just think to myself, "Wow this person is a spoiled brat and needs to go through boot camp or something."

    Judgmental? Yes. But come on guys, it just seems silly to me to spend 15+ minutes arguing over such minutiae and it's a topic that's been run into the ground. Then again, it is your podcast and if you that's what you wanna talk about, go for it. Just make it funny or enlightening in some regard.

    Thankfully the podcast IS quite funny and enlightening. So I guess these were just my thoughts on it and I felt like sharing 'em. Keep it up babe.

  • steve hatchett

    Alison Rosen: Comedy Sniper.

  • Dru Peterson

    Dear Alison and Greg, I appreciate your position on gun
    control and your feelings about assault weapons for the public. I have to
    disagree with your misguided ideals and sediment. You both have clearly stated
    that you come from backgrounds of limited or no exposure of involvement of
    hunting or marksmanship. I have found that people not exposed to this type of sportsman
    activities would have opinions you demonstrated to listeners, and irresponsible.
    I like your pod-cast but was disappointed in your diatribe of misinformation,
    ignorance of gun laws, knowledge of fire arms, and the 2nd
    amendment. I believe that as a healthcare provider and an advocate of firearms.
    They provide our country with privileges and rights, other countries limit and
    are a mechanism of control their people. A funny statistical observation, a country
    like Mexico with gun laws, limiting population of owning and possessing a
    firearm still have a high number of gun deaths.  My point; if you had or been exposed to assault
    weapons, hand guns and conventional rifles growing up and family surrounding the
    respect of  firearms you may be a proponent
    of firearms. Bottom-line shooting is fun and can be done safely. Yes agreed,
    limit mentally imbalanced access to these instruments, like we limit their
    access to vehicle and driving. I enjoy having assault weapons with large
    capacity magazines they allow many rounds without the inconvenience of
    reloading. If you have experienced shooting you would agree the enjoyment of

    Something you should consider as our liberties are chipped
    away, and you as a journalist and personality your civil liberties are beginning
    to be scrutinized. If we had no way of balance the power between our government
    and the people we could lose even more of those liberties. I guess that from my
    experience of communism era of living. If we had a policing action in our
    country, gun ownership enforces our constitution and amendments. Assault weapons
    have that balance of force. Very extreme philosophy and I hope we never have to
    experience the actions mentioned. You mention an over utilized phrase, “People
    kill people, guns don’t kill people”. I don’t like that; guns should be
    respected and guarded. They should be secured in gun safes and ammunition should
    be secure in a fireproof container and safely secure from mishaps. I would encourage
    you both to experience firearms in the correct environment and enjoy a right
    and a privilege.


    Dru J Peterson

  •  Amen Dru. To those of y'all who don't understand guns or care for them, please READ THIS. Let me try to bridge the gap between the two mentalities.

    People who are 'pro-gun' often feel the need to defend guns when people who don't know much about the subject or simply don't care much for it attack it. Try to understand how the pro-gun people feel. They feel very much like someone who is pro-marijuana legalization and is getting flak from people who have no experience with drug use or simply think everyone who smokes weed or uses substances in general is some crazy asshole out to destroy their lives and the lives of everyone around them.

    Guns are just like anything else in the world. They are a tool and a resource for a very specific job. They can be used for good or they can be used for evil JUST LIKE ANYTHING ELSE. A pen can be used to write the declaration of independence or the manga carta. It can also be used to draft up the final solution. Heck, a pen can be used to perform a lifesaving tracheotomy or it can be used to stab someone in the eye. A drug can be used to medicate a person in pain or outright cure a disease OR it can be abused, casing harm.

    When is a gun useful and necessary? Guns keep the peace. Yup, believe it or not, they are the number one deterrent in our society after guilt. Often times the only thing that keeps a civilization in check is the knowledge that people are capable of defending themselves and WILL defend themselves when they or their rights or their property or their loved ones are threatened.

    We are pretty spoiled in our society. We have soldiers and we have police and we have civility but it doesn't have to be that way. It wasn't always that way and it can end at any moment.

    Yes, guns are very often used to perform terrible acts of evil. But guess what? I can very well kill a man with a nail gun or a jerry can full of gasoline or 6 feet of rope or just my bare hands. You can't ignore these inventions. They aren't going to go away. You can outlaw them but then people will just own them illegally just like how we have outlawed certain drugs and people just go ahead and have them anyway.

    What we need to do is educate people and act responsibly. Stop being a bunch of scared pussies and accept your mortality. Guns aren't going away any more than drugs or sex or vehicles. We have be adults and understand how they work, why they are important (look up social functionalism) and how we can best feel secure in a post-gun-powder world.

    Shooting can be an enjoyable and safe past time. It doesn't matter really. It's about freedom and liberty. It's about logic and reason. I wish we people like the so called 'gun nuts' defending ALL our rights and freedoms. From the right to have whatever sexual orientation you want to the right to smoke cigarettes to the right to be an ignorant asshole.

    We can't focus our efforts on getting rid of the means through which evil is done. That is one of the biggest misconceptions of our time. We have to focus on where that evil comes from and how to deal with it instead. That's what Clockwork Orange was all about. You can deny a person the ability to cause harm but if their will is still there, they are still corrupt, evil people and they will find some way of expressing that. If we handicap ourselves just to keep that evil from getting out, we are committing a terrible crime unto ourselves. We have to stop blaming the means and the methods used and start focusing on the actual CAUSES. What makes a man want to kill another man? What situation creates such a terrible will in an intelligent person? How do we prevent such a situation or soothe it if it is already in effect?

    These are the serious and real questions that will actually make some progress on this front. To all those who just say 'boo! ban guns! I hate guns! ra ra ra!" please STOP. You are part of the problem. Protesting and chanting slogans are powerful tools to instill a change but you have to do a LOT of unbiased research in order to know what change is correct. Stop following trends or getting behind the line. Do your homework. Educate yourself. There is no such thing as being too smart or thinking too much.

    You want to talk about guns and political issues? Fine but you better actually know what's really going on if you want anything you say to be of constructive use. Expressing your feelings is great and all that but you shouldn't make everything a therapy session. Sometimes we actually have to put our feelings aside and do what makes rational sense, even if it hurts emotionally. It's part of being an intelligent adult that doesn't deal strictly in absolutes.

    So yeah. I better get an A+ or a gold star or something for writing this because it took like a whole 15 minutes of my life and it'll probably have no impact on the real world but fuck it, I wanna say this shit.

  • UninvitedChristopherGuest

    Mexico is killing it's citizens with American made guns. You're not a very deep or rational thinker. Try some deep breathing exercises and preferably without gun powder fumes. Hmmmph.

  • Asia_fox

    Alison,quit giggling at everything to spare time,its not funny!

  • Chris

    she can giggle at anything she wants douche, it's her podcast, and if you dont like it, dont listen to it dickhead. Besides, Alison is hilarious and her giggling is funny 

  • Les

    "Exspecially" makes me nuts.

  • jim

    always knew he is funny, found out he's pretty smart too. best Alison cast so far.


  • Grammar Police

    I appreciate Greg's comment about the correct pronunciation of "often", BUT he did not pronounce the word "forte" correctly. It's "fort", not "for-tay".

  • Robert

     He totally did say "fort".

  • Glory, from mad dog and glory

    That was on purpose, it was a joke.

  • WittyReference

    Re: emoticons and making the tone of emails clear etc:

    I think that all text/ email/ word programs should have a "Tone" drop down box option just like the one for fonts. That would help clear things up eg "What does he mean by that? Oh he selected sarcastic, now I get it"

  • Masterdingo

    Hey Alison, when you do visual things on your podcast, "could you please" add the photos on the page with the show that the visual thing occurred on. For instance, on this episode with Proops, you wrote down a symbol that you and he described as a sideways dollar. If you have a smart phone, you could just take the pic right as the event happens (or anyone on the show could, and then you could just drop that bad boy on this site. Thanks. :)

  • I just don't find Greg Proops the least bit funny or interesting.   But then, I don't find ANYONE who has ever done Whose Line Is It Anyway funny or clever or interesting.  Maybe I just consider him unfunny by association.    Still appreciate the show and the host, though.   So I'll be back.

  • Connard

    A polite way to say 'please' in an email without sounding insincere or passive aggressive is to use the phrase 'I would be grateful.' 
    For example rather than saying 'Could you please feed the dog' you would instead say 'I would be grateful if you could make sure the dog is fed.'

  • MrDinosaur

    All right! Been hoping this one would happen.

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