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ARIYNBF 125 with Chelsea Peretti

Written by Alison | July 29th, 2012 at 9:29 pm | Comments

Hating this photo of myself

Comedian and writer Chelsea Peretti (Parks & Recreation, The Sarah Silverman Program, Portlandia) stopped by this episode of Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend to discuss poodles, relationships, keeping things positive, social media, having developed the viral hits Black People Love Us and The Rejection Hotline with her brother (Buzzfeed’s Jonah Peretti), her recent decision to leave Parks & Recreation, moisturizing, Pete Holmes, 50 Shades of Grey and the way her bathroom cannot cage her. We also took a call, did round of Topic Sombrero, Just Me Or Everyone (click here to see the JMOEs we put on the screen) and HGFY.

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  • Elle

    I think that guy who called in should just move to the city wherever that girl that he’s really in love with lives.
    And Alison – can you please stop saying “Aryan boyfriend?!”  Mostly I don’t get tired of you repeating things (all the songs for segments on your show are delightful, plus I ESPECIALLY love your news girl song and it makes me laugh & smile every day I hear it!), but not this one. 

  • Dabofist

    Hottest photo ever.  

  • tjshere

    I can't imagine why you hate that photo, Alison. I think you look cute as hell.  As usual.

  • Mo Barkley

    JMOE - look for fart bubbles at the end of the race while swimmers are looking up at scores

  • David

    Love your show, and your comments on the Adam Carolla show.  BTW we own a farm, and have both cows and horses.  They are fine with each other, no spooning though.   Keep up the fantastic work

  • SpaceCowboy

    Chels and Ali are lovely.  Each summary should include Ali in different themed outfits. Ali going camping. Ali heading out for golf - and so on.

  • Muffinmaker345

    This was a really funny episode, made my morning commute fly by. My favorite podcast on the network thingie, keep up the good work!

  • Michael Pemulis

    I'd guess Alison hates that photo because she thinks her head looks fat. Every photo of my girlfriend, where her head is tilted to one side like Alison's is in that picture, she also thinks her head looks fat and harasses me incessantly to agree with her. And try assuring your own spouse or girlfriend that you don't think she looks fat at all when she insists she does. I know this is effed out standup material but it's effed out for a reason.

    Or I could be completely wrong as to guessing what another person thinks when I don't know them at all, and I'm just making a complete ass of myself. This is the safe bet. Either way, the show still rocks.

  • Ramie

    Great pod!  I look forward to this podcast every week.  Keep chiming in Gary, you rock too!

  • Mark S

    Allison you are my Max fav. I just want you to love yourself as much as I/we all do. loving yourself just the way you are foes not make you conceded it just makes you a good person. live it love it and it will all come to you in time no-one became a success overnight. You are following a good wheel and you are coming strong every day.

  • Scootermanz

    You both look good in the photo. Come on Alison! :)

  • Hey Alison- Your new spot for Square Space could not have been more timely!  I was literally sitting at a coffee joint cruising the web for an easy CMS when I started your pod; crazy kismet.  Keep up the great work... Chelsea was a great guest!  I always appreciate your wit, your dry sense of humor, and of course, your laugh.  I smile every time I hear that laugh -- even to the point of tearing up sometimes.  It's just infectious.  Even if I'm having a hectic day, it puts me in a better mood!

    Best to you, Gary and the gang.  Don't ever zip it.


  • Les

    The Atkins Diet killed Krispy Kreme.

  • MeginTX

    The show was awesome! I want you both to be by new BFFs. And I think Gary is my new crush. 

  • Jane Grow

    I have a "is it just me or is it everyone". (I couldn't figure out where would be the most appropriate place to submit it) Here goes...When I use a public restroom, I would rather a person waiting in line sneak a peak under the doors or do a walk-by and get a kind of zoetrope view possibly risk them seeing my panties than to knock on the door because I dislike having to utter "occupied" while I'm concentrating on the pot.

  • The Rob

    I love you Alison, but I don't even like the concept of NYC.  Mostly I can't stand the way New Yorkers make endless references to the geography of NYC itself (104th street, 48th street, Upper West Side, Lower East Side), but you don't seem to have that habit.  I really enjoyed the fact that Chelsea doesn't miss NYC at all, and also the way she crushed the feminized psuedo-male that called.

    You may be at the beginning stages of moving back to New York.  I don't know you, of course, but more than one friend of mine has talked herself into moving back to a place over the course of months or even years.  Picking out the little aspects they missed the most, even while recognizing the negative aspects, is usually how the momentum gets started.  Just a thought. 

  • Mnoswad1

    Alison, Congratulations on finally having Natalie from The Facts of LIfe on Adams show. You must be beside yourself. 

    Haven't listened yet, but just saw this picture.

  • EHits

    Negs and Pos? C'mon Alison you're better than that. 

  • Kahoutek

    This was one of your best episodes.  It's like the fun and enthusiasm got Super-Sized.  I'd love to hear Chelsea Peretti pop on by on a regular basis, like Dr. Drew does on Adam's podcast.  You guys have some great comedy chemistry going.

  • She was totally in the pilot of Louie.

  • Funkphoto

    Allison, You always look good !  Crazy girl.

  • Chelsea Peretti.  Was.  Fantastic.   I need to date her just so I can piss her off and hear her berate me dry, mean and witty comments.  As in (to Nick the big pussy):  "It feels like you probably cry a lot."  Heh.   Nick needs a TON more of that.   He's totally going to be wearing shortsleeve button-down shirts with short, plain maroon ties and grey Haggar slacks unless someone reboots that squishy fuck.  And fast.

  • Landonwhitton

    this is driving me nuts. in the ARIYNBF theme song there is a phrase that i can't understand. its really unsatisfying having an unfinished song in my head all the time

    "alison rosen, alison rosen is your new best friend
    alison, alison with her the good times never end.. 
    alison rosen.. doin the ????????
    someone please help me.

  • Kohnyman

    doing the wavy pencil thing again.

    If you look at the drawing of her that represents the show, she has a wavy pencil in her hand.  This is an inside joke about her waving a pencil up and down to make it look like it is bending.

  • boinkity

     quite possibly it's...

    doing the... lazy gentle France ... mui bien!

  • boinkity

     maybe it's...

    doing the... crazy menstrual cramps AGAIN!!!

  • boinkity

     doing the... weighty pretzel trance and Ben!!

  • boinkity

    Hey.... I thought Alison was gonna start wearing some color? Gary Bear! Is this your fault??

  • Richmorrspam

    I for one like the picture -- looking beutiful as always!

  • Prothunderbird

    Please tell your caller to stop being a little bitch, he's obviously gay so he just needs to stop screwing up chicks heads and jump on the dick. I hate morons!!

  • Jflink

    So beautiful, no wonder the terrorists hate us!

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