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ARIYNBF 111 with Hungry Girl AKA Lisa Lillien

Written by Alison | April 22nd, 2012 at 8:00 pm | Comments

Two Girls, One Sombrero

Lila Lillien, AKA Hungry Girl (“foodologist”, bestselling author and Food Network show host) stops by this episode of Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend to talk about recipe development, sending foods to a lab to double check calorie counts, tofu noodles, how she went from from being a media executive to running her own business, iCarly, ducks on a date, hair straightening, one night stands, relationships and escalators among other things. I’m just going to say this right now: I think I come off as extra nutty and calorie-obsessed in this episode. I assure you in real life I’m a delight. Just ask Lisa Lillien! (I’m pretty sure we’re BFFs now. I want us to be.) Also in this episode we found out a little more about Gary’s personal life! And we played a special foodcentric Just Me Or Everyone. (Click here to see the JMOEs we put up on the screen.) Plus your emails and the iTunes comment of the week. And topic sombrero!

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  • Gnarlex

    Just listened. You sounded so comfortable with Lisa.  Totally understand the JMOE about the fish-coffee smell thing, only I find a strong canned tuna note in ground coffee.  Also a little bit of skunk. 

  • Elle

    Agree to disagree Alison & Lisa.  Plenty of gals can seperate emotions from sex, quite successfully.  It's just a matter of whether or not you're uptight as Adam would say  ;)

    And I think everyone always plunges out their very own new straw!!  Great show today!!

  • whiskey

    I love sushi as well but did she just say she eats it 5 times a week!?!?  I could easily do that but I would have MAJOR concerns about mercury poisoning.  I seem to recall mercury poisoning resulting from eating sushi with less frequency.  Pregnant women should avoid sushi altogether or maybe once a month.  Mercury is especially toxic to a developing fetus.  Just catching up on the podcasts, keep up the good work.

  • Wjohnson

    A few tips if you want to try to become a runner.. 1. get good anti blister running socks. 2. Get good running shoes 3. Google "couch potato to 5k" and use that plan

  • 40yroldvirgin

    The Rosenator Rules! Thanks for doing your podcast, appreciate all the hard work! I exclusively click through (Amazon) for the ACE network!

  • Jpatton123

    I love Alison...I think she's a riot, but the celebrity interviews right from the beginning of the show kill the podcast for me. I'm not interested in hearing Fred Armidsen talk about what is was like renting a car, or what is was like for today's celebrity to work with (name of celebrity here), or how that celebrity got started in show business.

    Alison, you are really witty and some stuff other than talking to these celebrities. Every other show on the planet does that. 

    Also, please tell Adam to quit saying "sort of". He says it 40-50 times a show.

    I'm going to keep listening...good luck!

  • cacahd

    Hey Alison and Gary you should use The Hungry Girl drop at the end of the show where she says
     "I feel like you are my new best friend"

  • Jenn Hurst

    It was my first time listening to ARIYNB... I heard a clip of it on Adam Carolla's podcast which I was listening to for Penn Jillette because I am a fan of Penn and Celebrity Apprentice. I happen to be a huge Hungry Girl fan as well, and tuned in to hear from Lisa! It was a superb interview, and I fell in love w/ both Alison and Lisa because of how down to earth and smart you both are! Overall, only heard one episode, but I LOVE the keepin' it real, down to earth feel, fun, young spirit of the podcast and I'm now officially a fan! Great show!

  • Thank you so much! So then if you're a Hungry Girl fan and a Celeb Apprentice fan were you dying when Hungry Girl talked about CA on the podcast??

  • Michael Pemulis

    So, was there a noticeable change in your eating habits, comparing living in New York to Los Angeles? Which city is more conducive to going nuts with the junk food?  

  • There was a noticeable change in my walking habits. In NYC I didn't have a car and walked everywhere and was climbing stairs and it's just easier to exercise I find. Out here I have to make more of a concerted effort.

  • Tawendel

    Very good show today! A very interesting guest.  Keep up the great work and keep them comming!

  • thanks!

  • Barry

    Hey Alison. Just out in Pasedina last week, and made a point of seeing some of the areas you guys are always talking about. Glendale, Burbank, .....flew into the dinky Burbank airport, met the angry TSA patrol. Went back and watched your vlog from May(?) 2011 and your opening up on your fat past. Awesome. I just finally lost a large chunk of weight after 10 years of failure with weight watchere and Charles Barkley. Keep up the good work. You're on your way.

  • Congrats! How did you do it?

  • Mark

    Allison I love how kind hearted you are... don't ever change.

  • aww, thank you!

  • Winter is Coming

    Very fun show!  The way I was able to jog without huffing and having to stop like 3 minutes later was to jog really REALLY slowly, like 4.3 mph on a treadmill.  Or even slower at first.  It burns more calories than walking (even at the same speed) and gives my heart a great workout, but I can talk while I do it and can keep it up for a while.  At first I was excited to be able to do it for 15-20 minutes.  Now I'm one of "those people" who can jog on a treadmill for 45-60 minutes...  I don't remember what else I wanted to say, but a few times during the episode I was like "Yeah!! me too!"  just like when I'm talking with a good friend!

  • I'm going to try that!

  • What a great show- I listen to this episode this morning while going for my morning jog~ Love it!!!
    Keep the podcast coming- Love your show Alison! I'm off to check out 

    Kelly Ann

  • thanks!

  • Dick

    These shows are great.  Its the only time we get to hear you without being constantly interrupted.

  • haha! thank you!

  • Had so much fun! Thanks for having me on!!! :)

  • We loved having you on!!!

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