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ARIYNBF 108 with Kevin Pereira

Written by Alison | April 1st, 2012 at 9:05 pm | Comments

Oh hi! On this super duper episode of Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend, Kevin Pereira of G4’s Attack of the Show stops by to talk about being a child of the internet (and how it leaves you desensitized to shocking images), his early days as a web impressario/nerd who rollerbladed yet dated a cheerleader, Multiplicity, He Said/She Said and Bring It On, daschunds, relationships, performance anxiety and myriad things which are dazzling and hilarious. And also drugs. Gary and I didn’t want the episode to end. We are both in love with Kevin. Also we are in love with Alfred Schulz who called in to do a newish/oldish segment called Things You Never Hear People Say. Also also: we took your calls.

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  • Chris K

    Someone please tell me what goosebumbs book RL Stine wrote where someone gets analy raped

  • Amanda

    Great show Alison. Loved Kevin, have him back!

  • $1205496

    Hi Alison,

    Just got around to listening to the Dustin Goot episode. Re: you feeling guilty for not wanting to talk to your boyfriend on the phone, here are thoughts from a guy's perspective on it...

    He doesn't even necessarily really want to talk to you on the phone about your day. He's maybe just trying to be polite in offering. It would be rude if he didn't. Most guys don't love talking on the phone either.

    So what he what he really wants is just acknowledgement of his effort and politeness. So maybe a text back of something like...."that's sweet. thank you. i'm super tired tonight but let's grab dinner on friday and we can discuss then. miss you!"

    That often is more than enough. Sometimes the intent is all that matters. In this case, with that type of response, you are rewarding and acknowledging him for his effort and setting a future expectation for him.  


  • Ninjä

    Love how the files are named on this wonderful podcast. (guests being part of the file-name). "ARIYNBF_107_DanaGould.mp3" should be ep 105 though?

  • You are a beautiful sweetheart of a lady. I love your podcast!!

  • Ditty78

    Keep up the great work!!! lovin' your interviews and I think your the funniest one on that "other" PodCast your on...

  • catsmeow05

    Just voted 5 stars on itunes, for the third time! yeah we love you and your podcast...
    thanks for doing it!
    40--- :)

  • EmbersBurnBrightly

    I don't think I've ever seen Kevin Pereira look so happy! He's absolutely beaming! 

  • Futurafutura

    Alison. Get the drum set, and get a car shaped armature and throw one of those car covers over the set. Adam won't notice one more "car".

  • BrooklynListener

    Loving the podcast more and more every week! Now you just have to interview Adam. It would be amazing to see the change in dynamics

  • doug

    absolutly.  Put him on the couch and let him talk candidly.  you would have to do it somewhere other than the ACE studios though.  Gotta take him out of his domain.

  • Great interview! Keep it coming! 

  • Michael Pemulis

    I'm starting to believe that the guests pose for pictures with an Alison wax figure; her hairstyle and the expression on her face is exactly the same in every picture. I'm envious. Each photo of myself is a crap shoot. In one, I'll look sincerely happy, smiling pleasantly, and in the next, I'll appear to be a scheming and partially toothed pedophile slash serial murderer slash newspaper delivery guy. So, obviously, I'd like to reproduce, every time, the latter effect (that none of my friends and family will want to include me in any further photos, group or otherwise); please tell us your secret.

  • Jknox00

    I know what you mean - I'm not photogenic... some kind of opposite thing where I look much worse in any photo. Some photography geek once explained how this has to do with your skin-tone and sheen. (??). 
    But I can say this - Alison just looks so ridiculously hot in every photo that I'm quickly developing such a massive fan crush.. i mean wow she is looking freaking gorgeous!

  • The Rob

    Thank you, Kevin, for overwriting the James Gunn file in my skull.

  • catsmeow05

    I agree, James Gunn wasn't the best, a little whiny

  •  Add my third to that.   Listening to the James Gunn show was work.    This one was playful and fun.   Quality stuff.

  • boinkity

    I have to admit... I was almost completely shocked and upset over the divulging that Alison once tried Sweet Valley High.... I feel like I hardly know you!

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