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Written by Alison | March 25th, 2012 at 9:56 pm | Comments

On this episode of Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend, director/writer/actor/cat rescuer James Gunn (Super, Slither) stops by to chat about relationships, unhealthy relationships, his former marriage to Jenna Fischer, being superstitious, PG Porn and other career masterpieces and simple ways to make yourself happy. We take some calls including one from a 15 year old who wants to know whether to tell his best friend he has a crush on her. At the beginning of the episode Alison recommends a couple relationship books.

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Executive producer: Alison Rosen

Producer: Gary “Gare Gare” Smith

Music: Tom Rapp

Logo: Kezilla

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  • NancyPants

     You and James Gunn must marry and procreate immediately. You look too cute together.

  • jack kasza

    Hey Alison! I love what you're doing with Adam on the podcast. I could not stand Teresa.When adam was on the radio I had to stop listening because of her.When I started to listen to the podcast ,I was so happy Adam got a new "sidekick". When Adam would do a interview,Teresa would step on his lines or try to take over the show . Or push her political views. You give Adam room to be Adam. Two weeks ago at the improv with Doug Benson you were on fire!! The funniest show you've done with adam. You go girl.............................................................................

  • Gonenow

    The long format interview is great.  You must be working other gigs - would be interesting to hear about those occasionally.

  • Jknox00

    Really enjoyed this one because I think Gunn and I are a bit like-minded (troubled?) souls when it comes to the relationships and yes I have wondered if maybe my lot in life will be temporary and successful love affairs which never quite become long term. Also, I am another Caucasian with Asian hair and I had to laugh because yes... yes.. I flashbacked to high school where for reasons I never understood girls insisted i 'spiked my hair' with gel or hairspray. But the OCD stuff is all weird to me. Then again, I think its really normal someone does feel confident and 'renewed' if they do have a new anything. New shoes to a job interview IS a great thing. I'm rambling on. Over-excited about my new best friend Alison sex-on-wheels Rosen

  • Danb4828

    Allison is a nice girl Weird how she looks like Teresa. A lot like Teresa, but only half as crazy. In a good way.

  • R_montalbetti

    I worry Alison is becoming as neurotic as Teresa.

  • andrew


    Love the show! My only critique is we need those mics closer to the guest. The levels are up and down. Part of that may be due to the amount of weed Doug Benson consumed before that episode. 

    KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!! Viva La Alison!


  • catsmeow05

    James Gunn brother is Sean Gunn, "Kirk" from Gilmore Girls....Plus love you on the podcast ACE. You are laughing more these days, and it just makes my day. 
    Thanks Alison..


  • TS

    1. Heard you talking about negative Internet criticism (more people hating you, actually); I thought about how I mentioned that the intro for the last episode ran too long, hope I didn't come across too poorly.  It is hilarious that someone called you a "fucking faggot," though- that's insane.

    2. I am about to come across somewhat poorly, right now: a super-awesome guest for your show would be Teresa Strasser, and I'm not bringing her up to be obnoxious.  I assume you've heard her ep of The Mental Illness Happy Hour, for example, so I think she would fit the format of your show rather well.  Have you given it a shot/thought?

  • TS


    Please scroll down to the bottom of the page, and see the comment left by the authoress.  <3 <3

    Do it do it do it do it pleeeaassee.

  • Kari

    I saw you on E Hollywood Story, The Biggest Scandals! talking about Tiger Woods lol :) It was kinda random seeing you "pop" up on the TV, when I'm used to hearing you on a podcast :)

  • GV

    Alison, don't listen to the haters.  Ignore the haters.  Every hater I have ever known has been a miserable person.  Bitter over their own failures and envious of the success of others.  You are beautiful, smart and successful.  The trifecta!  The hat trick!  As Larry Miller says, "game over, you've won".  Who cares what complete strangers and anonymous idiots have to say?  I could walk down the street and ask 100 strangers what they think of me but who cares what they think.  Maybe they have some prejudice against tall people, or white people.  Maybe they are just stupid.  There are a lot of stupid people out there (how else do you explain the success of McDonalds and the Kardashians).  I don't know; I don't care.  You rock.  Keep it up.

  • Amorise

    I really like the podcast and I find you very easy to relate to. One suggestion: I think it would be even better with a cohost. There are soo many podcasts now with a comedian interviewing another person. Adding a cohost would liven it up and make it different from the rest. Keep up the good work!

  • Michael Pemulis

    Really enjoying the show. I like that you don't seem to be restricting or pushing the conversations in certain directions. The term 'organic', as it is now used, is damned grating, but maybe it's the most succinct term to best describe your podcast. The lack of audio drops and more rigid comic bits make the show a welcome contrast to The Adam Carolla Podcast (which I also enjoy, and think, with your addition, has only gotten better). And it would be fun to hear you and Teresa Strasser together, as two people who've held the same position on that other show. Keep up the good work.

  • Mark

    The male guests on your show giggle much more than they do normally. I think they all have a crush on you. 

  • Dutch

    You know, when I first came across you on Adam's show, I didn't expect much, but you surpassed my expectations as you grew and evolved over time. Yet despite being pleasantly surprised by you once, when I saw that you were starting a podcast, I wasn't confident or optimistic that you could pull off hosting by yourself. To my unexpected delight, you once again made me eat crow with this very good show that I now listen to with regularity. I have been burned twice for underestimating you, and I've officially learned my lesson. It's been a pleasant experience to see you come into your own, and you can now count me among your loyal supporters.

    I don't know if this comes across as wildly backhanded, but I hope you take in the spirit in which it's intended and focus on the positivity I'm trying to convey. You're doing a wonderful job, Alison.

  • Gus_macd


    So when you are on with Carolla you are great, because anyone with Carolla has to fight for air so you drop your lines in crisply with punch. You are one of the few who consistently keeps up to him.

    Sometimes in the long form here without that pressure your voice trails off at the end of your question or statement, like youve lost your commitent to what you are saying midsentence. You arent tentative, dont sound tentative.

  • TS

    Wasn't sure what to expect from the guest, but this was a really good episode of the show.

  • Mario94606

    great show Teressa

  • Trollbuster2000

    Great post, troll. (moving on...)

  • boinkity

    Excellent prologue!! Also, another great show!! Honestly, I was not very familiar with James Gunn, but you really made him come across as thoughtful and kind and funny with this interview. Also, the show seems to be running a lot more smoothly now that you and Gary have a few under your belts. Still, I enjoy when Gary chimes in with his 2 cents, and definitely would encourage his comments a little more often. Also, liked the ending of the show where you did your spot about Gamefly, then talked with James a little more before concluding.

  • Kay

    Alison, you are such a gift to all of us.

  • Loved the episode Allison! Just rated it 5 stars on iTunes and look forward to many more episodes! :) 

  • guest

    holy shit... hittin' home with this episode...

  • mugby

    It's 1:25 AM, do you know where your ARIYNBF is?

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