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Written by Alison | March 18th, 2012 at 9:17 pm | Comments

Comedian Doug Benson joins this episode of Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend to talk about how he and Alison met, costume parties, twitter, dating, deleted tweets (sort of), the advice he gave Alison when she was auditioning for The Adam Carolla Show, his podcast Doug Loves Movies, Fox News, Red Eye and other important stuff I can’t remember right now. We also took your calls and Larry Miller tried to ruin my show.

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Producer: Gary “Gary Here” Smith

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And here’s another photo since you’ve made it this far:

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  • John

    Hi Alison-- You're sensational.  You're very talented, very funny, and very easy on the eyes.  I really enjoy your sense of humor, your writing, your on-screen reporting in NYC (!).  I was surprised to hear that you are sensitive to negative Tweets.  Fuck them.  If you want a few hours of solid re-affirmation, I'm happy to take you and your boyfriend out for a beer.  I will pay you so many wonderful compliments and will be fascinated by every word you say, while not being annoying or clingy.  BTW, is your fan base highly educated and wealthy?  I think so.  If you're unsure let me conduct a study.  I am curious.

  • Luanne

    You could have gone to the costume party in a Minnesota Vikings jersey....

  • Funt Buckler


    The show I'm working on now is killing me 14 hours a day including weekends, but finding time to listen to your podcast in small bursts during renders and food breaks in single handedly keeping me sane!

    I think you are amazing on Adam's show, but now I'm just loving the main lining of Rosen I get from ARIYNBF! 

    That overactive super charged comedically analytical meat between your ears might be a hinderince to your day to day, but it makes great pod! Listening to you and your line up of great guests on my headphones gives me the best smiles I've ever had and brings me VITAL deliverance from the hell of my 7 day a week job.

    I hate how society has made it that we can't compliment a woman on her talent without mentioning her looks, but I can't help but end this comment without saying your smile could probably cause a "Waterworld" type world event if you ever got close to the northern ice shelf!
    ... because its warm... GIVE ME A BREAK! I'm not a writer!!! Just take the compliment, GOD!!!!

    Keep it coming, I need it! :)

    A Fan

  • Thank you so much!

  • Greg Sweet

     Alison. I know that when the world never seems to be livin' up to your dreams it is easy to hide in the world of Twitter, but there's a time you got to go and show you're growin' now you know about

    the facts of life. Come join us in the real world. It will develop the social skills that you lack; for instance, being able to speak honestly with a friend about attending a party.

  • The Rob

    Nobody fucks with Van Stone.

  • Fleetwood3

    Zip it Cunt!

  • Tootzilla

    Who died? Davey Jones

    Why is Alison wearing a parka? She has her pajamas on unerneath.

  • catsmeow05

    you can end your show with a butt plug, i will still listen!

  • TexasGirlNYC

    Hi Alison - loved the show with Doug Benson! He's usually so easy going; it was fun to hear him talk about things that aggravate him. You two talking about subway and airport announcements had me laughing out loud!

  • Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

    Hey -- I like the podcast and I'm a Doug Benson fan too.  One note re: McCartney.  I too hated the title of the new album (which is great) until I listened to it.  The title is actually a lyric from a song on the album, "Write myself a letter."  The lyric refers to putting X's on the bottom of the letter.  (Yes it's a double entendre, especially as the album title.)  That made me like it better.

    You're welcome!

  • oh...and the podcast is awesome.

  • Who died?

  • Raquelle Lowell

    Alison, shut up already!!  :)
    so who died?  I haven't listened to the whole thing yet, maybe I'll figure it out?

  • Bill Collins

    Obviously it's either Whitney Houston or that Breitbart guy, It's likely not a non-famous person, as why would they discuss deleted tweets, and anyone else would not be famous enough for us to care about them discussing deleted tweets. It think it was respectful what Allison did though.

  • benji

    you're hot

  • Jimbo

    Is it cold in the warehouse? How come the picture for the last three episodes Allison is wearing a parka??

  • Lor

     I was wondering the same thing!!!

  • Gonenow

    I love the long format discussions.  "Keep'em comin Baby!"

  • Kellie

    Listening to the show and totally agree about cell phone conversations.  It also made me think of this scenario that I hate -  have you ever been in public, let's say a retail store, and you accidentally overhear two women talking and one thinks she said something totally funny and she wants you to acknowledge it.  Do you ignore her? Or pretend you think it is funny?  I feel coerced into a conversation with strangers.

  • catsmeow05

    love you laugh much better than maria menunos

  • rwy29

    Hi Alison great show, love the relationship stuff. Thanks

  • TS

    No need to start of the show with a 5-minute long disclaimer or apology or anything.  30 seconds would do it, it's all good.

    Keep up the good work.

  • boinkity

     I'm gonna have to disagree. I didn't like it at first, but I'm starting to think a prologue before every show is awesome!!! I can't wait till next week's intro!

  • TS

    I would actually agree, with a condition- that it becomes an actual part of the show.  As it is, it sometimes feels like a thing to get through before the episode starts.  Using The Mental Illness Happy Hour as the first podcast that comes to mind, that show has an opening segment to every episode, but it is actually part of the intro, and includes specific recurring features (survey results etc).  

    Of the glut of other podcasts I frequently listen to, however, most of them tend to jump right into the episode give or take an intro song.  Or they keep preambles somewhat short and sweet.  It may seem weird for me to say that Alison should keep it short so I can spend more time hearing Alison talk on her podcast, but it's less an issue of content (she can talk about intense menstrual bleeding until the cows come home; having followed the smell of iron, most likely), but of editing.  

    Not a big deal, just seemed slightly out of place.  All of this typing was just me trying to put my finger on what was "off" about the start of this most recent episode.

  • Graham Wellington

    Texting your doctor? #definitelyajew

  • Wadesaluvr

    Totally love the show! Alison you are hilarious "and georgeus".

  • Game flaw:  George Carlin + Tom Hanks = (also) Carrie Fisher.

    Also - "Fat, bloody and depressed."   <snort>  You should have saved that line for Doug; understanding, of course, that you recorded his interview a while ago.   But that line was just begging for a straight man.  The comedy sort of straight man; not that non-gay kind.

  • Patrick

    Paul McCartney's album name "Kisses on the Bottom" is a lyrics from a Fats Waller song.

  • Steven Tarlow

    Alison, just wanted to say that I enjoy your show. Adam, Marc Maron, Film Vault, you and Ella Morton are in my regular rotation. Thanks for what you do :)

  • girlphnx

    I loved the show!  Just as entertaining as ACP, on which you've totally shined brighter than ever with some real funny sh*t lately.

  • boinkity

    I agree with Doug... you shouldn't end your show with a sponsor plug. Adam does that, and I sometimes will turn it off because it's pretty obvious that the show is ending. If I knew for sure you were going to talk for a few more minutes, I'd stick around.

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