Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend

ARIYNBF 101 with Pete Holmes

Written by Alison | February 9th, 2012 at 10:50 pm | Comments

Oh hi! I bet you’ve come here to hear what all the fuss with the new podcast is about. Am I right? AMIRITE? I hate when people write it that way. Also I h8 when ppl rite it that way.

Okay enough fucking around. The inaugural episode of Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend with guest Pete Holmes will be available for downloading and loving the hell out of on Monday which really means late Sunday night.

On the first episode we talked about my hobbit house, Pete’s first sexual experiences and what he’s looking for in a girl (hint: himself) (oooh, that’s an unintentional dirty joke!)(I really just mean he wants a girl who’s similar to him)(Okay enough parentheticals.) Also we talked about Ryan Gosling and deleted tweets and assorted other stuff, all of which is awesome. Please feel free to love this episode and then click the hell out of the sponsor links on the right. Do it!

Also please rank this episode highly if you like it and tell a friend or 16.

I suppose this episode will need some credits and this is how that’s going to go, I think:

Executive producer: Alison Rosen

Producer: Gary “PG13″ Smith

Music: Tom Rapp

Logo: Kezilla

follow @alisonrosen and @ariynbf for updates. Don’t use iTunes? Subscribe to the show’s RSS feed or listen on the Adam Carolla app!

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  • I wanted to listen to this inaugural show before listening to the Rosen chat on You Made it Weird. "People as drugs" hmmm I like that. I'm like that, it speaks to my selfishness.

  • Kyle

    This was a really great podcast

  • Mike Radogna

    Loved this episode (or is that epipod? epicast? podisode?). My favorite so far. Riki was awesome too tho.

  • Miaggido

    In the picture with Pete. Are you standing in a hole? Is Pete Holmes a monster? A monster baby!

  • beekevin

    Is Pete Holmes a giant human or are you standing 12 feet behind him for the pic and having an awesome perspective experiment?

  • Girlphnx

    I LOVE the podcast!  What an amazing job you did!  Do you think on a future episode (because I'm already a fan) you can complete that thought you had about Adam around 21:25- it felt like it was about to be a glimpse into the off-mic genuine Adam Carolla?  And could you shorten the theme song a smidge?  Otherwise, perfection!  I'm all in!

  • val

    LOVE the podcast. I despise itunes, but I might go on there just to rate your show. 

  • Richie Sambora

    So glad to get to download this off ACE Broadcasting and not iTunes. I thought that Magnet had finally forsaken me...

  • Eric

    Plad shirt...I think the Ace man's style is rubing off on you. eh you still look cute in it. Glad to see you got your own show. Best of luck.

  • Llawson

    great pod cast .thanks Alison

  • Ras5555

    This was a good podcast dispite the annoying douche who thinks he is so hilarious. What a douche!

  • FrankieBABY

    great show!!1 please just don't leave adam when this show blows up. you manage to,almost, keep him in check and break up the crazy. also, god your freakin pretty. i mean seriously 

  • JC

    Daniel is the name of Teresa's husband AND Alison's boyfriend. Anyone else find that an interesting coincidence?

  • Possum Crazy

    I have a hunch that Daniel is "D. B. Weiss" who is a writer for the Game of Thrones series on HBO. Alison suddenly got obsessed with Game of Thrones about the same time she started dating Daniel.

  • Raul

    Alison is great. love it. Pete is a bit annoying..

  • dwaters

    Thank you Alison !  The title is very apt as you come across as someone that could be a good friend.

    If I had to pick someone to share a booth at Denny's at 2AM it would have to be Alison.  We could chat over a Grand Slam about every topic out there. 

    Looking forward to the next show.   

  • Inquisitor Malakai

    Pete Holmes is.... Gandalf the Grey!  Did he bang his head on the threshold, too?

  • Great show Alison. Its nice being able to hear you. Dont get me wrong love Adams podcast but when you have something to say and Adam / the guest or Brians sound clips interrupt you it kind of blows. Also impressed how you don't lose your train of thought when you get interrupted.

  • Loving it great show Alison.

  • stnuntrnd

    between 46:10- 46:30, what is Pete describing at Bennigan's when he says, "glacier of ades? aids? AYDS? "

  • Partagas150

    Great start but the theme music is a rhythm killer.

  • just an observation... ARIYNBF makes me think aryan butt fuck,

  • thermion

    Great show, great guest. Congratulations on your solo show... You have earned a regular listener!

  • tim in seattle

    Somewhere Teresa Strasser just rolled over and took another xanax
    This was a really great podcast, didn't seem like a first at all (though that's not surprising since both participants are seasoned professionals)
    Great to get a more in-depth look at Alison's wit and intelligence. She's not just that news girl I listen to every day as she tries to get a story in edgewise.

  • Trykstyr

    As always Alison, I love you.  That being said, you should get another person.  It feels kind of lonely.  I don't mean it to be negative, just constructive.  Of all the female celebs I have seen, you are without a doubt my favorite.  Thank you for making my everyday brighter.

  • Delicious

    Funniest moment? When Holmes calls  Greg Fitssimmons a "tough guy" and Alison starts to point out that all of the stories come from Greg's imagination and gives up.


  • Hocii

    alison is great, but this pete holmes guy is a supreme douchebag

  • Jennmariotti

    Loving the show Alison! You're so cute!

  • Very good job. Its nice being able to hear a little more from the beautiful and intelligent Alison Rosen.

    Looking forward to more!

  • Ntt66

    I think people assume you're not liberal because you have to "yes girl" for Adam so often, or get outright shouted down. Glad you have another platform for your own awesome views though!

  • Koocoomoo

    egg nog eggroll

  • heatherhoney

    Great podcast, Pete Holmes was great, I'm going to give his podcast a listen too.  One comment though, you need a sign on and off-something similar to  Get it On and Mahalo or Zip it Cunt.  The hi hellos and byes sound weird.  Love you Alison, glad you are my new BF!

  • Nameless Melanie

    When Pete got into his rant on how beautiful and awesome women are, I totally blushed and got all softy.

  • Melanie Nameless

    Maybe we can eat ice cream TOGETHERRRR!

  • Andrew

    just some questions and observations,  Is Pete a giant or are you a member of the Lollipop Guild?  Wear more plaid shirts, Will fan phone call return as part of the podcast? My head feels larger than usual today. Since we can't see you on the podcast, how will we know you are really doing the wavy pencil dance? When you Taser someone at the grocery store because their cart is blocking access to coffee filters while they are talking on their cell phone about a story about a lost cat in People magazine, should you warn them first?   

  • Melanie Nameless

    I love Pete Holmes very much.

  • Robx46

    Good podcast & I'm sure it will only get better.  Glad to hear it is climbing the charts already!  Pete sounded like a handful at times.  I found him kinda annoying but that's just me.  I'll be tuning in every week.  Congrats!

  • Darren Fritschy

    Today I had to sit on an airplane from NY to SC while a sick kid continuously coughed saliva all over me.  Your new podcast kept me from freaking out, thank you Alison!  +1 fan

  • Rob

    Good show, I loved when Pete kept telling us how funny he was. Hahaha. Loved you though, as always.

  • Ntt66

    Ha, no one laughs at Pete Holmes' jokes more than Pete Holmes

  • 'atta girl.

  • Michael B Strader

    Great show!  

  • MichaelP

    Fantastic first episode! Great guest!

    I'm going to love having you as my new Jewish, Aryan best friend.

  • Dr. Patrick

    Alison Rosen is my new best friend on my I-Pod! Good relationship banter and funny moments. It's like a cupcake filled with cream. Something that I consume alone and with no t-shirt on.

  • jrahm

    Is he gigantic or is she tiny?

  • Matt Valentine

    Pete's a great guest.

  • newestfriend

    Really great Alison! 

  • Matt

    Great job Alison! Your podcast really brightened up my cloudy day; thank you. Hope you have a very happy Valentine's Day.

  • Pete

    This guy is hilarious. Great first show Alison.

  • Melo

    Dear Alison
    I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship =^{D


  • Approvr

  • catsmeow05

    Your soothing!

  • Matthew M

    Is he 6'8" or is Alison 5'2"?

  • Mermelanie

     he's 6'6. Forreal

  • Holly

    So, I'm only ever going to be able to read ARIYNBF as Aryan BF. 

  • Mark

    Ms Rosen,

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, very good conversation. Hope the show is great success!!

  • Kenstalk

    You need a news boy for this cast
    I volunteer with a segment called "Jews News"
    Only stories that make you feel "less depressed and guilty"

  • Cdyoung13

    That was an amazing inaugurational episode. You were great and I just needed to tell you that Pete's Adam impression sounded exactly like Dana Carvey's Ross Perot. Classic.

    Thanks Alison, You're Awesome :)

  • joshsmith01

    Where's the iTunes link or are you going to make us go all the way to the iTunes store?

  • Hammerthrust

    Wow, what a honest podcast.  Great job!  I don't feel like we're bff...yet. 

  • SuzRas

    Good job Alison!  My husband and I enjoyed your show.  Keep up the good work!

  • Joegagan

    ok, i hit the link from adam's page and it took me straight to itunes. there are a whole lot of us out here who don't use itunes (itunes sucks to hell)  - webmaster, FIX IT. i use RSS for all my podcasts.

    alison, you are my favorite clueless lib chick since my local talk radio lib news chick went outta business due to zero ratings. gonna give this a go, just remember, guys like logic.

  • Detailedpig

    Alison, is that young man in the picture super tall, or are you super short?  

  • Andy90

    Lot of fun. Highly entertaining. Pete Holmes was a good guest, too, though perhaps he's a bit too large. Smaller guests in future, please.

  • CpsMultimedia

    Congratulations! Excellent work, Alison.

  • Thanks!

  • John

    The show's acronym, "ARIYNBF", sounds kinda like...."Aryan BF (best friend or butt $!%)"


  • Welcome back!  we will always love teh show and we missed you so much!  But so happy that you are doing the ACE Podcast too! 

  • Welcome back! We missed you so much! 

  • calfaro

     great show! also: the podcast currently sits #1 on comedy and #4 overall on iTunes! congrats!

  • boinkity

    Awesome 'eggnog-ural' show, Alison!! You and Pete really seemed like you had a fun time, which made the podcast that much more fun to listen to!! Congrats!!

  • Citylife80

    How cute does Alison look in this photo?!?!?! The answer: very!

  • VickeeTee

    I am afraid since you're a nice girl Pete Holmes will refrain from saying "You son of a bitch." like he always does. Definitely my favorite thing he says.

  • I just heard about this, while listening to the AC Podcast, and I went and subscribed on iTunes.

  • T Huhn

    HOW do I listen to this?!  I'm a dumb guy, need things to be simple - like "click here to play episode" (I went to "New Best Friend" site and didn't get a prompt to play when I moused over episode).  Coming from Corolla, enjoy your work there.

  • Limkenca

    "Alison, Alison, Alison Rosen is you New Best Friend!......" Yeah can't wait, and the Rosenation, supports all you do! If you get an Amazon thing going, I'm supporting you!

  • Bigkahunamike

    I need how tall/short are you Alison? Thanks, CMW

  • DickD

    Get Adam occasionally as the News Boy and don't let him speak.

  • Mnoswad1

    yep, throw to the news and then instantly interrupt to tell an off topic story.

  • DickD

    Good to hear Adam advertising the new show.  Alison the first episode was wonderful.  Maybe DAG in the future?

  • shuttle

    Executive Producer: Alison Rosen. WOW ... look at you!!!  LOVE IT!!!

  • DickD

    Ohhhhhhhhh boy!

  • John The Baptist

    Give me an MP3 to download.

    I don't believe in itunes.

  • ArtHowardAtNight

     It's a real thing. I've seen it before.

  • John

    Then it is a thing of the devil.

  • mugby
  • boinkity

    I h8 that I hafta wait till Monday (late Sunday night) to watch your new (old) podcast with the son of the porn guy with the really big penis!!! What? He's not related?!?! (I h8 that)

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