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Hello and welcome to my corner of the internet. Come in, take a look around, kick your shoes off… DON’T TOUCH THAT! Okay, you know what? I can already tell this isn’t going to work out.

Some useful links? I think that would be good.

Perhaps you’re wanting to know a bit more about me? Of course you are. Allow me to regale you.

From Jan, 2011 to Dec, 2014 I was the news girl on The Adam Carolla Show.

Also, I was called “the future of television,” by former AOL CEO Barry Schuler.

I am a writer and TV personality though I’m not entirely comfortable with the term TV personality. UPDATE: I’ve decided I’m comfortable with it. In 2008 I        performed stand up and won the title of New York’s Funniest Reporter.

I’ve been a professional journalist since the tender age of 18 when I wrote for the Los Angeles Times. I went on to write for People, Rolling Stone, Spin, Vibe,        Seattle Weekly, Minneapolis City Pages, Village Voice, New York Press, Maxim, Stuff, Men’s Health, Hallmark, McSweeney’s and more and I’ve worked on        staff as a writer and editor at the OC Weekly, Time Out New York and Page Six Magazine. I’ve written about pop culture, high culture, crime, music, movies,      fashion and more. This is probably my best known article. I particularly enjoy writing profiles and Q&As but I write all sorts of stories. (I sometimes write a          humorous financial advice column on McSweeney’s and blog about entertainment for Yahoo’s front page.) Lately I write celebrity Q&As for Bon Appetit.

Also, I go on TV and talk about all manner of stuff.

Here is my reel. Prepare to be dazzled!

I host a popular podcast called Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend. I created and hosted a popular weekly interactive Ustream show called Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend.  And I post videos regularly on my YouTube page.

I update my blog frequently so please poke around and fall in love with me.

Remember you can always get to all the pages under the PAGES tab on the right side of my site.

Written by Alison

August 29th, 2009 at 1:12 pm

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  • JUST BOUGHT A CASE THROUGH AMAZON. Love the podcast, you're a fox. 

    Two Kisses,

  • dewcodered2

    love your show you do a really good job at what you do you are so make me laugh so hard.

  • Bethunique

    Alison, love you, please don't buy an engagement ring until you compare quality and price with the amazing talent at Benjamin & co. We are just minutes from the Irvine improve and can accommodate your schedule
    , just name time we'll be there. Check out our website At

  • Raif2013

    Congrats on your engagement :)

  • Thanks for the candid discussion of suicide on the podcast.  My husband killed himself recently after I told him I was leaving him.  It's so important to get information out there that increases understanding of suicide and mental illness!

  • The Lovely and Talented Alison Rosen enriches my comute to work, Love my new best Friend.

  • Raif2013

    Alison, you are the most funny, attractive, smart woman I don't know.

  • José Arenas

    Open a store! I love that caricature of you! it belongs on a shirt! I'd buy it then force my friends to buy one! cheers

  • Raif2013

    Happy Valentines Day Alison!

  • Raif2013

    Alison, baby, I want to put my hand on your thigh ;)

  • craigvan

    You truly are "not that fat!"

  • Raif2013

    Alison, when you break up with Daniel I would like to take you out and show you a good time. I think you would make a good mother for our kids you are in your prime!

  • Pd Johnson

    Your comments on Adam's show has now caused me to check our your podcast.   DAG's episode with you and Adam made me laugh so hard, in bed with my headsets on, that my wife woke up and could not go back to sleep.  It's all your fault.   GRRRREAT SHOW!

  • blatha

    Hi.  I find you funny and intelligent in the Carolla podcast, even as Adam steps all over your lines.  I looked at your you tube videos over the weekend and particularly liked your Redeye appearance in which you show off a disturbingly detailed  knowlege of  Facts of Life, and make a teary exit.  Thanks for the laughs

  • Raif2013

    Alison, I enjoy listening to you on youtube and on the Adam Carolla Podcast. I have big crush on you.

  • John Warren

    I'm a big fan and I knew you were pretty from your pictures but watching you on the Lance Armstrong episode I'm shocked at how beautiful you are. You and Bald Brian are so funny. Adam is lucky.

  • Mr Humidity

    Alison, your public persona seems to lead with your cuteness and your humor, which are two real assets for you.  But I think your work could reveal more of your insight and intelligence.  That's not my way of saying you don't sound intelligent.  To the contrary, I think, in your work, you've just scratched the surface of the depth and intelligence you can bring to a situation.  Look at someone like Teri Gross.  I think you could bring that kind of insight to your work (while remaining cute and funny).  Cheers.

  • Jackieltc

    just finished part 2 of the Bobcat interview. By the time it was over, I too
    had a crush on him. I understand your crush because the most attractive guys
    are those that make me laugh. In fact, my kids know of Adam Carolla as "mom's backup
    husband". George Clooney and Brad Pitt can suck it cause Adam is waaayyyy hotter. Please
    keep on interviewing the comics like Fitzsimmons and Mohr and of course Bobcat
    and I'll be a fan for life.

  • Stephen Hunter

    I just started listening to the ACS, and soon found myself asking "Who's that lady who keeps making me laugh?" Well, it's you. I know that now.

    Adam is great directing the conversation, doing most of the talking, but your interjections are always pure gold. Like when someone brought up the idea of being flipped off through the moonroof, you were all: "Then it's like the whole car is flipping you off." I laughed loud and long.

  • John

    Never really listened to ACS before you were on.  Now that I have... meh. He traded way up.

  • dnova

    I was going to compliment you on your wit, beauty, intellect, presence on Carolla's show, etc., but I don't like standing in line!

  • Camon Liddell

    Just started listening to your show after I ran out of Adam the other day. Loved your interview the Dave Atell. Always thought he was great on insomniac. Fitzsimmons was kind of painful to listen to. He's a total creeper, but you handled it well. Keep up the great work!

  • quick, what's your offer code for sherries berries?

    thanks :)

  • "best friend"

  •  haha, I know you and Adam will appreciate this. Now we just need one for Germany:

  • Vibrato

    Have you ever been asked to panel on Real Time with Bill Maher?

  • Just wanted to let you know I love your podcast. I work in retail and your show helps me get through the night at work. Keep up the great work! I have a (Just me or everyone) I count my steps walking in a building from my car and then I try to match the same number of steps coming back out of the building back to my car.

  • Hi Alison

    Thumbs up from here in Australia! Should get Ace and the crew to head Down Under for some shows.. keep up the good work :)

  • mbmprod

    Alison. You are perfect on the Carolla show. You are quick witted and nimble enough insert smart and sometimes hilarious comments in the middle of Adam's run-on sentences. NOT and easy task. I'm enjoying your interview style on ARIYNBF as well.  Keep up the great work. 

  • Ga Great Great Great Gaa Great!

  • John

    No hard cut on the new 2-parter!!! That was perfect. Yay! Ty.

    Also I'm sure it was mostly just joshing around but the one way sexual tension with Eli was starting to toe the awkward line. You were very graceful Alison.

  • Stumbled upon your podcast recently and I enjoy your interview/conversation style.

  • Hi Alison, until checking out your webpage I had never seen you. But I have grown accustomed to your voice and giggle on the Adam Carolla show. You are single handedly making a female voice heard among all the male voices in the comedic podcast genre. I recently turned my wife onto your podcast and she agrees as well.  Keep up the good work,  your loyal Canadian fan


  • John

    I hate those hard cuts to the closing song on the 2 parters... even though I know they're coming I still end up rewinding to see if I inadvertently ff'd since I'm often doing something else while listening.  Maybe a quick post production note on when part two is available for download before cutting into the song?  Or not.  What do I know... I had a terrible JMOE.

    Although I almost want a JMOE redemption.  I was happily working away on my computer when I see a tweet from ARIYNF requesting JMOE tweets.  I do my best to help. And bc it's Twitter I end up having to edit out 200 or so characters.  This resulted in something I know people do sounding trite and childish.

    When I get a friend request on FB or Twitter from someone I really like, respect or haven't seen in a very long time I go through that interface and make sure that I'm not going to look like an idiot.  As an example just today a guy I was friends with in high school sent me a friend request.  I'm neurotic so I did a quick scan to see what I was going to look like when he inevitably checked to see what I've been up to in the last few decades.  And I have to say I did change my profile pic to include my beautiful wife bc I wanted to make sure he saw how far I out-kicked my coverage in the significant other department.

    Alison! You can not tell me you don't do some version of this? Maybe not for everyone or all the time but I relate to your over processing brand of neurosis. I know this is not just me!!! The twitter condensing made it sound sillier than it really is.


  • please appreciate this cuteness alison! dog adopts baby tigers

  • Why have you not commented on Lisa Whelchel being on Survivor? Don't watch? Check it out.


    Alison, if you get a kick out of Adam's rant about airplane turbulence, then you guys will laugh at this list of things more likely to kill you than deadly "airplane turbulence."

  • Morfiend

    no matter what anyone says, i think youre an incredible part of the Carolla Podcast.  your sense of humor, attitude, and personality make your beauty even more amazing.  thank you for all that you do.

  • Asalaiz

    You are WAY more interesting than trashy Adam Carolla when it comes to real topics. But please stop wasting your time with boring gabby faggots on your show!

    Nobody knows who the fags on your show are, plus they are just chattering machines of boring gay issues that nobody cares about!

    I have nothing against gay, but at least bring a militant strong homo on your show for Christ's sake! We're tired of boring pussies.

    Also change your podcast cover page to something less gay. It's embarrassing when someone walks into my cube and see's a your girly face page on my iPod! You appeal to heterosexual men too but don't make it embarrassing for us to listen to you.

  • John

     I hate this post. 

    I like the logo and the guest except for... jk. In the Jay Mohr spirit of positivity I'm letting it go forever.

    I coal held in the hand...

  • John

     I just re-read that and realized I need to stop posting things from my phone.  I look like an idiot.  The sentiment is accurate but that post needs to be covered in red marker. 

    Also that two-parter was great.  As I find more podcasts I enjoy I can further distill down what it is I like about ARIYNBF.  I think Alison is truly interested in her guests. That's not always the case.  It's like she isn't asking good questions with the objective of creating a good podcast.  I honestly believe she's engaged in an exercise of curiosity with the person sitting across from her and not trying to 'make' something for her audience.  There's a frankness and a sincerity that's really endearing.  I'm enjoying listening to this thing of hers develop. 

    In the long run her honed interviewing and giggling willingness to be honest about her own, for lack of a better word, stuff is going to make her very successful.

  • patrick

    Alison, You're a real treasure to american media, and planet earth.  I love hearing your news segment on ACE and I'm so glad you have your own podcast.  You're a natural beauty, wise contributor, and a great voice (among other things.)  Truthfully, I just felt compelled to say that tonight.  Please keep being awesome.


  • eric

    Alison,Ive been perving on you for awile now,but never wanted to see what you looked like,(pehaps alittle "bat mobile fright),However,once I herd you say that the best concert you ever saw was(cool spelling,right?Like God and dog,I know...plz work with me),the band w/ no lead strings,but a lead SAXAPHONE(I play the sax)Morphean! OMG. Im in California and 1 out of 30 people know that Morphean is a super cool narcotic,or i should say are on it, but have no idia about the band.Sooo, I looked,Alison,you understand how smoking hot you are,right?Good Lord.Listen,If your ever up in SYV,Im at the Ranch Bald talks about...

  • John

     Wow.  I end up killing lots of time on the computer/ listening to podcasts and was starting to feel oppressive by occasionally tweeting, leaving feedback and buying stuff through the Amazon link b/c I really like the show. I'm not used to being a "fan" of anything I wanted to help be successful. I mean the Chicago Bears can't really benefit from my help. 

    But I have to say eric has made me feel better about myself.  Thanks for being creepy eric.

    Btw was about to buy a new phone and decided to check Amazon... same phone, same price, no tax and you get your .001% of $360.  Win win!

  • That podcast with Sara got really interesting about 25 minutes in or so when it got serious. I played this for my friend Natasha because I told her it sounded like her story. She teared a bit when listening to it actually, she is 22. Good job Alison, you really do help people and I am sure that it is truly fulfilling. 

  • Timothy

    Just had the pleasure to listen to you and Bryan from July 8th, and really enjoyed your guys rapport here.  It's of course always great with Adam but this was refreshing dialogue that I have been subconsciously looking forward to. 

    Like when an artist remixes a song you enjoy, sampling the breakdown that you liked and now you get to hear it highlighted in a new light.  Now giving you two songs both good in their own respect and together.I hope you guys do this again soon.

  • Robert Lamanna

    Alison, Gary,
    I absolutely love the show, and on a couple of episodes, during the prologue, you guys discuss a content management system for websites that allows for scalability and UI optimization based on the device in which it is rendered. For the life of me, I can neither remember the episode in which it is discussed nor the content management system's name. I would be eternally grateful if either of you could provide the name.

    A devoted listener and fan,
    Robert Lamanna

  • It's called Squarespace. Use promo code bestfriend10. Thanks for listening!

  • Brandonh187

    Dear alison.

    I want to have your babies.

  • Thomas Kachadurian

    Alison, Alison, Alison (said like a condescending father, which I'm not quite old enough to be):

    Please do not ever think again about editing your lovely nose. Those of us who love you (and we do) love you because of who you are and what you look like now.

    An here's the fatherly story. When I was a young man (19) I had a real crush on a girl who was just 15 and way too young (she happened to be Jewish with a distinctive, pretty nose, not so much big, but not little and perky). I always though of her wistfully as someone I might look up someday when we were in our 20s and four years didn't mean so much. Turns out, she looked me up about seven years later. She was quite lovely with her new glamorous nose, but not the woman I was so fond of all those years before. We dated a few times but I couldn't get past wondering what she was looking for in life that she thought a new nose would get her. She had thrown away one of the things that made her unique.

    We love your quick wit. We love your fragile sometimes and rock solid most of the time view of the world.

    And we love your nose.

    We don't want Miss Perfect Nose as as our new best friend, we want you.

    PS: (while I'm saying things fatherly) when they are your own, kids are even cuter than puppies and ducklings.


  • This is very nice. Thank you!

  • Mark

    Alison, Don't you think its time we go out together? We're not getting any younger and we should think about settling down. However we cannot do that until the courtship begins. Chilis has a selection of appetizers and entrees that are 2 for $20 but thats more food than I can eat alone. Would you care to join me? You, of course can choose the appetizer. I have a fresh, unopened bottle of Drakka Noir that I am patiently saving for our big night. Please respond soon. Also, Tuesday nights are best for me but we can work something out.

  • DegenerateGambler

    Love the show.  Two JMOEs - When walking past people on crutches, old people using canes, etc. I start walking slower so it doesn't seem like I'm showing off.  Also, when living alone I tend to sleep on the couch instead of the bed.  Just me?    

  • Guest

    Way behind, and just got to the Chelsea Peretti episode of ARIYNBF. It's the only one so far that I couldn't finish because the guest acted like she was just too cool for the show. Chelsea's condescending answers or acting like she didn't know any current events was frustrating. Love Alison, though.

  • Daq7

    Love your work on Adam's podcast and I love your cast as well, at least when Andrew WK is not on.  Heh.   ...wish I could figure out where to send the just me or everyone contributions...

  • Allison, you are truly funny and super hot. If that boyfriend doesn't work out you can always ride on my handlebars. Keep up the good work on the podcast. Smack Ace on the ass for me.

  • Brian

    Alison, I was wondering if you believe/know if there is a true test to avoid the friend zone with a girl I'm really interested in?

  • BGP


         I find your podcast be be entertaining, insightful and delightful. FUCK THE HATERS!!! 

  • Uchenna

    Hey Alison! I listen to you show during my drives up to see my fiancee on weekends. Love it - very engaging and funny AND it keeps me awake!! I was on a Netflix-marathon of "Everybody Loves Raymond" a not-so-obscure 80s TV comedy show, and I thought it was interesting that Raymond (the comedic character somewhat in the middle of things) usually makes his entrance in a number of the episodes by calling his wife random endearing names, including (but not limited to) food items! It made me snicker because I remembered the irate podcast listener (oh, why do these people listen?! For the pleasure of hating something or getting upset? Or both?!!) who didn't want you referring to people as food items... still funny. Love your show. Keep up the good work. I'm rambling... Um, Regards and all the best

  • Joe Sass

    Alison I listen to you on Adam Carolla  and you're super clever and quippy. Many of your jokes come so quick, often it takes Adam a second to register, disengage from his rant for a brief moment, and give a chuckle. Awesome.

  • Anthony

    It's scary how much Allison Rosen looks like Teresa Strasser.

  • After being dazzled by your reel I now hate TV's Andy Levy with the white hot fury of a thousand suns.

  • That's appropriate. Thank you.

  • Mysbutcher805

    I am loving my New Best Friend, thank you for being you. Loving the show! Gary is a fantastic addition.

  • Milt

    Hello, I just want to tell you that I almost choked to death on a granola bar and water while hiking listing to the Carolla podcast. It was the 9/4/12 podcast with Brandon Steiner and Dave Dameshek.  Adam was talking about the Neptune Society (19 minute mark). You came up with a quick one liner that made me inhale the water and choke on the ganola bar. I spit out everything onto my pants and had to drop my backpack immediately. I couldn't catch my breath while coughing and spitting up. I thought I was going to die or at least pass out. I had granola bits up in my sinuses which was horrible. After the worst minute of my life, I had to walk back to the trailhead with wet stains all over my pants and shirt.

    Thanks Alison for trying to kill me.

  • shatner99

    Hi Miss, 
    did you used to watch game shows growing up?

  • Yuripavlin

    you have to do that guitar noise more often......laughed so hard

  • Pat Van Der Schnitzel

    Hello my little Pineapple Upside-Down Cakes

  • barneyalso

     You were talking about a tennis player with a large arm.  No one believed you.  It's Rod Laver who played in the 60's, his left bicep looked like a thigh.  Wikipedia says this "Laver was very quick and mobile and had a gigantic left forearm."

  • Historyteacherdan

    Alison Rosen you are awesome, I love your input on the Carolla podcast, hilarious.  Especially when you cut into his seemingly endless rants (which I enjoy) to remind him how  cranky and old he is. Keep up the good work!

  • Bradley

    fruit douche still makes me chuckle.   Love your podcast!

  • Mustang

    You are talented and smart and funny and best of all you are kind. You're a bit neurotic, but that's what we all are and bless your heart, you're not afraid to show it. Keep it going. I love you too.

  • drxwes

    Hello Alison, 

    Just listening to you and Jeff Dye talking about the haters and wanted to share this nugget o' wisdom from Confucius:Tsze-kung asked, saying, “What do you say of a man who is
    loved by all the people of his neighborhood?”

    replied, “We may not for that reason alone accord him our approval.”

          “And what do you
    say of him who is hated by all the people of his neighborhood?”

    replied, “We may not for that reason conclude that he is bad. It is better than
    either of these cases that the good in the neighborhood love him, and the bad
    hate him.”

  • Michele P.

    Love your show on Ace broadcasting! I really like that I the listener get to know you better in your podcast and you are my new best friend!

  • Mitchbreen

    Hello Alison, Just wanted to say that I only have been listening the the Carolla Podcast for a few months now but I download it and ARIYNBF first thing in the morning. You are perfect for the news, and You work so well with Bald, Carolla, and my favourite guy on the podcast one Dave Dameshek. Keep up the good work, BTW - you are really really good looking, a close second to Dameshek, but pretty nonetheless. And Please tell my boss to Go Fuck himself if you get a chance

  • Shane

    I love the podcast! It's fucking great! Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  • matt

    JMOE when the theme song plays, I'm compulsed to go "da-ga-da-ga-da-ga-da" out loud with the drums at the end.

  • Chiekodoll

    Sorry I feel like an idiot, where  can I put in my "me or everyone"  comments Alison?

  • Robyn

    Hi Alison,
    Just in case you haven't heard the exciting news, HGTV Design All-Stars will be redesigning sets from The Facts of Life next week - with Mindy Cohn as the guest judge. Now THAT is must-see TV.

  • CrazyMyke

    I love the show and your fun interview style, good work to all of you who make the show possible.  May i suggest a guest?  Well i guess i am anyways.  Alyona Minkovski, another famous 'news girl' is headed back to LA to do show.  Keep up the great work and I will for sure be keepen on the listening.

  • Jasco1938

    I started listening to you on the Carolla Podcast and think you are hilarious.  I, too enjoy ducks both as pets and entrees and even though I'm probably olde enoughe to be your Fathyre,( I was NOT born in 1938)  I find your sense of humor easy to love. The looks don't hurt either.

  • Add me to the thousands, if not millions, of dudes that want to be be Allison's love interest. Love you, baby girl!!  

  • Low%Fan

    Hey Alison!!
    HUGE fan of both shows, and you!  Been a big fan of Carolla for a long time and you make the show that much better!! I have a great idea for a story tonight/tomorrow, Adam would have a field day...I never watch CSPAN but am on a biz trip and after the remote control wouldn't work, typical, I landed on the channel only to find a SUPER offensive black preacher on a podium speaking against same sex marriage, the POTUS, and his 'righteous coalition' travelling the country 'gaining support' against Obama. On national TV mind you, the guy is correlating molestation with homosexuality, and relating Obama's support of both! Right out of a movie... I turned it off after a reporter, (also black so not racist), started to go after the joker by bringing up the real issue of a broken family unit in the black community.  If you got some sound bites from this you could feed the Adam-fire and prove him wrong about no one bringing up the real issues at the same time.. You rock!  Keep up the great work! 
    Ps. (Not trying to tell you how to do your job just thought it would be interesting)

  • scooteri

    Your podcast is truly an enjoyable listen. I'm a fairly new listener and have been going through the archives and catching up on days when there is not a new show. You are a very talented woman. Thanks for keeping me company new best friend.

  • Jerry

    Thanks to you have started rewatching the "facts of life", good times!!!

  • Monowise

    Alison, I just listened to part two of your interview with Bobcat Goldthwait on the way home from work tonight. In it, he mentioned an episode of the Larry Sander's show he did after the Leno show incident. I googled it as soon as I got home, and am now watching it on Netflix. Thanks for a great show. I'm crushing on him too, and I'm a straight guy. 

  • Evilted40

    The first time I heard you I thought, who is this bright, witty, funny girl!  Well, Alison, what can I say, I'm hook on you now.  Keep up the good work!

    Oh P.S.  I just click on Amazon on your site!

  • TN_Guy

    Love your show and your contributions to Ace's show.  Was listening a couple of days ago where you were trying to comment on tennis players' arms but kept getting cut off.  I THINK your point was going to be that before the double-handed grip that the hit arm developed much more completely.  Now it's much less prononuced.  For evidence there was a great player about 20+ years ago- Rod Laver.  He was left handed and his forearm was like Popeye!!  But not so much his right arm.  You had it right.. Keep up the good work!

  • Loved you on ACS and ARIYNBF. If any message board douche ever says you're laugh ruins adam's show, give them a good GFY. You're insights and quirks make ACS a real show rather then a jaded frat boy complaining about everything (my entire fraternity listens to ACS and loves it cuz he's just one of us). Love your work and I hope you start doing some live shows in Cleveland and hopefully you start doing more shows a week :) 

  • Asun2boys2

    alison i think you are really cool! and i first heard of you on the adam carolla podcast!

  • Rigobear_ascencio

    I would like to say that I adore this show. I think you are funny and smart in a refreshing way. I work with machines all day and use hearing protection and I use ear buds with your podcast playing while I am doing mundane tasks. They are mundane no more. Keep up the good work and BTW you are cute as a MO FO

  • slomo

    think you are the greatest

  •  she a good lady

  • Narnold

    I never have listened to ACS but I've been a fan of you're show since the first episode with Pete Holmes, anyways just wanted to show some love.

  • You're laugh on the Adam Carolla Podcast makes me smile every time.  Also, I enjoy your thoughts and observations on his show and yours.

  • John

    Even though I listen to both Jay Mohr and Adam more often I think I'll give you the cut of all my Amazon purchases. 

    As an aside, how in the hell did you not know you were Jewish?   

  • boinkity

     I can see how she could be confused. Her hair is Japanese!

  • John

    Maybe but not buying.  And take that from a guy who found a strange niche in his early
    20's as the tattooed goyim used to make the fathers of Chicago's North
    Shore princesses furious.  That hair might say Jap to you but it's all
    J.A.P. to me.  I truly mean that in the best way possible.

    In retrospect I think they wanted the fathers to be mad but not black
    guy mad. Whatever. It worked out well for me. There's nothing better
    than a young girl wanting to make her overbearing father pissed.  I had a
    Goldkrand, a Mendelson and a Rosenshwieg (all sic... too lazy to google
    proper spellings) over my last years of college and the few years
    after.  A magical time.  And I have to tell you my Jew-dar would have been beeping at an
    increasing rate as I walked across the kegger basement toward Alison. 
    She does seem together enough to have not fallen for my fake "bad boy but
    sensitive" schtick.

    (Btw, just bought a book, some dog treats and neoprene camera sleeve from Amazon.  Go buy yourself something nice.)

  • raquel

    Do you just use your hands to take a shower?  I thought everybody used a bath puffy!  And guys have those Axe things that say "shower tool" or something similarly suggestive.  I don't feel very clean if I'm not using something that's kinda scrubby, and I use a million times more soap if I just use my hands.  I use a wash cloth to wash my face, though.  And I use all my towel racks for towels.  Like a bathroom full of blank tapestries.  I like having a towel on the towel rod in the shower so I can dry my hair a little before I step out and dry the rest of me off with another towel.  So that way my hair isn't making a puddle on the floor while I dry my feet.

  • Nunnaubizniz

    Really like your show. And your quick quips ("quick quips," that's fun to say) on Adam's show.

    Question: Um, where on this page is that Amazon link???????????????

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